Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh So Now You Want To Talk To Me.....

When I was younger I didn't' have the dream of working in the adult industry. No, that didn't come till college. I wasn't event that sexual when I was younger. When I was in high school I didn't have the same mind set that I do now. I didn't even start masturbating until I was 23.

I was pretty shy sexually. I never talked about sex. Needless to say when people from my past find out what I do they are usually surprised. I get the "what happened to the Lucy we knew in high school?" (this happens with all my tattoos too) Well she got some tattoos and got comfortable and knowledgeable about sex. I found this industry fascinating and was determined to work in it.

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I have no problem with talking to my old friends about it and all the stuff I've done. Which includes the nude photos. But what really gets me and annoys me is all of a sudden hearing from certain guys from high school out of no where.

It's widely known what I do, no secret. Everyone I went to high school with knows. So when all this info came out I was contacted by a handful of guys. These weren't guys I was ever friends with. Sure we knew each other and would have the occasional conversation but I didn't consider us friends. Well all of a sudden they are acting like my best friends. The conversations always start out the same. Normal small talk about how you're doing. Then a few messages in it always goes the same direction.

"So where can I see you in videos?" Oh really fucker, you wanna see me in videos? You never gave me the time of day and now you think you acting all friendly to me I'm going to just offer up where to find that. Are you smoking crack? (for the record I am not in any videos)

So now since I'm naked on the internet you wanna talk to me? Yeah not going to work with me. Oh you think I can introduce you to all sorts of porn stars? Yes in fact I can but I am not going to. No I will not get you free porn or hire you as an editor or camera man. Seriously......

But the kicker is always wanting to see me naked. It really just makes me laugh because I just fuck with them but never give them the info. If they were at all smart they would know to look at my site and find the info there, I guess they aren't that intelligent.

I bet my high school reunion in two years is going to be a trip!

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