Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Operation Tropical Stormy Review

Stormy’s follow up to Operation Desert Stormy came through and delivered on many levels. It was really funny. And not just stupid porn funny but had some classic moments. But that’s true because there were some really good people who know what they were doing in this movie. Directing, editing, scenery etc were all really good.

The men were my favorite part of this movie which is no surprise coming from me because I heart the male porn stars. Well not all of them, there are some scary ones out there. But the main ones in this movie are dear to my heart.

Evan Stone can do no wrong in my eyes, unless it’s an ugly girl. I love watching him. He replaces Steven St. Croix as Stormy’s character’s husband. They said he needed an identify change to get away with a new actor. Evan was hilarious and has a giant penis he used many times. Lucky Stormy gets a piece of it while they are riding around on a boat. It was a really hot scene. Best part was when she is sitting at the very front of the boat while he eats her out. Even also takes part in an orgy with a group of cannibals. Thankfully no one’s penis was eaten.

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The other men who make this movie are the dynamic duo of Marcus London and Tony De Sergio. They are back as the studly secret agents ready to fight bad guys and bang ladies. Lucky them get to tackle Stormy for her first boy/boy/girl scene. I’d like to be the meat in that sandwich. Stormy takes those two penises like it’s nothing. Really good scene that gave me lady wood. They were also really funny and have this chemistry that makes them fun to watch and work well together. Plus there is a great scene where Tony is running around in that Borat style green bathing suit, amazing!

The supporting actors all did a good job. Randy Spears is the sex charged boss who likes his blond assistants big and busty. Tommy Gunn plays some evil guy but I was only paying attention to him when he was naked. His body is rock hard. You could bounce a quarter off his pecs. I would like to bounce my vagina off his penis.

Sammie Rhodes is a scene-stealer as the lab assistant who get’s into Stormy’s vagina. Nina Hartley makes a cameo as the Queen of England who apparently has quite the bush going on. I wonder if that is really true about the queen.

Then of course there is Stormy. The one-woman powerhouse behind this whole production. I would like to give her a high five for what a great job she did. Plus her acting/comedy chops were pretty good. I wish I always looked that good after washing up on shore after a ship wreck. But I always enjoy her movies and this was no exception.

This was pretty much a regular movie that just happens to have sex in it. I never say that about porn movies, which is a really good thing. I will definitely be watching this movie again. I get I could trick my mom into watching it. Although she knows me so will probably know what I’m up to.

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