Monday, February 21, 2011

Squirt, There It Is!

Squirting is awesome! The day I found out that my body could do this glorious act, sex was never the same. I had always known about it and of course had seen it happen in movies. But until I had actually experienced it I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Squirting is the more commonly known term for female ejaculation. When a lady ejaculates a clear watery fluid comes out of her urethra. No you are not peeing, which is what a lot of people think it actually is. Typically a woman will squirt when she has g spot stimulation. This is because the g spot, when stimulated, activates the production of the ejaculate by the paraurethral glands. If you are worried about peeing you should empty your bladder beforehand.

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It does feel like you have to pee at first, but trust me it is not pee. Before I knew what was going on in my body I thought I was going to pee so I tensed up. But thanks to my sexual adventures and gaining of sexual knowledge I learned what that feeling really was. You need to relax and push past that feeling. If you have emptied your bladder beforehand then you don’t need to worry about peeing by mistake.

Getting in touch with your PC muscles plays a big part in helping one ejaculate. You can do PC muscle exercises to strengthen them. Knowing how they work with your body and when they are tight or relaxed will help you when it comes time to ejaculate. A lot of times I find myself having the feeling of wanting to squirt but if my muscles are all tense it won’t happen. I have learned to relax down there and contract my muscles letting the ejaculate flow, sometimes gush, out.

Many women think when you orgasm you should ejaculate. Therefore when nothing comes out and they orgasm they think it isn’t real. A lot of women also have trouble finding their g spot, which is turn, makes it hard for them to squirt. Every woman has the tools to learn how to squirt but it can be difficult for some to do.

Brian has become a master at making me squirt. The first time he did it he was so excited and proud of himself. I had only really squirted once before Brian, now because of Brian I am squirting all the time. He knows exactly what position to put me in where his penis hits my g spot directly. It helps that his penis curves to the left which makes it perfect for g spot. The minute I get on top of him and assume the position, it is only a matter of time before the squirting begins. We have also discovered I squirt a lot quicker if he fingers me and stimulates my g spot that way beforehand.

The amount of ejaculate that comes out is always what baffles people too. Not everyone is going to have the same amount of ejaculate come out. It is different for me every time. There have been moments where just a small amount comes out. There have also been moments where it looks like I have wet the bed. Brian has said he saw it gush out of me and in his words, “It was Rad!” That is also another reason people think it is fake. Because they see all this liquid come out of a woman and it seems like too much to be real. But trust me, it is.

I once hit Brian in the eye with squirt. Now it didn’t shoot out of me and hit him. But there was so much coming out of me and all over his stomach that when my body came down as I was bouncing on him it hit some and sent it to his eye. He thought it was pretty cool. It delights me to know how excited and happy he gets with himself when I squirt.

The feeling I have when I squirt is literally all over my body. My squirting usually happens when I orgasm. Because of all that is happening my orgasms then tend to be so intense and mind blowing. I am pretty much yelling and screaming. Sometimes I can’t even express myself with words and I just hit the bed or Brian’s leg trying to express something. For me it is much more intense than just a clitoral orgasm. When I am done I usually just collapse on top of Brian and can’t move for a minute. And my vagina stays all tingly after, it’s a wonderful thing.

So if you have experienced the magic that is squirting then congratulations. For those of you that haven’t don’t worry if you haven’t yet and you really want to. Work on it and practice and you may achieve your goal. I myself like to practice every day!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! I want to squirt too!

Anonymous said...

this makes me feel so much better about squirting

Anonymous said...

it does feel like you're peeing but it's not

Vodka said...

I seriously love your posts and how open you are. Men and women should take note and not be so damned ashamed to talk about sex!

I squirt for the first time a few weeks ago sort of by accident. My bf and I are having fun trying to do it again!

Anonymous said...

I bought a G-Spot stimulator and tried it for the first time yesterday. I was determined that I was going to ejaculate...but it did not happen :( Anyway, ill again and hopefully ill get it ;)