Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Wants to Bang a Dragon?

I am a very open person, especially when it comes to all things sexual. I will pretty much talk about whatever and am open to trying new things. I also can appreciate and do not frown upon what other people are in to. Who am I to judge what they like to do in their bedroom. I am sure some of the things I do behind closed door might shock and be too much for people. Now that being it said it takes a lot to shock me and make me uncomfortable and leave me completely flabbergasted. Today is the day I have discovered something that I still cannot completely wrap my head around and still haven’t completely mentally processed it.

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to fuck a dragon. Perhaps maybe a werewolf, a stallion or the mythical liger. Well fear not fantasy loving people because thanks to the people at Bad Dragon you can now bang yourself with the dildos and vaginas of many mythical creatures. They are made of very nice silicone, have some nice colors and can cost more than the average dildo.

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I have been staring at this website for I don’t even know how long and I am still in stock and a little creeped out by this and who wants to use them. Never once did I think “Oh I would really like to bang myself with a seadragon penis!” Do people actually buy these to use or just to have and creep their friends out with them?

Also I want to know who has the deciding factor on what these mystical creatures’ private parts would look like. I guess you can compare the animal to actual ones that exist but still. Some of these are really weird looking and strange. Not only do they have regular dildos but they have ones that squirt too! But what are you going to fill the dragon dildo with? Don’t worry they have Bad Dragon cum lube, yes you just read that correctly. Made to look just like the real thing. I wonder if it has sparkles and tastes like candy. I’m guessing that’s what dragons cum is like. I have now grossed myself out more.

I think the big thing that creeps me out is the whole animal and bestiality factor. That stuff is never ok in my mind. Not even pretending. I want to talk to people who use these and find out why and what is the draw to them. Why are you being turned on by a werewolf or horse dildo? Someone please explain this to me!

Even though I would never be up for using one of these I am very disappointed there is not unicorn one. For the record I WOULD NEVER BUY A UNICORN DILDO. I would however buy one shaped as a unicorn horn, but that is where I draw the line. Also I would probably never use it but put it in my living to show off to people. Great conversation starter at my next dinner party.

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Unknown said...

A company called Whipspider Rubberworks makes a silicone dildo in the shape of a unicorn horn. Its actually super gorgeous!