Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ask Lucy Vonne: Nylon Fetish

Dear Lucy Vonne:
I am not sure if its a sex question, or not, but here goes: I am an avid leg man, that being said, I very much....and I mean VERY much love stockings, nylons etc etc....I am a huge fan of burlesque model/entertainer Dita VonTeese if that gives any type of insight. I was hoping you, as a woman, could shed some light on the reason why women choose to NOT wear nylons? I find them very sexy and when my partners in the past have chosen to wear them when were intimate, its been a great turn on. However, recently some of my occasional meetings with women have been very disturbing, they have went above and beyond in the bedroom and wore sexy lingerie but no stockings....and yes, they all know my penchant for them. I was told one time by a girl that she didn't like putting them on because it "takes too much time, and they always end up on the floor or ruined anyway." I think thats a bit shameful, and also a bit selfish. I go out of my way to treat each and every one of the ladies as if she were the most special woman in the world when I'm with them, and no, I dont mean and quick burger at a fast food joint and a cheap movie at the dollar shows, I think that would be horrible of me. Anyway, if you would just shed a bit of light on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated.

You are wonderful!
Luv ya

Dear Jim,
You are right in that a lot of women don't wear nylons in the bedroom and I happen to be one of them. Unless of course someone asked me to and then of course I would. It's more of an old fashioned style that you don't see too many people wearing today. The only time I have seen people with them on is like you said burlesque or when someone goes all out dressing up in the bedroom. There is no real reason why women don't wear them that I know of. Just might not be their thing.

But if a girl really doesn't like them I wouldn't pressure her into wearing them. Yes they do look good but sometimes can be uncomfortable. I know for a fact that if I was wearing a nice pair and there was a chance they could get ruined I would not want that to happen. It's not really a popular fetish that a lot of people get turned on by which is why you probably don't come across too many people who also like it. But if it was me personally I would want to please and turn on the person I was with would do things like that for him. Maybe you just aren't finding the right lady who is willing to go all out. Perhaps next time you can gift the lady a pair that are ok to get beat up a little and just emphasize how much you do enjoy them. I have no doubt in my mind you will find someone who is willing to act this out with you.

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