Friday, November 19, 2010

Return of the Bush

One of the biggest decisions in a girl’s life is how to do her hair……down there. I remember I couldn’t wait till the day my little hairs would come in and I would be a woman. You never really think about what is going on down there until the word “sex” pops into your brain all the time. Then as a woman one of the first things you must decide is how to style the bush.

I remember a lot of girls in high school didn’t want anything down there. They thought hair was gross and they thought that’s what the boys wanted. Who really knows what they boys wanted back in the day; they probably didn’t even know what they wanted. I am guessing they wanted a girl bare down there because all the girls in the adult films didn’t have any hair there. And we all know how them high school boys like their porn.

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I did the no hair thing for a while. But to be honest I couldn’t keep doing it. It made me feel juvenile and I didn’t like feeling like that and I didn’t like my vagina looking bare. But in the back of my mind there was that thought that boys really don’t want hair down there because no girls I know kept it. So I did the landing strip that was trimmed down pretty short. I needed some hair there to make me feel like a woman and grown up. This is how I kept up with it for a few years. Over the years I would let the hair in the landing strip get a little longer but it was still all trimmed up.

Cut to me working in the adult industry and reviewing movies. I began to notice the ladies of the films had hair. And I am not talking a little landing strip like me, but hey have some bush going on down there. To clarify though, they were all very manicured bushes. Instead of just a landing strip they had a full on bush on top but everything underneath was all shaved. This is when I started letting the strip get a little longer but still trimmed.

But I was so happy to see the return of the bush! There is something very womanly and natural to me seeing that on a woman. I know not all of you may feel the same and like having your lady parts bare and free to the world but it is just not for me. Made me think, maybe I should bring back the bush. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I started to think about it.

My boyfriend loves the bush; well you know what that means. It was time to fully bring back the bush. It really wasn’t much different from what I was doing at the time. The strip just got a lot wider and the hair got a little longer, but I still kept everything underneath shaved. There is a party of bush happening in my pants now.

I got to tell you I love having a bush. For one my boyfriend loves it, which is what matters most to me. The upkeep is so much easier. It makes me feel all womanly. Also you know how when you are just hanging out and you subconsciously play with the hair on your head, twirling it and such. Well I hang out in my apartment naked a lot and find myself randomly just twirling my fingers in my bush. It just happens; I do that with my nipples too. The boyfriend never complains. It’s also fun to play with my bush in the shower. Like when you were a kid and you would shampoo your hair and give yourself a Mohawk and different styles. Yeah I might have given myself a bush Mohawk here and there.

So ladies don’t be afraid to bring back the bush! I hear from a lot of men that they like it better than being bare down there. Although if being bare down there is your thing then keep rocking it. But I have to say, I am excited about the return of the bush. Yay bush!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ivibe Suction Cup Rabbit

I have know about the Ivibes for quite some time and always wanted to try one because I know how much people like it. I was most excited about the suction cup, mainly because I was so entertained by it. When I got my I Vibe Suction Cup Rabbit home I stuck it to the door and turned it on and just giggled. Oh the things that make me laugh, how old am I again?

I wasn't too pleased that there was a smell when I opened the toy but that is usually expected with a jelly toy. I was curious how the pearls would hold up moving once they were in my vagina because they were free flowing and sometimes those ones don't move as well. You can unplug the remote from the toy when not in use and there are multiple speeds.

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I first tried it while on my back. I was able to push on the suction cup while pushing the clitoral piece into my clit, it was doing a pretty good job. The shaft was going to town inside. I could really feel it turning in there. And I could really feel the pearls. I have tried toys where I couldn't even feel the pearls but the Ivibe is different. There was a bunch of things happening up in my vagina.

Next I decided to stick it to my door and try it out that way. Not as easy as one would think. I mean yeah it sticks really easily but trying to get it in just the right spot so you can back up on it. First I put it too low, which would be ok but one hell of a thigh workout. So it took me a few minutes to adjust it to the right spot. I rocked back and forth on the toy. The one thing I didn't like was you have to hold the clit piece down on the clit, well for me to get off anyways I need it up in there with powerful vibe.

Then I stuck it to the floor. I spread eagled it so I could bounce and grind on it. That was pretty cool. Only certain kinds of just internal penetration get me off and just the shaft on this does not do the trick. But add in the clitoral piece and I am golden. Again in this position I had to hold the clit piece to my clit to make it powerful.

Overall I really enjoyed this toy. The only thing I would change is making the remote wireless. But since I only use one speed I can just turn it one and not hold on to it. Definitely a good time with this one. Now go buy some sexy toys!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Chippendales Vibe

I was very intrigued when I got this toy in the mail. It is very sleek looking and the presentation is really nice. I am not really sure why they call it the Chippendale but it makes me think of studly tan men in speedos dancing which is always good to get you in the mood to masturbate.

It is made of body safe ABS plastic. There are 8 modes of vibration and the noise is pretty minimum. It's splash proof, which is always questionable in terms of how much water you can get on it so I would be careful. There is a one year warranty which is a pretty sweet bonus.

