Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ask Lucy Vonne; G Spots and Dildos

Dear Lucy Vonne,
I only come by hitting my g spot. I have a rubber dildo but I don't like the smell. Suggestions for amazing hard material toys?

First off, I love my g spot to and way to go on finding it. Not all women can. So you don't like the smell of rubber toys, I don't blame you. Some of those things can smell god awful. You know it's really bad material when it has a really strong almond smell they try and use to cover up the rubber and/jelly smell. I try to stay away from those toys. I am not a fan of them either.

But you don't have to jump right into hard toys to get away from the smell. Toys that are made of platinum or medical grade silicone are soft and do not have that smell. They also can be very realistic feeling which is pretty cool, I have a few. Another nice things about platinum silicone is it will pretty much last you a lifetime. Some rubbers and jelly will deteriorate over time but silicone does not. It's also hypoallergenic and non porous so it won't hold any bacteria. You can actually boil it for about three minutes to sterilize it.

Hard toys are really great for g spot too though. I find I get off more with a hard toy for g spot because I can put more pressure on it. My favorite is the Njoy Pure Wand, so amazing! Glass toys are really good too, if you decide to go the hard route. I know I like hard things in my vagina!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diamond Princess Review

It's been awhile since I have done a toy review. Mainly because I haven't been masturbating as much. I know what you are thinking, me not masturbating everyday....What is this madness? Well having a boyfriend makes the masturbating cravings less. But me being me I will never give up masturbating. So I got my vagina ready and tested out some new toys. First up is the cute little Diamond Princess from Evolved Novelties. True to it's name it has jewels all along the base of the toy. What girl doesn't like a toy with sparkle.

It's similar to the classic pocket rocket but more stylish. Has a decent amount of power that certainly made my clit happy. Made my clit happy a few times. It is the perfect size to keep in your purse or glove compartment. I seriously need to put a vibrator in my glove compartment for when I'm stuck in traffic. It's made of non toxic ABS plastic, which is hard but has a silky smooth feel to it that is really nice. It felt really good up against my clit.

Another great thing about this toy is that is has a one year warranty. That's a pretty good deal for sex toys these days. Most of the times it's only 30 days. Also the case it comes in is great to save and store the toy in after it attacks your clit. I know that can be a pain, you get this great toy and then don't have anyway really to keep it. I have drawers full of toys, it can be a problem. But this little box is great. Keeps it clean and easy to store. It's a fun little toy that beginners and experienced masturbaters will enjoy!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tits To Die For Review

Who doesn’t love a good pair of tits? Even I can appreciate a really good pair. But even better then the tits in this movie was that all the guys were hot. Why don’t they make a movie “Penis To Die For?” I would love it! But until that day all I get to look at are these tits that are apparently to die for. I’m not saying they aren’t lovely tits; they are all pretty decent.

Now one of the things that drives me crazy is unnecessary moaning. No one believes you so stop it. I’m not talking about ladies faking it during the scene, I mean moaning when there is no point to moan. Case in point some of the scenes in this movie. Boob sex, sure can be fun to look at, but I have yet to meet a girl that gets off from it. So now why would these ladies in the scenes be moaning like crazy from this? You aren’t fooling anyone, stop the stupid moaning. It drives me insane! Ladies guilty of this annoying habit; Heather Summers and Madison Ivy. I’m in no way saying they are bad in this movie but cut the crap ladies. Does the boob sex feel that good that you are moaning like you are having an orgasm?

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Thankfully there were hotties in the scene so I blocked out the moaning and paid attention to the penises. Heather was all up in Manuel Ferrara’s space. God he is so hot, and one of the most charming men I know. I love listening to him talk. I giggled when he came because he shot her in the chin with it and was just really random. It was a hot scene though. The other boob moaner Madison got it on with the sexy Mick Blue. I really liked her shoes that she was wearing. They had a lot of sexual chemistry, I enjoyed it.

Mick Blue and his awesome penis get it on two more times. Once with Madison Scott and the other with Kagney Lynn Karter. He oils up Madison before pounding the hell out of her, um yes please. She is super into it, but who wouldn’t be? Mick is freaking hot! He then bangs cover girl Kagney. That was a pretty hot scene too. Good job Mick’s penis, you had a lot of work to do during this movie.

Only one girl banged out some anal action, and that was Sophie Dee. She always looks surprised; I think it’s just because her eyes are always open so wide. They are pretty though but she sometimes reminds me of a stepford porn star because of them. I enjoyed when David Perry made her boobs clap. They had some boob sex and thankfully she enjoyed it like a normal girl would.

There was some pretty good boob action happening here and some hot men. Nothing that really impressed me but it was a decent movie and I would recommend it to those boob lovers out there.