Monday, March 29, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson: Tribbing

This is one of those acts that you already know but probably don't know the proper term for it. I only learned it when I started working in the business. Tribbing is when two lady friends rub their vaginas together in a humping motion. Most people know this as scissoring but the correct term is tribbing. I feel like to do this safely a lady should be freshly shaven. Otherwise if one or both of them have some stubble they could end up hurting one another. That is not fun for anyone.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dating A Porn Star Featured On The Neave

A little while back I was approached by The Neave to write an article for them about sex. I was told I could write about whatever I wanted. For awhile I have thought about writing about what it is like to date a porn star. It's not something you see everyday. Hell I never even thought it would happen one day. But it has and I have fallen head over heels in love with him and couldn't be happier. I was told that it has been one of the most popular articles they have had. So go check out my article on The Neave! Or you can cheat and click read more and read it here.

"I am in love with a porn star. And no, it’s not one of my schoolgirl crushes I have gotten in the past from reviewing porn and interviewing male stars; this time it’s real. A few months ago I entered into a relationship with a man that works in the porn industry as an actor. It really is the most amazing and perfect relationship I have ever been in. And yes, he sleeps with other girls for work.

Dating for me has never been easy doing what I do, and I don’t even do anything that risqué. But the minute you mention that sex is part of your profession guys only see one thing and presume things about you. I am a sex blogger; I review porn, sex toys and male porn stars. I also used to work in a sex store, I have done nude modeling and now do marketing for The, which is one of the biggest online sex stores. Yes, I am constantly consumed with and thinking about sex, which was hard for men to see past. They never saw me as the girl to have a relationship with; I was just the hook up. Or if I did start dating someone, they couldn’t deal with my job and would freak out. You have to put on a certain persona and guys couldn’t separate that from the real me. It makes complete sense that I end up in this type of relationship because not only do I understand him but he gets me.

I technically knew my boyfriend for several months before anything happened, because we didn’t meet in person for a really long time since we lived on opposite ends of the United States. We first made contact on Twitter. I mentioned I needed a male porn star for my “Porn Stud of the Week” on my site. He joked that I should interview him (I don’t think he thought I really would) and I agreed. The minute I saw his picture and researched him for the interview I harbored a major crush. The interview was awesome and we stayed in touch over the next few months. A great deal of dirty text messages were sent and flirting was done. I never thought much about it, he was just some hot tattooed guy who did porn and sent me pictures of his penis. But there was something genuine about him that made me pay attention. We finally came face to face this past December and it was pretty instant between us. I didn’t know what to expect when I met him and I had no idea what I was in for. Everything clicked between us and it felt so amazingly right. It was only a matter of time before we were officially together.

Not many people have the mindset I do to date someone who works in porn. I know plenty of people who have said to me “I don’t know how you do it.” When I first started working in this industry I always joked about dating a porn star but never thought it would actually happen. I didn’t know if I could handle the sex with the other girls. I have been cheated on in the past and could never handle it. Sometimes a girl gets jealous and insecure about things. But when it came down to it I knew that if I found the right person then I could handle it. What most people don’t understand is that it is just work. Yeah, it so happens to be a different kind of work then most are used to but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s a job just like any other job. You go to work, do what you do and go home. I completely understand that. There are no emotions exchanged, those are saved for me.

It’s no surprise one of the first questions I get asked is how do I actually handle the fact he has sex with other girls. I’m sure people look down upon me for dealing with it and compare it to him cheating on me all the time. He doesn’t cheat on me; his job is not cheating to me. He would be cheating on me if he constantly slept with other people outside of work, but he doesn’t. In his personal life I am the only one he is with, I am the one he comes home to, I am the one he wants, I’m the only one he cares about and I’m the one he loves. Of course, some couples have open relationships and they sleep with whomever they want which is fine for them but that’s not for me. I know a lot of couples in porn that are completely faithful to each other. They have no desire to be with anyone else. The common link between all these couples though is they both work in the industry in some way or another. There is no one-way to have a relationship these days. You have to find what works for you and your partner. Do I wish he didn’t do porn? In the grand scheme of things, yes, but I would have never met him if he wasn’t in porn. Porn brought us together; thank you porn! I would never ask him to stop because of me. It is his life and I support him in what he does.

Self esteem and confidence has never been my strong suit and I’m constantly working on improving those qualities. I will admit sometimes it is difficult dealing with these issues and dating him. He is surrounded by gorgeous girls in the industry and has many adoring fans constantly telling him they want to fuck him. And he plays along and flirts back and says dirty things to them sometimes. Majority of the time it doesn’t bother me because I flirt too and have guys hitting on me but every so often it hits a nerve. That little voice in the back of my mind goes off – “What if he finds someone else much prettier than me, did he really mean that….” I think that is something that will never fully go away for me. It can be intimidating when he says the girl he is working with is this gorgeous famous porn star with an amazing body. “How am I supposed to compare to that?” wanders through my head. But then I pull myself back to reality and remember none of it means anything.

