Monday, November 19, 2012

The Cowboy

I am no stranger when it comes to dealing with strange men. Working in a sex store for a few years you come across a few and have many stories to tell. Since transitioning out of stores and into sales for Evolved Novelties I don’t really get those lovely interactions. I still travel and visit stores but don’t really interact with the customers.

 The other week I got a flashback to my strange men encounters. I was in West Virginia doing a store training in some remote town. The store I was at is a very big trucker stop since it is right off the Interstate. I had just finished my presentation and was in the back room getting gift bags together. My buddy from System JO was now doing her presentation for the staff and they were all occupied.

I noticed this guy walking back and forth by the door of the back room where I was. I kind of ignored him and kept working. I looked up at one point and caught a glimpse of him. He was your quintessential cowboy trucker. Tall, skinny and much older. Had on a cowboy hat, vest, light jeans, cowboy boots and a handlebar mustache. Here is what went down:

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Cowboy: Excuse me, do you guys have an arcade here?

Me: Oh I am not really sure. I don’t actually work here; I just work for one of the toy companies. I don’t think they do but you should check with one of the actual employees.

Cowboy: Oh ok. It looked like you worked here. (Walks away but comes right back) Because I was gunna say, you are just the cutest little thing I have even seen working in one of these places. You are delicious.

I smiled politely and said thank you. I have learned you don’t really want to engage them and keep the conversation going but you also don’t want to completely ignore them because then sometimes they get mean and I don’t need that. So I gave him my normal smile and thank you routine to end the conversation.

I walked out of the back room to check out the store. I heard him walking behind me.

Cowboy: Man you have the cutest butt, just round and delicious. (He was a fan of the word delicious I guess)

Again a smile, a little laugh and I walked away and tried to look busy. He kept walking around the masturbator section and I walked around the store and into the back room again. I stayed in the back for a few minutes hoping he would get the hint.

I came out again and made my way towards where the other presentation was going on. He was on his way to the counter to check out and was behind me once again. I kind of ignored him but that didn’t stop him from his best line yet.

Cowboy: mmmm, I would have such a hard time not following you around town. Man I just want to put my tongue in your ass!

I was not expecting that at all. But as shocked as I was I gave a small smile and walked over to the group of employees listening to the presentation until he was gone. I guess he told the manager when he was paying that he wanted to take me home too.

I find this all pretty hilarious. It’s funny too because after he made his “ass” comment for a second in my mind I thought “aw that was sweet of him to say……. Wait no I don’t want him thinking those things about me!” Leave it to me to take that as a compliment. Ah creepy men in sex stores, make life so much more interesting.