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Kylee Kross Is Back! Interview With My Favorite Come Back Girl!

I'm just going to put this out there, I have a girl crush on Kylee Kross. I met her right before NYE and she is a wicked cool girl. She was in town to film her come back scenes for her upcoming entrance back into the world of porn on Burning Angel. She is awesome and I'm so glad she is banging dudes on camera again. Lucky me she agreed to let me grill her on a few things about her life and porn. I love how open and honest she is. I have to go to Philly soon and visit her so we can cause some trouble!

Click read more to read my interview with this saucy siren and to view some naughty pics!

Lucy Vonne: How is it being back in the porn world?

Kylee Kross: It’s been great. I’m really excited to be back and fucking on film. I have to say I’ve missed it way too much. I’ve missed my Burning Angel family a lot. Words can’t really sum it up.

Lucy Vonne: You took a break from porn for a few years, what have you been up to?

Kylee Kross: I was married and in love. Silly right? Great man. Just we were not meant for each other. So I guess you could say a lot of retail management, baking, cooking and cleaning. hahaha

Lucy Vonne: Being one of the original Burning Angel girls how does it make you feel to see how much the company has grown?

Kylee Kross: I have to say it makes me feel great. Like I had something to do with it you know? When it started and I was one of the first girls, I don’t think any of us knew what we were doing. We just wanted to have fun and fuck and that turned into something irreplaceable. Now to see the site with so many beautiful girls and so many amazing members it makes me feel all harm inside. :)

Lucy Vonne: How did you end up in porn?

Kylee Kross: I tried out for Burning Angel when I was about 18-19 and they took me under their wing. I started doing photo sets and when BA decided to make their first movie they asked me to be in it and I was honored. The rest is history!!

Lucy Vonne: Are you good at riding your bike when drunk?

Kylee Kross: hahahah Absolutely not, as I’m sure you have heard. I am known for falling off my bike drunk. Ask any of my friends. I have bruises and broken nails to prove it.

Lucy Vonne: Are you doing anything else besides Burning Angel these days?

Kylee Kross: Other than shaking my shitter at Daydreams in Philly PA for those singles no way. BA TILL DEATH. You like that work name drop there? Come see me folks! Get a lap-dance!! Hah!

Lucy Vonne: What are your big come back scenes going to be?

Kylee Kross: Well I’m doing a 3 some with the infamous James Deen and the silly Brian Street Team. Some anal pounding, double dick sucking and pussy fucking. You know only the classy stuff for me.

Lucy Vonne: You are a big music fan, what are some of your favorite bands?

Kylee Kross: jeeeeeze ok.......... so many American Nightmare, Cursive, Elliot Smith, Polar Bear Club, Gas Light Anthem, Have Heart, Bane, Slap Shot, Cro-mags, Agnostic Front, Death Cab, Sigur Ros, The Menzingers, Taylor Swift, The Sidekicks, Gallows, Mum, Kid Dynamite, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bad Religion, Nofx, Alkaline Trio, The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams, Saves The Day, Sage Francis, Trick Taddy, Bone Thugs, fuck I could go on for hours seriously. This is just on rotation currently I love music. It makes me feel lifted; it’s definitely my medication for life and shittyness.

Lucy Vonne: What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have on your body?

Kylee Kross: I have like 5 upside down cross tattoos, drop dead on my knuckles and straight pimpin' on the back of my calves.

Lucy Vonne: What were you like as a child?

Kylee Kross: Out of my mind. I feel bad for my grandmother; she raised me. She will say I was a gem. But I got in my fair share of trouble. I recall being super bratty, upfront, real and demanding... not much has changed ha!

Lucy Vonne: Do you remember what your first encounter with porn was when you were younger?

Kylee Kross: Yeah I do oddly enough. I believe I was 10 and my friend and I would watch channel 79 and 80 (the black box porn channel) and my parents didn't have it. So it was all fuzzy. Now and then you would catch some titties or some peen in-between riffles of fuzziness, so funny.

Lucy Vonne: Are you into girls off camera as well?

Kylee Kross: ehhhh I love woman they are beautiful. I’m down to fuck them but could never handle dating a replica of me or anyone of my female friends. It would most likely end in a death over a fight about who used the last tampon.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you tend to get into fights with strippers even fist fights. Tell me about your favorite one?

Kylee Kross: Omg... seriously I don’t think this will ever stop. Yes I’ve been in a few scuffles aka me beating a bitch down over something retarded at one of my clubs. Honestly I just don’t stand for shit. I grew up always having to stick up for my self because of my crazy family or just being different. And I’ve learned how to end the shit talking for good. Hit a bitch in the mouth piece. My favorite one has to be me and this huge fat white bitch who ate my slice of pizza while I was on stage. I politely came in the back room of Hott 22 and asked who ate my pizza, not something to fight over just curious who owned me 2 bones. Well she stood up and got in my face. Her name was Bessy, come on a fat girl named Bessy??? Really?? Anyways I speared her ass naked before she could say more than 5 words.

Lucy Vonne: Do people you went to high school with ever try to talk to you know who used to not just because you are in porn?

Kylee Kross: So many people "hated" me and had so much to say when I started, like really hateful things. I pretty much moved from Florida because of being harassed and attacked at shows, or at parties. Even some of my best friends at first were really hurtful and the worst part I just didn't understand why. Go on a few rad tours, make friends with some famous people, marry a dude in a big band and everyone magically comes back and I’m the raddest girl ever. But you know what I don’t even care. I’m just glad small-minded people finally realized it’s not a big deal. It’s just my job like being a plumber or doctor... I save lives and smell shit sometimes.

Lucy Vonne: What does 2010 look like for Kylee, and big projects?

Kylee Kross: hmmm I’ll never tell they just to wait and see. :)

Lucy Vonne: Who do you want to have sex with that you haven't yet?

Kylee Kross: hmmmmmm............ Dan Smith (tattooer) and Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) both at the same time would be great! Those are my huge crushes at the moment and for the past few years. Do you think this interview will make it happen?

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to all your adoring fans out there?

Kylee Kross: I really love all of you guys. It means a lot to have the support you give me. If you stop watching I’ll have to stop fucking so don’t please! muawh.
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