Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sloppy Head 2 Review

I love to give blowjobs, I really do. Apparently all these ladies love to give them too and they don’t care if they make a mess of it. I’m not just talking a little spit here and there; these lady and cock combos get supper sloppy. For me if it gets too messy I lose my lady boner because I personally don’t think it is sexy. Plus after watching blowjobs for so long I’m left with wanting more. But for you blowjob fanatics out there you will be entertained with this movie from beginning to end.

These girls were so good at their job sometimes the guys came twice. Or they just really love giving blowjobs they didn’t want to stop and kept going. Angelina Valentine was biting the guy’s balls, which he seemed to very much enjoy. Lexi Love shoved her whole hand in her mouth before making the guy cum twice. Mia Lina also got the guy to cum twice but she really needs to work on her blowjobs skills because it was one of the most boring scenes.

I didn’t like how I only saw the penis on the guy. Yes I know this is more about the blowjobs and all you really need to see is the penis but I would have liked to see the guys sometimes. I believe I spotted Manuel Ferrara a few times because of the size of the penis and the fact it was uncircumcised. That might be a sign I watch too much porn when I can guess the guy by the shape of his penis. I did not enjoy looking at the guy Kelly Devine was with because he had some nice man boobs going on. Lola and Andy San Dimas held their own against the hairy guys they had to blow. All kept it sloppy though.

Nikki Hunter kept her blowjob entertaining by motor boating his balls that actually made me laugh. Kristina Rose and Roxy Jezel kept things interesting by blowing two different guys. You need to spice things up, after awhile all blowjobs look the same and the variety kept things moving.

Blowjobs are fun! Blowjobs are cool! Wanna see some good ones, get this movie.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Big It's Black It's Jack Vol. 8 Review

Do you like things that are big and black? Then I’m sure you must know Jack, the man behind “It’s Big, It’s Black, It’s Jack!” series. Now onto volume 8 he is still rounding up the ladies to take on his giant penis. If you are a fan of his series then I’m sure you will not be disappointed with this. Me on the other hand was not really a fan of this movie. Just didn’t do anything for me and I got a little bored at times because of that. But like I said it wasn’t a crappy movie so you very well might enjoy it.

He interviews the girls before each scene, which can be cute but it went on for too long each time. It was kind of like lets get to the sex already! There was too much talking for me. I want to see people banging!

Katie Cummings was cute while getting pounded like crazy. I love how her eyes roll back into her head; you know she is really into it. I wasn’t sure if Christine Michaels was going to be into it because she looked super nervous. They also talked about her boyfriend before the scene, which was random but she had a cream pie so high five to her.

Alex Love’s scene was nothing special. I did laugh when she swallowed because she made this weird face. Maybe Jack need’s to change his diet habits and eat something sweeter. Cover girl Charlotte Vale’s scene was kind of average too. Also wearing red lipstick for a porn scene is never a smart idea. It’s going to get all over your face like it did in this one, and it’s not pretty.

Scarlett Pain’s scene was the only interesting one only because after watching it I was like did that really just happen? She has great boobs but idiotic tattoos, but to each their own. She kept doing this wide-eyed look that was a little too much after awhile. I kept thinking she was just really surprised at what was going on. He picked her up to bang at one point, which was entertaining. But the greatest was at the end she was giving a bunch of shout outs to rappers, random.

Needless to say I won’t be watching this again, I was not turned on by the end of it. I just got bored at points. But if you like his stuff you will enjoy jerking off to this sexual movie.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucy Vonne Gets Interview by GT XXXtreme!

It's still funny to me when people want to interview me and get to know me. I'm some what used to it now and can anticipate what they are going to ask and always have a lot of fun with it. My latest interview is a good one! Check it out now on GT XXXtreme!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cumstains Vol. 10 Review

Raise your hand if you like cum! Well if cum is your thing and you like seeing it all over porn stars then you will like this movie. It is a compilation movie, which means they are all scenes from previous movies and no new material. So if you’ve seen a lot of Zero Tolerance you may see some repeats.

I kind of watched this movie differently then others. Meaning I kept a tally of a bunch of different aspects that I always see in porn. Mainly because there are so many scenes and not all are worth mentioning. I didn’t know too many of the girls. There were some big time ladies in it such as; Brooke Haven, Jenna Haze, Jada Fire, Eva Angelina, Lisa Ann and Lexi Love.

