Monday, May 17, 2010

Check into My Vagina!

You are probably thinking how can one check into my vagina? I kid you not with this statement. I'm sure you have heard of this app that is on the rage for kids on their Iphones called Foursquare. When I first heard about it I thought it was a waste of time and who actually uses this thing. Well being bored one night I decided to check it out and download it. Basically you can check into places you visit and gets points and compete against your friends on it. You can also become the mayor of places if you check in more than anyone else.

While looking through it I realized you could put you own check in points for other people to check into. Mostly people were putting their houses or places they liked. That's when the dildo went off inside my head (get it like light bulb, I know I'm hilarious) and came up with an ingenuous idea. I hadn't seen anyone do it, which shocked me but I guess not everyone is as dirty thinking as I am. I proceeded to add my vagina as a check in. Now people can check into my vagina.

Unfortunately it's not attached to the location of my phone, so anywhere I decide to have sex one cannot check into my vagina. Only works when you are near my house. Which is where I have the majority of my sex so that's fine with me. I wish I could approve who can check in there because I noticed someone checked in who has not actually visited my vagina, wishful thinking. Really only Brian Street Team has set up camp there, he is actually the mayor of my vagina. I know some places give mayors special discounts and privileges which means I should probably offer up some fun stuff to him (more butt sex perhaps....).

Side note: Brian can know check into my butt, I'm sure he will be the mayor of there too in no time!

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Tess said...

I'm only the mayor of Roxy's DIner in Vegas, Being the mayor of your vagina sounds like a whole lot more fun plus there probably wouldn't be someone singing in my ear.