Monday, July 12, 2010

Justice Young's Boom Boom Flick Review

If there is one thing I learned from this movie it’s that Justice Young needs to bang the shit out of me, because he is so freaking hot. Plus he has a really pretty penis. Lucky for me this being his new line he shows up in every scene. Now that being said I was not too fond of all the girls in this movie, some really annoyed me. But hey not everyone can please me.

Opens up with Justice taking on Charley Chase, Diamond Foxx and Adriana Nicole. The girls are all over each other and his penis. It was a pretty hot scene. There was even some squirting action. Although Charley kept saying everything was hot, over and over again. Time to think of something new to say.

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Ann Marie Rios and Justice had a super hot scene. He gets pretty rough with her at times, which was super hot, definitely got me wet. There other scene that got my juices flowing was the one with Justice and Asa Akira. So freaking hot! She totally loves every minute of it, there was no faking here. She also has the best eyebrows ever, they are awesome. Know what else is awesome, Justice’s penis.

The other two scenes I was not as into as the others. If you like the girls in them you will be into them. First Justice takes on Jayden James and Sara Vandella. Both girls are really into it. I do wish Sara would stop talking sometimes; it’s ok to just make sex noises. She did say some funny stuff though like “make that ass dance on his cock.” Ah the things porn stars say.

Lastly are Justice and Taylor Wayne. Well she was certainly enjoying herself but lets just say I wanted to mute the TV during this scene. I was not in this scene at all. But I did get to look at Justice’s penis more so that was good.

Over all I was very pleased with this movie. I’m excited to see what else Justice will come out with. As long as he’s in it I will be watching it.

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