Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ivibe Suction Cup Rabbit

I have know about the Ivibes for quite some time and always wanted to try one because I know how much people like it. I was most excited about the suction cup, mainly because I was so entertained by it. When I got my I Vibe Suction Cup Rabbit home I stuck it to the door and turned it on and just giggled. Oh the things that make me laugh, how old am I again?

I wasn't too pleased that there was a smell when I opened the toy but that is usually expected with a jelly toy. I was curious how the pearls would hold up moving once they were in my vagina because they were free flowing and sometimes those ones don't move as well. You can unplug the remote from the toy when not in use and there are multiple speeds.

To see what my vagina thought of it click read more!

I first tried it while on my back. I was able to push on the suction cup while pushing the clitoral piece into my clit, it was doing a pretty good job. The shaft was going to town inside. I could really feel it turning in there. And I could really feel the pearls. I have tried toys where I couldn't even feel the pearls but the Ivibe is different. There was a bunch of things happening up in my vagina.

Next I decided to stick it to my door and try it out that way. Not as easy as one would think. I mean yeah it sticks really easily but trying to get it in just the right spot so you can back up on it. First I put it too low, which would be ok but one hell of a thigh workout. So it took me a few minutes to adjust it to the right spot. I rocked back and forth on the toy. The one thing I didn't like was you have to hold the clit piece down on the clit, well for me to get off anyways I need it up in there with powerful vibe.

Then I stuck it to the floor. I spread eagled it so I could bounce and grind on it. That was pretty cool. Only certain kinds of just internal penetration get me off and just the shaft on this does not do the trick. But add in the clitoral piece and I am golden. Again in this position I had to hold the clit piece to my clit to make it powerful.

Overall I really enjoyed this toy. The only thing I would change is making the remote wireless. But since I only use one speed I can just turn it one and not hold on to it. Definitely a good time with this one. Now go buy some sexy toys!

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