Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Two Review

I really like the concept of the company this toy came from, Wet For Her. It's a lesbian company making toys designed for lesbians. Trying to stay in tuned with a woman's body when they design the toys. The Two is 100% silicone and phthalate free which is great. Silicone harbors no bacteria and is non-porous. It holds body temperature well and won't deteriorate over time like most other materials might.

With all those great aspects being said I did not like this toy, it did not work for me. I figured it would be great to use on my own to extend my fingers and really hit my g spot. That was not really the case. The toy was not stiff enough to put pressure where I wanted it, it just bent back. It was just kind of awkward to use. I can only think the same would happen if someone else was using it on me. I don't really know if this would work for other people but I am not convinced with it.

I also felt kind of like a Muppet when I put it on my fingers. Once I realized that I really couldn't take the toy seriously. All in all this toy just did nothing for me. Like I said I like the concept but performance wise it fell short.

I actually gave it to my puppy Boba Fett as a new chew toy. He thinks it's great and plays with it all the time now. The material is super durable so he hasn't chewed through it yet. It's pretty funny watching him run around my apartment with it in his mouth. At least this toy will get some use around my house.

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Anonymous said...

Lucy! Thanks so much for taking the time to review the TWO. I'm not sure if I mentioned previously when we've chatted that the toy is specifically designed for use with a partner as it limits dexterity of the hand when you use it on yourself. It definitely takes another person to achieve a snug fit on the fingers and in yer hot pocket. :) The sheer silicone allows your partner to feel your orgasm contractions, temperature and all that good stuff as well. I would *hope* that the experience would have been different if you had someone (BST!) use it on you - but I totally understand if it just wasn't your thing. I just wanted to put that out there on behalf of the company. Thanks again for the review- see you at ANME!