Friday, June 8, 2012


Relationships can be tricky. Not one is perfect and if someone says theirs is they are full of shit. I have the most wonderful relationship that I can imagine but it isn’t perfect. There are things we work on every day. There are days when I want smack him upside the head and I am sure the same goes for him. But in the end we love each other and the kinks we always work out and our relationship becomes better and stronger because of that.

A big thing about making a relationship work is compromise. If you go into something thinking everything that you know is right and how it should be your relationship will fail. All relationships are different and work in different ways. Your way can’t always be how everything works. You need to talk about things with your other half and figure out how to make your differences work.

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If you don’t like something your partner is doing or how they handle a certain situation you should always tell them. For all you know they may think what they are doing or saying is no big deal and not an issue. Maybe they fold the laundry strange or they say things they think are funny and hurt your feelings. It’s different for everyone. I know in my relationship we have made all sorts of comprises. Everything from small things to major things. It’s what you do when you want something to work. You don’t give up and walk away.

Example, which is what made me think of writing this, I love getting fresh flowers. It’s just a nice simple gesture you can do for a person. My boyfriend thinks giving flowers is stupid and pointless. A commercial for edible arrangements came on and I got really excited and said one day he needs to get me one of those. He went into his thing about how he doesn’t like those things. My response was this; “just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean I don’t like it to. It is something that will make me happy and you love me and want to make me happy. This isn’t just about you and what you like, this is also about me and what I like. So think about that when it comes to things like this.”

In the end compromises can be something really big or something simple like getting someone flowers. Whatever it is you should always come to an agreement that will make both of you happy. And on that note I am still trying to convince Brian to one day surprise me with flowers. But for the record he does surprise me all the time with cute gestures.

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