Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Way back when I first started my site I talked about the Hitachi Magic wand and how I really wanted one. Well that magical day has finally come and I finally am the proud owner of my own wand. It was a very happy day and when the package came in the mail Brian said his boyfriend duties just got a lot easier. Little did he know I was going to be using it on him too, you know what I mean.

For those of you that live under a rock and don't know what a Hitachi Magic wand is then you are missing out. In the real world it is just a back massager. But those who know better know all the other wonderful things you can do with it. Now don't get me wrong, it makes a fantastic back massager. But since it's debut women have been using this wand as a first rate vibrator.

It plugs into the wall so never have to worry about grabbing batteries or recharging. This thing has some power, and I just don't mean regular power, I mean some crazy strong power. It has two speeds of 6000 and 5000 rpm, yes please! Plus there is even a one year warranty. Hopefully I don't burn this thing out in a year and need to use it. But hey you never know, my vagina is rather demanding.

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I was a little scared to use the wand. Everyone kept telling me it will change my life and I will love it. I was afraid if I used the wand a lot I would get used to the super powerful vibe and not be able to use anything else to get off. On a daily basis I use all sorts of vibrators with different speeds and levels of power but nothing to the extent of the power of the wand. I didn't want to vibrate my clit numb. Now I know that really isn't possible but still!

A lot of people were surprised I didn't already have one. You would think someone who does what I do would have all the important sex toy elements. But I am still building my collection to this day. But I am stoked this wand is now part of the collection.

The first thing that happened when I opened my magic wand was Brian wanted a back massage with it. So we went back and forth using the wand on each others backs. Well it was really more me using it on Brian and then using it on my own back. This happened a few times before it was put to real use.

My first experience with the wand was by myself. Even though there were two speeds I automatically put the wand on the highest speed. The minute it hit my clit I started to feel things. The power was really awesome. The funny thing was how I orgasmed. I figured with something of that power I would orgasm a lot faster than normal. But to my surprise it took me the same amount of time to reach orgasm. The difference in my orgasm was how strong it was. With the wand my clitoral orgasm was much more powerful then it usually is when I use a vibrator. It was pretty sweet.

The next time I used the wand I had some help. I told Brian I would be in the bedroom if he needed me, he always knows what that means. A few minutes after playing with myself he came in with his normal devilish grin he has on his face when he catches me masturbating. In no time his pants were off and his penis was out. I went to put it away but he stopped me and wanted to use it on me.

I had other plans. I decided to use it on him. I took the wand and while I was giving Brian a blowjob I put the wand on his perineum. It was a little strange for me only because the wand is so powerful it was making his penis vibrate as I was sucking on it. Which realistically means I could turn his penis into a vibrating penis to have sex with, must remember for next time.

Brian won't always admit it but he is a fan of me playing around down there. He was a big fan of having the Hitachi down there on his perineum. In his words, "It was pretty rad!" I am going to have to use it on him more often.

In the end I highly recommend the Hitachi magic wand to anyone and everyone. It has stayed plugged in next to my bed since I got it!

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Got totally horny reading this hehe gonna have to get one!