Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sloppy Head 2 Review

I love to give blowjobs, I really do. Apparently all these ladies love to give them too and they don’t care if they make a mess of it. I’m not just talking a little spit here and there; these lady and cock combos get supper sloppy. For me if it gets too messy I lose my lady boner because I personally don’t think it is sexy. Plus after watching blowjobs for so long I’m left with wanting more. But for you blowjob fanatics out there you will be entertained with this movie from beginning to end.

These girls were so good at their job sometimes the guys came twice. Or they just really love giving blowjobs they didn’t want to stop and kept going. Angelina Valentine was biting the guy’s balls, which he seemed to very much enjoy. Lexi Love shoved her whole hand in her mouth before making the guy cum twice. Mia Lina also got the guy to cum twice but she really needs to work on her blowjobs skills because it was one of the most boring scenes.

I didn’t like how I only saw the penis on the guy. Yes I know this is more about the blowjobs and all you really need to see is the penis but I would have liked to see the guys sometimes. I believe I spotted Manuel Ferrara a few times because of the size of the penis and the fact it was uncircumcised. That might be a sign I watch too much porn when I can guess the guy by the shape of his penis. I did not enjoy looking at the guy Kelly Devine was with because he had some nice man boobs going on. Lola and Andy San Dimas held their own against the hairy guys they had to blow. All kept it sloppy though.

Nikki Hunter kept her blowjob entertaining by motor boating his balls that actually made me laugh. Kristina Rose and Roxy Jezel kept things interesting by blowing two different guys. You need to spice things up, after awhile all blowjobs look the same and the variety kept things moving.

Blowjobs are fun! Blowjobs are cool! Wanna see some good ones, get this movie.

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