Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Been A Bad Blogger

I know, I know I have been such a bad blogger. But I swear it was for good reason, at least that is what I'm going to convince you of. As most of you know at the end of February I left the fair city of NYC for bigger and better things. Packed up my tiny ass room and said goodbye to Brooklyn. I will say I do miss New York, mostly my friends. Especially my roommate who is my life partner. But it was time to move on and there was nothing really keeping me there. So I left New York and went home to the Cape for a few days to get everything ready.

Home on the Cape I had to go through all my belongings and figure out what I could bring to LA with me. That took quite some time and my mother's house look like a bomb went off. Next issue was getting a car. How else was I going to get all of my sex toys and porn out to LA? I had to bring those things of course. I purchased my first car all by myself, I'm such a grown up now. Packed that thing to the brim and set off across country with my dad.

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We made it out to the west in four days, not bad if I say so myself. We didn't go directly to LA, we made a pit stop in San Diego so I could visit Brian. The fun part about this visit was my dad was going to meet him for the very first time. You are probably thinking no big deal having the parents meet the boyfriend, well it's a little different when your parents know he does porn. But it went awesome! My dad thinks he is the nicest guy and the best guy I have ever dated. Yay!

So after our San Diego visit we made the trek up to LA to my new apartment! It was all very exciting. Met my new roommate Tayte who is so nice! You never know with me and girls, I'm not one for drama. But she is laid back and super sweet and we get along great. The apartment is really nice too and I have huge closet, I like huge things.

Then I started my new job, my first grown up job! I am the new marketing coordinator at JT's Stockroom. Pretty much the biggest adult online store there is. Working there is so awesome, I love it. And that's pretty much my life so far. I have an amazing job, amazing friends, amazing boyfriend who loves me and I'm so happy. I never thought I would reach this point.

So in the end I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog. But not to worry I'm getting back to it and will dazzle you with my sex knowledge and hot male porn stars! Stay tuned for some fantastic stuff!

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