Friday, September 10, 2010

Porn Stud Interview with Michael Vegas

I love Michael Vegas and that is no lie. Every time I hang out with him I always have a blast. Plus it's always helpful that he is super hot and has a really nice body that I could see myself doing naughty things to......

Must stop thinking impure thoughts, but wait what fun would that be? Michael Vegas is definitely the next big thing. He keeps popping up in some big movies for some big studios. Lucky me I got to interview this sexy stud, but it wasn't hard since I do have his number. (Don't be jealous ladies....Ok maybe you should be)

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Lucy Vonne: Can we make out?

Michael Vegas: Do you think you can handle making out with me? It has been known to cause spontaneous orgasm.... yes? OK where are my breath mints...

Lucy Vonne: If we ever did a scene together what would you do to wow me?

Michael Veags: I love to incorporate real passion into scenes that I do. You have to fuck totally different when you are on camera but I always want to make it as enjoyable as possible. For example: if you were riding me reverse cowgirl, the proper positioning for the girl is to be leaned back, as to show maximum penetration. Well I would be kissing your arms that were planted on my chest, caressing your back and kissing your back. I just love to give it a personal feel instead of being some robotic porn machine.... although that sounds like a good porn series right there.

Lucy Vonne: What is the best thing that you cook?

Michael Vegas: mmmm I love me some food. My favorite meal that I make is grilled fillet mignon, with a sea salt and fresh cracked pepper rub, served with a balsamic reduction sauce. Also with the meal will be roasted rosemary russet potatoes. Finally, brussel sprouts, cut in half, dusted with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, and brushed with extra virgin olive oil. I think I just got a boner.

Lucy Vonne: Favorite super hero and why?

Michael Vegas: I think that batman is my favorite. He is dark and twisted and flawed. Those are the type of people that make the world interesting. The world would also be boring if everyone was sane and normal. I do have a question about a super hero though. What the fuck is with Dare Devil? He has the stupidest super power ever! He is blind, and his super power is to be able to see... I mean... WTF! How lame can you get.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you are good at lap dances, where did you get your training?

Michael Vegas: hahah I love dancing. When I dance with girls at clubs I have been asked on more that one occasion if I was gay.... FAIL. I just hope that is because I can dance well and look like a pretty boy. My training comes from just being able to move to the rhythm and my desire to please.

Lucy Vonne: In your free time you have taken up photography, how did you get into that? ever think of making it a career?

Michael Vegas: My dad used to be a photographer, so I learned most of what I know from him. I am always the guy that has the camera with him. I grew up with the mentality of "if it is not on film, then it didn't happen." I would love to make it a career. I have such a blast with it. You are gorgeous... Maybe you will let me shoot some photos of you some time ;)

Lucy Vonne: What has been the weirdest thing to happen to you on set?

Michael Vegas: I did a "Jack Ass" type of shoot for The Erotic Network. I defiantly made the blooper reel, which worked out perfectly for that type of shoot. Riley Evans and I were fucking in a personal gym so there were work out mats everywhere. We were going reverse cowgirl anal on a work out bench. The problem is that the garage had no ventilation, and was approximately the temperature of the sun. Every thing turned into a slip and slide, due to the sweat. So we were fucking and the bench tilted a bit, which caused me to slide to the side. Since it was so slippery, there was no recovering from this. With her still mounted firmly on my penis, we both flew off the bench, and onto the ground. Fortunate for me the Reebok stepper that was on the ground next to us broke our fall.... with my spine.

Lucy Vonne: what is your favorite kind of underwear?

Michael Vegas: Underwear? Fuck underwear! hahah I actually will wear underwear but only if I am wearing a suit, or scrubs. I do own a bunch of silly underwear though. More than one thong and a number of gold and silver metallic looking boxer briefs. Oh yeah, I get asked to play a male stripper for my shoots fairly frequently. Guess it is because I look like I know what I am doing. WIN!

Lucy Vonne: have you ever used male sex toys, if so which ones?

Michael Vegas: I sure have. I have used cock rings, strokers, different types of lubes and vibraty things. I have even tried a penis pump.

Lucy Vonne: does it scare girls off when you tell them what you do for a living?

Michael Vegas: Some of them, but if it does then they are not the type of person I want to associate with anyway . Most of them either find it hot or intriguing and want to find out more. Those are the kind that always want to find out what it is like to sleep with a porn star.

Lucy Vonne: If your penis was made into a dildo what would it's functions be and what would you call it?

Michael Vegas: Hahaha! It has actually has been. For Christmas my friend said that she wanted a dildo of my cock. She had no idea what is in store for her. I went out and bought a Mold-A-Willy kit and made a dildo, with vibrating function, out of my cock. Come Christmas morning she was one happy girl. I have actually walked in on her using me before. She claims it is her favorite.

Lucy Vonne: what was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?

Michael Vegas: I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! As a kid my favorite costume was my werewolf costume that my mom made. From age 13 to age 22 I worked in a high end costume store in Newport beach, every Halloween season. That means I got to dress up every day at work. It was awesome!!! That is also where I learned a lot of special effects makeup skills that I still have.

Lucy Vonne: Are you more of a boob man or a butt man?

Michael Vegas: I have still been trying to decide. I am the total package type of guy. However, if a girl has a nice booty and small bobs, I am much more pleased that if a girl has big boobs and no booty.

Lucy Vonne: where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Michael Vegas: I would like to see my self doing more photography, and owning my own production company. I want to get some successful going, where I can be as creative as I want.

Lucy Vonne: What would your dream porn roll be?

Michael Vegas: I want to star in a high action Born Identity type of roll. I have had lots of martial arts training, fire arms training, stunt driving training, and weapons training. I love acting and love to ham it up on camera. Know anyone that wants to make this happen?

Lucy Vonne: what would you like to say to all your adoring fans out there?

Michael Vegas: With out you I would be no where. Thank you for all your support and love. I do it for you. Also... buy more porn!