Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anal Adventures

There was a time where I was dead set against anything going in my butt. There was no way in hell I was going to have anal sex.

Well then I got into the sex toy business and reviewing toys. I happened to get some anal toys to try out. To be a good reviewer I would try them and it wasn’t that bad, it even felt a little good. But that was just toys, I hadn’t even thought about putting a penis up there. One I knew it was going to hurt at first and two I was worried about “stuff” coming out. Yes people I was worried about poop because girls do poop.

But I had talked to my anal enthusiastic friends about my concerns and they made my fears better. It was like my anal therapy. But I still wasn’t too sure if I wanted to try it.

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One day a boy I was dating kept asking me about it and how much he wanted to do it and blah blah blah. I finally agreed to let him try. It went pretty well. But also his penis wasn’t too thick so it wasn’t too much of a challenge. I made sure to use plenty of lube. After we were done he was all proud of himself. And I was left feeling eh.

It was not a big deal to me. It felt ok, nothing mind blowing. I remember thinking how do people get off on this? He was really gentle and went really slow, which was nice of him. But it didn’t do anything for me. So I didn’t do it after that. Plus we stopped dating and it didn’t come up with anyone else until Brian.

One of the greatest things about being in love with someone is how comfortable you are with them, especially in sexual situations. I would pretty much try anything he would ask me if I was comfortable. Even if it weren’t necessarily my thing it would turn me on knowing how much he liked it.

Well the subject of anal came up. He kind of played it off as no big deal but it would be rad to do it. Of course it would, what boy doesn’t want to put it in a girls butt. So I agreed to give it a try.

The first time we tried it hurt and was ok. There wasn’t enough lube, which didn’t help. But I had done it and wasn’t convinced yet. But I did know he really liked it so I was determined to get comfortable with it and used to it.

Well we have done it many times since that first time. Not only am I comfortable with it but also I love it! There is still a warm up period when we first start, but once that is done he can pound the hell out of my ass and it’s awesome. I totally know how girls get off on this. It really does feel amazing. It’s so much better with Brian then the other guy I did it once with. It’s not like it was any easier at first, Brian's penis is a good thickness and a good length, bigger then others. But man does his penis feel good in my ass. He really knows how to work it.

Plus like I said before a big turn on is knowing how much he likes it. he likes to tell people he made me love butt sex, which is true. Dear Brian, thank you for the wonder of awesome butt sex. Your penis is always welcome. Love Lucy’s ass.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Justice Young's Boom Boom Flick Review

If there is one thing I learned from this movie it’s that Justice Young needs to bang the shit out of me, because he is so freaking hot. Plus he has a really pretty penis. Lucky for me this being his new line he shows up in every scene. Now that being said I was not too fond of all the girls in this movie, some really annoyed me. But hey not everyone can please me.

Opens up with Justice taking on Charley Chase, Diamond Foxx and Adriana Nicole. The girls are all over each other and his penis. It was a pretty hot scene. There was even some squirting action. Although Charley kept saying everything was hot, over and over again. Time to think of something new to say.

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Ann Marie Rios and Justice had a super hot scene. He gets pretty rough with her at times, which was super hot, definitely got me wet. There other scene that got my juices flowing was the one with Justice and Asa Akira. So freaking hot! She totally loves every minute of it, there was no faking here. She also has the best eyebrows ever, they are awesome. Know what else is awesome, Justice’s penis.

The other two scenes I was not as into as the others. If you like the girls in them you will be into them. First Justice takes on Jayden James and Sara Vandella. Both girls are really into it. I do wish Sara would stop talking sometimes; it’s ok to just make sex noises. She did say some funny stuff though like “make that ass dance on his cock.” Ah the things porn stars say.

Lastly are Justice and Taylor Wayne. Well she was certainly enjoying herself but lets just say I wanted to mute the TV during this scene. I was not in this scene at all. But I did get to look at Justice’s penis more so that was good.

Over all I was very pleased with this movie. I’m excited to see what else Justice will come out with. As long as he’s in it I will be watching it.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Best of Lexi Belle Vol. 2 Review

Lexi Belle is adorable, so its no wonder Belladonna wanted to put together another volume of her best work. I will say there are some pretty hot scenes in this movie and a few I could have done without.

There is a good mix of all girl sex and some boy on girl action. Girl/girl sex rarely does it for me, I just need the penis or else I don’t really get turned on. However if you get a boner from lady to lady sex you are in for a treat. In a scene from Cabin Fever Lexi get tackled by a brunette. A very young Lexi and Jenna Haze have some fun in a bathtub. There is definitely some quality scissor action going on there.

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There us some girl fetish sex too which was slightly strange to me. In one scene Lexi and Roxy Deville are both wearing giant rabbit heads. They make the heads make out. I did laugh when one girl rubbed the other girl’s furry shoe on her vagina. Another fetish was balloons. Lexi and Belladonna, who have on awesome leotards, get it on in a room full of balloons. They are rubbing the balloons all over each other and their vaginas.

I did really enjoy and was fascinated with the “Cat and Mouse” short with Lexi and Monique Alexander. It’s a really cool sub/dom scene. I loved the way it was shot and the outfits. Lexi gets pretty rough with her, which was hot, I’m all about the rough sex. I want a guy to do that to me.

There were some hot boys in this movie, which always makes me happy. James Deen bangs the hell out of her. It was a super hot scene. Also hot was Mr. Pete. He showed up in two different scenes and I’m not complaining. Pretty boy Seth Gamble and his awesome body make an appearance. He is so dreamy. Hot bod Mikey Butders also gets his banging action on.

There was a scene from foot soldiers, which I could have done without. I’m not a huge fan of foot stuff, does nothing for me. Plus I wasn’t attracted to the guy in the scene.

If you are a fan of Lexi Belle then you won’t be disappointed with this movie. She gives her fans the best in this.