Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rim Around The Booty

Blowjobs are so much fun to give. I really do enjoy giving them. I am rather good too, I even teach a class. (Email me for details if you want to hire me) But there is so much more to the blowjob then just the penis. There are a lot of other great areas back there, and sometimes women or men aren’t ready for the adventure back there. But I tell you, it’s one hell of a ride.

Rimming is the act of licking, sucking and kissing the anal area. Yes I am talking about sticking your tongue in your man’s booty. You might be thinking that is something you would never do, but you should.

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I was the same way in the beginning. I did not want to go back there. My ex asked me to a few times but I refused, that ass wipe didn’t deserve it. But the more I worked in the industry and did my blogging, I got comfortable with it and thought why not, could be fun.

I had only done it on one guy before my now boyfriend, and that’s because he asked me. I figured I would do it for a few minutes and then continue with the blowjob. But I noticed how much he loved my tongue and lips on his taint and butt, it was intriguing.

Cut to present day boyfriend, Brian Street Team. He was somewhat apprehensive about me going back there at first. I didn’t do it right away; you kind of work yourself up to that. First you get the balls in your mouth, which they love. You can mix the ball sucking with some taint action, which is a good middle ground to start.

You want to treat the taint like a clit; this is if you have ever been down on a girl. (Been there, done that) Lick, kiss and suck on it. There are so many nerve endings there people don’t even think about. And not just on guys but girls too. Once you have tackled the taint you have almost won. When the guy gets relaxed enough you then move down south. I get on up in there. I push his legs open and dive in. Get his legs really wide so you can really work it down there.

I love doing this mainly because I know how much he loves it. Hearing his moans of pleasure is such a turn on for me. Gets me so freaking horny I can’t stand it. I get a lady boner every time I do it.

Now when I say I get on up in there, I really mean it. I need to come up for air every once in a while because my face is just smashed into his butt. The more he moans the deeper my tongue gets. I’m so turned on even just talking about it right now.

Now if you want to take rimming a little further you can always add a finger up the butt. Make sure you let him know before you put it in there. Also make sure you have some lubrication going on to help it slide in. This is so you can massage the prostate, which is a very pleasurable spot on a guy.

I think the reason I love rimming is because it gives me more of a variety with going down on him. Plus I love knowing how much pleasure it gives him. So ladies don’t be afraid of going into your man’s booty for a good time. I love it and get off on it and so should you. And remember, rimming isn’t only just for guys…..

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livvvvv said...

i think i'd be too afraid to try that unless i know my guy had just taken a long, hot shower. i feel like guys' assholes are way nastier than girls; maybe it's the hair?