Monday, January 25, 2010

Cumstains Vol. 10 Review

Raise your hand if you like cum! Well if cum is your thing and you like seeing it all over porn stars then you will like this movie. It is a compilation movie, which means they are all scenes from previous movies and no new material. So if you’ve seen a lot of Zero Tolerance you may see some repeats.

I kind of watched this movie differently then others. Meaning I kept a tally of a bunch of different aspects that I always see in porn. Mainly because there are so many scenes and not all are worth mentioning. I didn’t know too many of the girls. There were some big time ladies in it such as; Brooke Haven, Jenna Haze, Jada Fire, Eva Angelina, Lisa Ann and Lexi Love.

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I did keep a tally of how many times I saw the boys that I love. Scott Nails had 4 scenes, Mr. Pete had 3 scenes and James Deen only had 2. I would of liked to see more of him. Mick Blue showed up from when he had hair back in the day. All super hot guys that I love to watch. Since I do watch/review so much porn I can tell whom a guy is sometimes with out seeing his face. I spotted Tommy Gunn in 3 scenes because he always wears the same rings on his fingers and his body is built. I noticed Tom Byron 2 times because of his Speedo tan. I’m not knocking the Speedo tan it highlights his booty. But on the downside I did count 6 really hairy penises, those I could have done with ouut. One guy who was doing DP with Jessica Jammer looked really uncomfortable the whole time. He might have been scared of all that was going on.

I always notice the random things and like to point those out. One girl had a big pimple on her nose and two girls had really bad boob job scars. It’s called make up ladies, use it. One girl was giving a handjob and was constantly moaning. OK giving a handjob is not something that in anyway promotes moaning from the girl. Is your clit on your hand, come on. I don’t buy it.

There are a few fetishes mixed in for you freaky people. Footjobs are always interesting to watch. There were a lot of scenes with oil. But a few times the guy’s penis is covered in oil and the girl gets is all in her mouth. That can’t be healthy. Let hope some porn stars don’t drop dead from ingesting too much oil. There were also about 4 cream pie scenes. I’m always scared when they push the cum out, especially anal ones because I don’t want anything else to come out. That would not be good. One girl’s ass looked like a sea monster all contracting with cum coming out of it.

It was nothing spectacular but it was chock full of cum all over ladies. So if you want to get right down to business then this would be a good movie for you.

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