Monday, February 1, 2010

Popporn The Guide To Making Fuck Review

I love these men dearly but they are still complete idiots. Whoever let Bangs and Buckton direct and write a movie is insane and yet genius at the same time. I thought this movie was hilarious. And I’m not just saying that because I work for them but I peed my pants laughing at Spock trying to direct his first porn. Plus they had some super hot men banging chicks. Which makes my vagina and me very happy.

It’s pretty much the story of Spock and what a screw up he is trying to direct his first film. He drives everyone insane and no on actually thinks he can pull it off. He constantly is yelling at people even when they are having sex, I love it.

Two of my favorite men bang ladies, James Deen and Mick Blue. Lets just say James has bad aim with his sperm and might hit the director. Mick takes out Spock with a taser, it was hilarious. There was actually a lot of tasing for a porn movie. But either way these two men are god damn hot and can do dirty things to me whenever they want. I’ve met both of them in person and they really are dreamy.

There is a whole lot of other hot sex going on. Courtney Cummz has to pry the fried chicken out of Marcos Banderas’s hand before some anal action. Fried chicken always goes with sex. Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane also spread it for the camera.

I love love loved Nina Hartley’s cameo in this film. She and Spock are super funny together. She is like the porn fairy godmother. I need me on of those. I wonder what her powers would be. If she could bring Jean Val Jean back to porn that would be enough for me!

You will laugh and cry and enjoy this film. It’s different from all the other generic stuff out there, which makes it really refreshing. Plus all the DVD extras are really funny. Especially the BTS. You should definitely check out this movie.

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