I am not alone in what I do. I know tons of people who aren’t in porn that date porn stars. The catch is, like I said before, that the majority of them also work in the industry in some way or another. I’m sure a few of them don’t but most of the time they are involved. Finding someone outside of this industry that can understand the inner workings is not always easy. There is still a big stigma about the people that work in it. Not everyone is a crazy sex fiend who needs to sleeps with everyone and parties all the time. For the most part people are pretty normal; just a little more perverted than the average human. Working in this industry definitely skews your thinking and mindset. Lucky for me I already had that mindset in place. I can separate work life from my personal life.

My family knows what he does. They read my site and even before we started dating he used to pop up on there from time to time, so they knew who he was. They support me and my relationship. They see how happy I am and how he treats me. When my dad met him he said that he was my best choice to date. My mom and I have had conversations about what he does and she understands my logic. Honestly, they have me for a daughter, they must have seen this coming!

I’m sure we will have our obstacles in the future like any normal couple, may it be porn related or not. We are a normal couple; we have stupid inside jokes, hold hands, call each other pet names and have freaking amazing sex! (I finally found someone who has the same high sex drive as me; jackpot!) But in my mind I am not dating the porn star, I’m dating a man who just happens to have an interesting hobby. Porn does not define him, his values or goals in life. In reality I’m in love with Brian, and he just happens to be a porn star.”

Well there you have it, I'm dating a porn star! AND IT'S AWESOME!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Been A Bad Blogger

I know, I know I have been such a bad blogger. But I swear it was for good reason, at least that is what I'm going to convince you of. As most of you know at the end of February I left the fair city of NYC for bigger and better things. Packed up my tiny ass room and said goodbye to Brooklyn. I will say I do miss New York, mostly my friends. Especially my roommate who is my life partner. But it was time to move on and there was nothing really keeping me there. So I left New York and went home to the Cape for a few days to get everything ready.

Home on the Cape I had to go through all my belongings and figure out what I could bring to LA with me. That took quite some time and my mother's house look like a bomb went off. Next issue was getting a car. How else was I going to get all of my sex toys and porn out to LA? I had to bring those things of course. I purchased my first car all by myself, I'm such a grown up now. Packed that thing to the brim and set off across country with my dad.

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We made it out to the west in four days, not bad if I say so myself. We didn't go directly to LA, we made a pit stop in San Diego so I could visit Brian. The fun part about this visit was my dad was going to meet him for the very first time. You are probably thinking no big deal having the parents meet the boyfriend, well it's a little different when your parents know he does porn. But it went awesome! My dad thinks he is the nicest guy and the best guy I have ever dated. Yay!

So after our San Diego visit we made the trek up to LA to my new apartment! It was all very exciting. Met my new roommate Tayte who is so nice! You never know with me and girls, I'm not one for drama. But she is laid back and super sweet and we get along great. The apartment is really nice too and I have huge closet, I like huge things.

Then I started my new job, my first grown up job! I am the new marketing coordinator at JT's Stockroom. Pretty much the biggest adult online store there is. Working there is so awesome, I love it. And that's pretty much my life so far. I have an amazing job, amazing friends, amazing boyfriend who loves me and I'm so happy. I never thought I would reach this point.

So in the end I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog. But not to worry I'm getting back to it and will dazzle you with my sex knowledge and hot male porn stars! Stay tuned for some fantastic stuff!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Lovemoiselle Aveline Dildo G Spot

Oh my g spot loves when it gets to try out a new toy. It was very happy to have play time with the Lovemoiselle g spot dildo. It looks like it could be a little piece of art. If I were to display it on my shelf no one would have any idea it was just in my vagina. It's made of ceramic, this was my first ceramic toy. Not everyone is a fan of hard materials when it comes to internal toys but when trying to stimulate the g spot I rather the hard toys. Then I can put more pressure on it, which is what really does the trick. The nice thing about ceramic is it's really good for temperature play. Heat it up or cool it down, whatever your vagina desires. But the really special thing with this toy is you can actually fill it up with water to change the temperature of it. The plug is kind of pain to put on and off but it won't leak at all.

The slickness of the toy is very nice too. It slid in and out really smooth. It's non porous and really easy to clean. The one thing I wish was the curve of the tip was just a little more to hit the g spot more directly. But I pulled my move of holding the toy from behind me and pulling back which works like a charm. You could use it for regular penetration also which is fun for some people but doesn't always do it for me depending on the toy. This was one of those toys. It did work for g spot though. It's nothing out of this world but a fun toy to add to your collection if you get the chance too.

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