Now all the aspects of the toy are really great. It looks really great, power is strong, holds well in the hand and is quiet. However the toy didn't really fit my body when I was using it on my clit. The shape was just no good, which was disappoint because besides that I liked the toy.

I am not sure if it will fit your body. It might work for you if you hold it a different way or play around with it. For me though it just wasn't going to work.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blowjobs Are Like A Box of Chocolates.....

I love to give blowjobs, and I am not just saying that. There is something so great about being able to get a guy off but being in control of it. You know how people get cravings for things, well sometimes I get a craving to have a penis in my mouth and give a blowjob. Thankfully I have a live in boyfriend so I am always able to indulge in my craving; he doesn’t mind helping out at all.

I have such an enthusiasm for blowjobs that I often teach a class on how to give them. Pretty much a blowjob 101 that goes over all basics, techniques and tricks one can do. A lot of the time when women come to the class they are looking for the one way to do it and it will be awesome every time. They think there is only one way to give a blowjob; one way to lick or suck or spit etc. They want to know the exact amount of pressure to put on there. Now I can definitely lead them in the right direction and give them all the tricks and tips that I know. But one thing you always must remember ladies, there is no one perfect way to give a blowjob.

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Does every man like his steak rare? No, some want medium or well done and some don’t even like steak. (Shouldn’t have used that comparison because now I’m in the mood for steak) The same can be said for men and blowjobs, not all men want and like the same thing. Sure there are some common ground rules that you will find that work with most men. But you have to tailor your plan of attack for each man you devour.

I dated one guy once who did not want a messy blowjob. So I didn’t use a lot of spit and was careful not to gag, it was a very polite blowjob. Honestly not one of my favorites. Switch to the next guy that I dated and he got off on me gagging, go figure. He liked the spitting and drool that comes with a “messy” blowjob. You are probably thinking “How will I know what he wants?” Ask him, always ask him. Don’t be afraid to put it out there. Even while you are doing it be all sexy like and say, “Do you like this?” or “What will make you cum hard?”

You have to learn all the things that get each guy off. Some guys might want you to squeeze their penis super hard while stroking it and sometimes it hurts other guys. Occasionally you will find that rare guy who wants you to bite it. I have yet to ever encounter a man who enjoys the gnawing of the penis but I do know they are out there. I have heard stories.

One thing you must remember that is always going to be different for guys is how you play with the extras. I am talking testicles, perineum and butt. It still freaks some guys out when you venture to his back side. They won’t even let you near it. I personally enjoy giving a good rim job and get excited when a guy likes his area down there licked and kissed. It just gives you so many more options to play with, and I love to play with the penis and his friends.

So just remember ladies that no man and his penis are the same as the last one you played with. Find out what your guy likes and go with that. And always have fun with the penis, I know I do.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Lelo Ina

For the longest time I have wanted this toy. The Gigi has always been my all time favorite toy not only from Lelo but out of all sex toys. I have had that thing for over 4 years and it is still going strong. And that thing gets some use. I remember saying I cannot wait till the day when Lelo makes a dual vibrator. My wish was granted when they came out the with Ina vibe. I FREAKING LOVE THIS THING!

I was so excited when I got it in the mail. I even showed it to everyone in my office and charged it at my desk so it would be ready to go when I got home. (Yes it is rechargeable so you never have to deal with batteries) Strangely enough I did not use it when I got home that day. Probably because Brian was home and his penis always wins over any sex toy. But a few days later I wore him out and while he was taking a break I was still in the mood for more. So I busted out my Ina and went to town while he kissed me all over.

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It's almost like my vagina sucked the toy into place, that may sound strange but it makes sends. I put the toy in and it popped into place, like it was made for my vagina. This may be one of my new favorite toys, no it is one of my new favorite toys. My vagina and clit felt so amazingly wonderful after I was done with the toy. I got off multiple times, literally yelling when I orgasmed. What wasn't yelling though was the toy, always super quiet.

It is made of platinum silicone, which is one of the best materials to make toys out of because it is hyper allergenic and wont harbor any bacteria. There are two motors so you get the most power. There are 8 modes of power. I just went to the top one and straight vibe because that is my favorite. Another great thing is there is a one year warranty in case anything happens. It comes with a cute silk bag to keep the toy in.

The great thing about toys from Lelo is they last you such a long time, they are made so well. They will always be my favorite toys! My vagina and clit agree with this statement.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hustler's Heartbreaker

There is nothing heartbreaking about this toy. Hustler's Heartbreaker vibe is a great new add on to my collection. We all know how much I love the g spot stimulation and this toy was made for that. 6 inches long it went right in and hit the spot. It has 3 speeds but of course I went to the top speed and it was awesome. Because it is a hard plastic it put a good amount of pressure on my g spot. Now don't be scared that it's hard because it has a silky smooth feel to it. Because of the curve too it was really good for clit stimulation. I got off a few times.

It wasn't really noisy which is nice. Although Brian always know what I am up to if I am playing with toys so noise doesn't really matter to me. The materials are completely body safe and you can even bring the toy in the shower. The Heartbreaker is the perfect size to travel with. I am thinking I should put it in my glove compartment in my car for when I get stuck in traffic.

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