Monday, November 19, 2012

The Cowboy

I am no stranger when it comes to dealing with strange men. Working in a sex store for a few years you come across a few and have many stories to tell. Since transitioning out of stores and into sales for Evolved Novelties I don’t really get those lovely interactions. I still travel and visit stores but don’t really interact with the customers.

 The other week I got a flashback to my strange men encounters. I was in West Virginia doing a store training in some remote town. The store I was at is a very big trucker stop since it is right off the Interstate. I had just finished my presentation and was in the back room getting gift bags together. My buddy from System JO was now doing her presentation for the staff and they were all occupied.

I noticed this guy walking back and forth by the door of the back room where I was. I kind of ignored him and kept working. I looked up at one point and caught a glimpse of him. He was your quintessential cowboy trucker. Tall, skinny and much older. Had on a cowboy hat, vest, light jeans, cowboy boots and a handlebar mustache. Here is what went down:

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Cowboy: Excuse me, do you guys have an arcade here?

Me: Oh I am not really sure. I don’t actually work here; I just work for one of the toy companies. I don’t think they do but you should check with one of the actual employees.

Cowboy: Oh ok. It looked like you worked here. (Walks away but comes right back) Because I was gunna say, you are just the cutest little thing I have even seen working in one of these places. You are delicious.

I smiled politely and said thank you. I have learned you don’t really want to engage them and keep the conversation going but you also don’t want to completely ignore them because then sometimes they get mean and I don’t need that. So I gave him my normal smile and thank you routine to end the conversation.

I walked out of the back room to check out the store. I heard him walking behind me.

Cowboy: Man you have the cutest butt, just round and delicious. (He was a fan of the word delicious I guess)

Again a smile, a little laugh and I walked away and tried to look busy. He kept walking around the masturbator section and I walked around the store and into the back room again. I stayed in the back for a few minutes hoping he would get the hint.

I came out again and made my way towards where the other presentation was going on. He was on his way to the counter to check out and was behind me once again. I kind of ignored him but that didn’t stop him from his best line yet.

Cowboy: mmmm, I would have such a hard time not following you around town. Man I just want to put my tongue in your ass!

I was not expecting that at all. But as shocked as I was I gave a small smile and walked over to the group of employees listening to the presentation until he was gone. I guess he told the manager when he was paying that he wanted to take me home too.

I find this all pretty hilarious. It’s funny too because after he made his “ass” comment for a second in my mind I thought “aw that was sweet of him to say……. Wait no I don’t want him thinking those things about me!” Leave it to me to take that as a compliment. Ah creepy men in sex stores, make life so much more interesting.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiani 2 from Lelo Review

First of all I must say I was a really bad sex blogger for this review. Mainly because it took me FOREVER to get it done. Not like I did that on purpose. So much travel with work and the boyfriend also gone for work, he was a rather important part of the reviewing process. So for the length of time it took me to get this up, people at Lelo I am sorry. You know how much I love you and your toys, they are some of my favorites! I don't know how many I have at this point. And they always get the job done.

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Surprisingly this is the first couples toy like this I have ever tried. I have a We Vibe somewhere but just never got down to using it. Mainly because I really don't have a desire to use toys like these when I am having sex, I don't really need them. Sex on it's own is perfect. Sure sometimes we will try out toys but when it comes down to it we prefer just us. But that being said I was pretty pumped when I got the Tiani 2 from Lelo.

The main purpose of this toy is for the female to wear during sex for added stimulation. The main motor is in the clitoral piece and it comes with two internal piece options. One has more of a curve to hit the g spot. This toy has so many cool features. Of course as always with Lelo toys it is made of high grade platinum silicone and is completely rechargeable. Bonus with this toy is it is waterproof, has a wireless remote and is made with Lelo's SenseMotion technology. This technology is pretty cool, when you move the remote from side to side it controls the vibrations in the piece that the lady wears. My boyfriend was most excited about that, he thought it was awesome.

First I decided to try the toy out on my own, my boyfriend had the remote while he was outside smoking. It has really nice power and the vibe is more of a rumble which I really liked. It's not the strongest toy I have so I wasn't sure how fast I was going to orgasm but it did the trick super quick. I just kept going. My boyfriend joked when I had it in it looked like I had a two toned clitoris. I really enjoyed it for masturbation. The only downside was that I felt no vibration on the internal piece, it was all in the main piece on the clit.

Then it came to trying it out with the penis. I can see why people would love using toys like these during sex, but for me and my boyfriend it just wasn't our thing. It was interesting but we were very aware that it was there. So while this wasn't really my thing for sex it could be yours because it is still an awesome toy. But I do really love it for masturbation. Plus Brian really likes that he can control it from around the house or if we go out. It's much more compact and comfortable than the majority of remotes eggs and underwear they have these days. This toy is a keeper for sure!


Friday, June 8, 2012


Relationships can be tricky. Not one is perfect and if someone says theirs is they are full of shit. I have the most wonderful relationship that I can imagine but it isn’t perfect. There are things we work on every day. There are days when I want smack him upside the head and I am sure the same goes for him. But in the end we love each other and the kinks we always work out and our relationship becomes better and stronger because of that.

A big thing about making a relationship work is compromise. If you go into something thinking everything that you know is right and how it should be your relationship will fail. All relationships are different and work in different ways. Your way can’t always be how everything works. You need to talk about things with your other half and figure out how to make your differences work.

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If you don’t like something your partner is doing or how they handle a certain situation you should always tell them. For all you know they may think what they are doing or saying is no big deal and not an issue. Maybe they fold the laundry strange or they say things they think are funny and hurt your feelings. It’s different for everyone. I know in my relationship we have made all sorts of comprises. Everything from small things to major things. It’s what you do when you want something to work. You don’t give up and walk away.

