Thursday, May 27, 2010

Downtown Girls Review

I am so glad a movie like this has been made. The way it was shot, the camera angles, the lighting and pretty much anything about the production of this movie was awesome. I’m not surprised though since the amazing Nate Liquor did it. It really is cinematic smut at it’s finest. Now that being said I was not stoked on all the people in the movie, but hey I can’t have a thing for everyone in porn now can I? But even though I was not into some of the people in some of the scenes, I still enjoyed watching the movie for the production value. A lot can be said of that I think. I also really liked a lot of the wardrobe the girls were wearing. Not your typical cheesy porn outfits but some classy stuff.

The movie from Zero Tolerance follows downtown girls and the naughty things that they do. Some write in their diaries, some take naked photos and some model naked. So basically downtown girls like to do things and then have a lot of sex. If I were to be a downtown girl my thing would say “Downtown girls like to play with unicorns then get pounded by their hot ass tattooed boyfriends.” I should tell Nate my idea and see what he says.

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Two of my favorite male porn stars get down and dirty in this movie. First Rocco Reed makes me swoon and has a devilish grin. Plus he has an awesome body. James Deen has always been one of my favorites, so hot. Although now that I’m friends with him it’s not so much of a big deal when I see him in scenes. Mainly too because he is in everything and I see him a lot! But he is a fantastic performer and sexy so it’s only rightfully so he is in so much. Rocco has a hot scene with Sara Sloane, which was a good way to start the movie. James puts his penis in Juliette Bardot, which definitely got me wet from watching it.

Ashli Orion has a pretty sweet music video all about cock and how much she likes it. I was not expecting that part at all but I liked it. She then has some sex with two guys, neither of which were really my type so I wasn’t too into the scene. It was cool how it started out in a voyeuristic way. I did think it was funny when Ashli is supposed to be a diva and yells at Nate. Which would never happen in real life, who could ever yell at Nate?

There was some hot girl on girl action with Sara and Georgia Jones. There were some pretty cool camera angels during that I liked. Only I would pay attention to camera angels while naked girls are on screen eating each other out. Other naked people on screen were Faye Reagan with Dane Cross and Isis Taylor with a guy I don’t know. I was not into these scenes but if you are a fan of any of these people they will not disappoint you in the least bit.

I really hope Nate makes future installments of this movie. I was super impressed with his directing and style. I wish more movies were made this way, I would then watch more porn. Which would be non-stop porn watching considering how much I already watch. But needless to say this movie gave me a lady boner and I look forward to more being made. (Nate remember unicorns!)

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