Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fleshlight by Brian Street Team

It is hard to do male toy reviews when you are a lady like myself. Luckily for my I have a live in boyfriend by the name of Brian Street Team, who I may have mentioned on here a time or two. The great man that he is, he has graciously tried out a fleshlight and written a review for you. Click read more to read his penis adventure.  

So I’m sitting there in my living room staring at this thing. It looks like an overgrown gold flash light staring me in the face. When it comes to masturbation I’m usually pretty old fashioned, pop in a porno or hop on the internet, pull the teamis out, play a little rub and tug for a few minutes, bust out some knuckle children, clean up and call it a day. That is until I got a lovely package from the people at Fleshlight. They were gracious enough to send me the Stamina Training Unit (STU) version of their world renowned male masturbator. 

So I continue to stare at this nearly foot tall, Real Feel Super Skin, jack off device. On the case it comes in it reads “If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone”. This to me was a challenge. And since this was not my run of the mill “me time” I was about to experience I decided to make it a little special. I lit some candles, popped in one of my favorite pornos AND went to one of my favorite porn sites on the internet. I wanted the full sensation and the up most arousal to optimize the wang training I was about to endeavor. 

I worked myself up a bit first, old school style, (the Fleshlight doesn’t really work with a non-erect penis), added a healthy amount of the provided Wet Lube to the top of my STU, noted the time on my laptop screen and went to town. Instantly I knew lastly ten whole minutes would be a challenge. The specifically designed inner sleeve was made for you to orgasm, and FAST. I had to pace myself, trying to not go to fast with my stroking and even stopping in order to make the ten minute time mark. One of the really neat things about the STU is that if the amazing insides of this pleasure chest aren’t enough you can control the suction on the device by wrapping your finger around the top cap to create even MORE sensation and in my opinion simulate a female orgasm. 

Now I did my best to hold out for the entire ten minutes, it was more like eight and half minutes. The feeling was just so good!! Now I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic vaginas (including the most fantastic of them all being Lucy’s vagina) and I must say the STU is a very close second. The only downfall I see in the whole thing is the clean up. Now if you don’t have enough self control to pull out and bust your nut into your favorite gym sock, clean up is a bit of a pain. My advice is taking the inner sleeve out of the case and rinsing the inside real well with some warm water. Then let it dry all the way before placing it back in the outer case. It’s a bit of a hassle to do as soon as you’re done JOing but it help make your new favorite toy last a lot longer. The STU is a for sure buy if you’re a fan of playing with yourself. Go ahead and do yourself (or your man) a favor and get one for those nights when you’re at home alone and need a little “me time”


I'M BACK TO POSTING!!! I know it has been so long since I have posted something. Mainly the reason was something happened to all my pictures on here and they all went blank. I didn't want to spend the time posting when the site didn't look right. But to fix it I had to sit myself down and fix all of the photos which is going to take some time. Finally got myself going and working on fixing it! But I will be posting again on a regular basis starting now!

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