Monday, June 27, 2011

Budding Bliss Review

Vibratex always puts out quality toys and this one is no different. The Budding Bliss and I are now friends. First of all the toy just looks pretty, I really like the rose on the clitoral piece of the toy. It's made of silicone and feels awesome. Silicone can have many different feelings and the feeling this one has is a very silky smooth feeling. It's so soft I would make sheets for my bed out of it.

The head of the toy is nice because it hits the g spot when inside which always feels really great. You can also control the shaft and clitoral piece independently so you can change things up a bit. It's splash proof to make clean up easy and should be used with a water based lube.

I did really enjoy this toy. Internally it felt really great and hit my g spot. The clitoral piece didn't completely sell me. It was very strong and felt great but didn't sit quite right on my clitoral area. But that's just my body so it may very well fit someone else much better. So while I think it is a great toy, the one part of it just didn't really work for me. But I totally recommend this toy to anyone who thinks they may be in the market for a dual vibe!

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