Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sexual Experiment

I have decided to give myself a little sexual homework assignment. It came to me while I was masturbating one day, it’s when I do my best thinking. Lately when I have been masturbating I like to put on some background music. I can go for quite some time while having me time, so I usually hear quite a few songs in the process. Well I began to notice that even while I had my music on shuffle the same song kept popping up. This for a while didn’t really mean anything to me, until my great idea came to me, and then I came.

A few years ago I read this article that really interested me and I didn't believe it could be true. It was about this girl who gave herself a challenge. She decided she was only going to masturbate to one song and only one song. Just put it on repeat and go to town for as long as she wanted. Now the goal of this challenge was to see if she could train herself to get to a point that just hearing the song would get her all hot and heavy and cause her to orgasm without doing anything. Basically a naughtier version of Pavlov’s theory.

I am not sure how long she conducted this experiment but I know in the end it pretty much worked. I think she was in the car with friends when she heard the song and things started to happen. Which sounds like a pretty awesome experiment if you ask me.

I am still debating on which song I should use as my inspiration. I am thinking it should be an upbeat song one would dance to. Something that when I hear it, it makes me happy, and hopefully will make me super happy if this thing works out. Of course if it does work out I will be doomed every time I hear it no matter where I am.
Guess this means I better get cracking at rubbing one out to only one song. I think if I do it daily I should be on the right track to making it work. I mean I already pretty much do it daily (on top of all the sex) so I might as well add a sound track too it. Maybe I should even play the song when Brian and I are having sex…….

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Anonymous said...

I like it! I wonder if the same thing would happen if a guy performed the experiment...hmmm...maybe I should do a little experimenting too. Damn, now I have to figure out what song to use.

Baldwin A Saintilus said...

that would be a cool experiment. I hope that it does work. Would be cool to hear or see how hot and heavy a certain song could make one person after masturbating to it for a certain period of time.