Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Big It's Black It's Jack Vol. 8 Review

Do you like things that are big and black? Then I’m sure you must know Jack, the man behind “It’s Big, It’s Black, It’s Jack!” series. Now onto volume 8 he is still rounding up the ladies to take on his giant penis. If you are a fan of his series then I’m sure you will not be disappointed with this. Me on the other hand was not really a fan of this movie. Just didn’t do anything for me and I got a little bored at times because of that. But like I said it wasn’t a crappy movie so you very well might enjoy it.

He interviews the girls before each scene, which can be cute but it went on for too long each time. It was kind of like lets get to the sex already! There was too much talking for me. I want to see people banging!

Katie Cummings was cute while getting pounded like crazy. I love how her eyes roll back into her head; you know she is really into it. I wasn’t sure if Christine Michaels was going to be into it because she looked super nervous. They also talked about her boyfriend before the scene, which was random but she had a cream pie so high five to her.

Alex Love’s scene was nothing special. I did laugh when she swallowed because she made this weird face. Maybe Jack need’s to change his diet habits and eat something sweeter. Cover girl Charlotte Vale’s scene was kind of average too. Also wearing red lipstick for a porn scene is never a smart idea. It’s going to get all over your face like it did in this one, and it’s not pretty.

Scarlett Pain’s scene was the only interesting one only because after watching it I was like did that really just happen? She has great boobs but idiotic tattoos, but to each their own. She kept doing this wide-eyed look that was a little too much after awhile. I kept thinking she was just really surprised at what was going on. He picked her up to bang at one point, which was entertaining. But the greatest was at the end she was giving a bunch of shout outs to rappers, random.

Needless to say I won’t be watching this again, I was not turned on by the end of it. I just got bored at points. But if you like his stuff you will enjoy jerking off to this sexual movie.

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