Monday, June 20, 2011

The Crystal Frost Plug Review

The minute I saw this line of toys from Crystal Delights I knew I had to have one. I was at the Lingerie show in Vegas and stumbled upon the toys at a booth. It was love at first sight. I was so excited when I got one in the mail. I couldn't wait to try it out.

These plugs are so beautiful I almost want to leave them out for display, no big deal just decorating my coffee table with butt plugs that sparkle. They are made out of medical grade pyrex glass, I only use glass toys that are made of this. Each plug has a big Swarovski crystal on the bottom. I have always wanted a jeweled butt plug, to use for special occasions of course. The great thing about glass is how smooth and slick it is, especially when you use it with lube. Glides in and out so easily. These come with a great velvet pouch to store them in also.

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Usually with plugs I use them to stretch and get ready for anal sex, but this plug deserves more than just that. This is a plug to have on display in my booty when having sex. So that was just what I was going to use it for. Brian wasn't home when I decided to use it but I knew he would be home soon. He typically is excited when he comes home to me with playing with toys waiting for him. So I lubed it up and put it into place. I used my new cooling lube which made my booty all tingly and cool, it was pretty awesome.

I twittered about using the plug hoping Brian would see it before he got home and he would know what he was in for. Of course he did, so when he got home he came up behind me and felt the plug. My response was "You want to go for a treasure hunt?" Get it, jeweled plug and treasure hunt.....yeah I am clever.

Next thing you know the sex is happening. The great thing about having a plug in when having sex is sometimes the guys can feel the plug through the vaginal wall for added stimulation. We started out with Brian on top and it was feeling pretty awesome. Then I wanted to move into doggie for visual effects since the plug was in. While it felt really good, with the size of the base of the plug and how I am built, Brians penis kept sliding against it. That wasn't the most pleasant feeling so we switched back to him on top. That way worked out much better.

Overall this plag is pretty amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. These little babies are great. I want to wear them for all special occasions. Plus they sparkle, and we all know how I like things that sparkle.

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