Example, which is what made me think of writing this, I love getting fresh flowers. It’s just a nice simple gesture you can do for a person. My boyfriend thinks giving flowers is stupid and pointless. A commercial for edible arrangements came on and I got really excited and said one day he needs to get me one of those. He went into his thing about how he doesn’t like those things. My response was this; “just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean I don’t like it to. It is something that will make me happy and you love me and want to make me happy. This isn’t just about you and what you like, this is also about me and what I like. So think about that when it comes to things like this.”

In the end compromises can be something really big or something simple like getting someone flowers. Whatever it is you should always come to an agreement that will make both of you happy. And on that note I am still trying to convince Brian to one day surprise me with flowers. But for the record he does surprise me all the time with cute gestures.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting Off VS Being Satisfied

I love to masturbate, been doing it for a few years now. People are always surprised to hear I didn’t start playing with myself until I was about 23 and working at a sex store. I guess you could say over the past few years I have made of for lost masturbation time. I used to do it almost every day. These days it’s not as frequent since I live with my boyfriend and his penis is always around for me to play with. But I still get in plenty of me time when he isn’t around.

But lately I have been noticing something different when I am done masturbating; it’s not doing it for me anymore. But first let me be clear. I am still giving myself multiple orgasms each time and getting off. But when all is said and done I’m not satisfied like I used to be, I am left wanting more. And not just more masturbating time, all I can then think about is having a penis in me. I need the real thing.

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I want to be pounded and kissed and made to cum until I can’t move, and toys just aren’t doing that for me. Giving myself an orgasm is one thing but there is so much more to sex than just that and all those things are what I am left wanting after spending quality time with my Hitachi. Back in the day I could masturbate all I wanted and feel completely satisfied. But now for about a year now I finish and get the strongest urge for my boyfriend’s penis.

I have thought about why this must be. Pretty much my only conclusion is the fact I am in a relationship and get sex on pretty regular bases. Regular meaning however may times a day I can take his pants off and molest the crap out of him. If I had my way it would be multiple times a day but sometimes he needs a water break. 

I’ve been spoiled with around the clock sex and have gotten used to that. When I was younger and not in a relationship it was much different. I wasn’t used to having sex all the time and masturbation was my main source of satisfaction. Now it certainly can get me off but doesn’t leave me satisfied. My vagina has gotten used to the constant penis and prefers that over some plastic vibrating contraption. <

I will never stop masturbating and giving myself orgasms. Apparently times are changing over here at Lucy Vonne’s vagina and she is getting more demanding about what plays with her. We will always love our sex toys and will never give them up. But it seems the only thing now that will completely satisfy me and my vagina is a real live penis! Now I have come to realize there is a very big difference in getting off vs. being satisfied.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fleshlight by Brian Street Team

It is hard to do male toy reviews when you are a lady like myself. Luckily for my I have a live in boyfriend by the name of Brian Street Team, who I may have mentioned on here a time or two. The great man that he is, he has graciously tried out a fleshlight and written a review for you. Click read more to read his penis adventure.  

So I’m sitting there in my living room staring at this thing. It looks like an overgrown gold flash light staring me in the face. When it comes to masturbation I’m usually pretty old fashioned, pop in a porno or hop on the internet, pull the teamis out, play a little rub and tug for a few minutes, bust out some knuckle children, clean up and call it a day. That is until I got a lovely package from the people at Fleshlight. They were gracious enough to send me the Stamina Training Unit (STU) version of their world renowned male masturbator. 

So I continue to stare at this nearly foot tall, Real Feel Super Skin, jack off device. On the case it comes in it reads “If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone”. This to me was a challenge. And since this was not my run of the mill “me time” I was about to experience I decided to make it a little special. I lit some candles, popped in one of my favorite pornos AND went to one of my favorite porn sites on the internet. I wanted the full sensation and the up most arousal to optimize the wang training I was about to endeavor. 

I worked myself up a bit first, old school style, (the Fleshlight doesn’t really work with a non-erect penis), added a healthy amount of the provided Wet Lube to the top of my STU, noted the time on my laptop screen and went to town. Instantly I knew lastly ten whole minutes would be a challenge. The specifically designed inner sleeve was made for you to orgasm, and FAST. I had to pace myself, trying to not go to fast with my stroking and even stopping in order to make the ten minute time mark. One of the really neat things about the STU is that if the amazing insides of this pleasure chest aren’t enough you can control the suction on the device by wrapping your finger around the top cap to create even MORE sensation and in my opinion simulate a female orgasm. 

Now I did my best to hold out for the entire ten minutes, it was more like eight and half minutes. The feeling was just so good!! Now I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic vaginas (including the most fantastic of them all being Lucy’s vagina) and I must say the STU is a very close second. The only downfall I see in the whole thing is the clean up. Now if you don’t have enough self control to pull out and bust your nut into your favorite gym sock, clean up is a bit of a pain. My advice is taking the inner sleeve out of the case and rinsing the inside real well with some warm water. Then let it dry all the way before placing it back in the outer case. It’s a bit of a hassle to do as soon as you’re done JOing but it help make your new favorite toy last a lot longer. The STU is a for sure buy if you’re a fan of playing with yourself. Go ahead and do yourself (or your man) a favor and get one for those nights when you’re at home alone and need a little “me time”


I'M BACK TO POSTING!!! I know it has been so long since I have posted something. Mainly the reason was something happened to all my pictures on here and they all went blank. I didn't want to spend the time posting when the site didn't look right. But to fix it I had to sit myself down and fix all of the photos which is going to take some time. Finally got myself going and working on fixing it! But I will be posting again on a regular basis starting now!

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