Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiani 2 from Lelo Review

First of all I must say I was a really bad sex blogger for this review. Mainly because it took me FOREVER to get it done. Not like I did that on purpose. So much travel with work and the boyfriend also gone for work, he was a rather important part of the reviewing process. So for the length of time it took me to get this up, people at Lelo I am sorry. You know how much I love you and your toys, they are some of my favorites! I don't know how many I have at this point. And they always get the job done.

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Surprisingly this is the first couples toy like this I have ever tried. I have a We Vibe somewhere but just never got down to using it. Mainly because I really don't have a desire to use toys like these when I am having sex, I don't really need them. Sex on it's own is perfect. Sure sometimes we will try out toys but when it comes down to it we prefer just us. But that being said I was pretty pumped when I got the Tiani 2 from Lelo.

The main purpose of this toy is for the female to wear during sex for added stimulation. The main motor is in the clitoral piece and it comes with two internal piece options. One has more of a curve to hit the g spot. This toy has so many cool features. Of course as always with Lelo toys it is made of high grade platinum silicone and is completely rechargeable. Bonus with this toy is it is waterproof, has a wireless remote and is made with Lelo's SenseMotion technology. This technology is pretty cool, when you move the remote from side to side it controls the vibrations in the piece that the lady wears. My boyfriend was most excited about that, he thought it was awesome.

First I decided to try the toy out on my own, my boyfriend had the remote while he was outside smoking. It has really nice power and the vibe is more of a rumble which I really liked. It's not the strongest toy I have so I wasn't sure how fast I was going to orgasm but it did the trick super quick. I just kept going. My boyfriend joked when I had it in it looked like I had a two toned clitoris. I really enjoyed it for masturbation. The only downside was that I felt no vibration on the internal piece, it was all in the main piece on the clit.

Then it came to trying it out with the penis. I can see why people would love using toys like these during sex, but for me and my boyfriend it just wasn't our thing. It was interesting but we were very aware that it was there. So while this wasn't really my thing for sex it could be yours because it is still an awesome toy. But I do really love it for masturbation. Plus Brian really likes that he can control it from around the house or if we go out. It's much more compact and comfortable than the majority of remotes eggs and underwear they have these days. This toy is a keeper for sure!