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I did keep a tally of how many times I saw the boys that I love. Scott Nails had 4 scenes, Mr. Pete had 3 scenes and James Deen only had 2. I would of liked to see more of him. Mick Blue showed up from when he had hair back in the day. All super hot guys that I love to watch. Since I do watch/review so much porn I can tell whom a guy is sometimes with out seeing his face. I spotted Tommy Gunn in 3 scenes because he always wears the same rings on his fingers and his body is built. I noticed Tom Byron 2 times because of his Speedo tan. I’m not knocking the Speedo tan it highlights his booty. But on the downside I did count 6 really hairy penises, those I could have done with ouut. One guy who was doing DP with Jessica Jammer looked really uncomfortable the whole time. He might have been scared of all that was going on.

I always notice the random things and like to point those out. One girl had a big pimple on her nose and two girls had really bad boob job scars. It’s called make up ladies, use it. One girl was giving a handjob and was constantly moaning. OK giving a handjob is not something that in anyway promotes moaning from the girl. Is your clit on your hand, come on. I don’t buy it.

There are a few fetishes mixed in for you freaky people. Footjobs are always interesting to watch. There were a lot of scenes with oil. But a few times the guy’s penis is covered in oil and the girl gets is all in her mouth. That can’t be healthy. Let hope some porn stars don’t drop dead from ingesting too much oil. There were also about 4 cream pie scenes. I’m always scared when they push the cum out, especially anal ones because I don’t want anything else to come out. That would not be good. One girl’s ass looked like a sea monster all contracting with cum coming out of it.

It was nothing spectacular but it was chock full of cum all over ladies. So if you want to get right down to business then this would be a good movie for you.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Onye Vibrator

My vagina gets the finer things in life. Which is very important when picking out toys to play with. The Onye vibrator is a cute little high end vibe that hits the spot. It's so lady like, and my vagina is a lady after all. It's tiny and discrete, only about 4.5" by 1.125". It has a plastic shell with a band of silicone to make gripping it easy. This thing will not slip out of your hand at the crucial moments. It comes in a very lovely storage box that is lined with silk. No one would ever know what the box was for if they saw it sitting on your night-stand. Unless of course they were at my house, people think things are toys that aren't even close to it.

It packs a good punch when it vibrates too. It has about 8 functions that are straight vibe and a variety of pulsations. I like the straight vibe so I went right for that and got right down to work. It makes a great clitoral stimulator. The tip is a good size to hit a nice amount of area. I wouldn't really recommend using it for internal because it's really not that long enough. But it is the right size to tease yourself with and insert a little of it inside you. However when ever I have toys like that it always leaves me wanting something inside me. Then I have to get one of my bigger toys out. But for clitoral it definitely gets the job done!

It's easy to travel with and only takes 3 AAA batteries. It fits nicely in my purse so I can always be ready for any orgasm cravings I may have. It's not really noisy either, which is nice, but I wouldn't say it is silent. Makes a great gift, since the romance season is coming upon us!

Did you know; Sex toys provided by home of the biggest selection of vibrators online.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AEE Interviews For Smutlife

Not only did I conjure up some madness at the AEE for Popporn but I also did some stuff for my boys at Smutlife! I wandered around with them and got some really good interviews. They were a lot of fun!

To watch all my awesome interviews click read more.

Me and my adorable and sexy boyfriend Brian Street Team.

They cut out me motor boating Courtney Cummz!

I heart T.I.T.S.!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Operation Tropical Stormy Review

Stormy’s follow up to Operation Desert Stormy came through and delivered on many levels. It was really funny. And not just stupid porn funny but had some classic moments. But that’s true because there were some really good people who know what they were doing in this movie. Directing, editing, scenery etc were all really good.

The men were my favorite part of this movie which is no surprise coming from me because I heart the male porn stars. Well not all of them, there are some scary ones out there. But the main ones in this movie are dear to my heart.

Evan Stone can do no wrong in my eyes, unless it’s an ugly girl. I love watching him. He replaces Steven St. Croix as Stormy’s character’s husband. They said he needed an identify change to get away with a new actor. Evan was hilarious and has a giant penis he used many times. Lucky Stormy gets a piece of it while they are riding around on a boat. It was a really hot scene. Best part was when she is sitting at the very front of the boat while he eats her out. Even also takes part in an orgy with a group of cannibals. Thankfully no one’s penis was eaten.

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The other men who make this movie are the dynamic duo of Marcus London and Tony De Sergio. They are back as the studly secret agents ready to fight bad guys and bang ladies. Lucky them get to tackle Stormy for her first boy/boy/girl scene. I’d like to be the meat in that sandwich. Stormy takes those two penises like it’s nothing. Really good scene that gave me lady wood. They were also really funny and have this chemistry that makes them fun to watch and work well together. Plus there is a great scene where Tony is running around in that Borat style green bathing suit, amazing!

The supporting actors all did a good job. Randy Spears is the sex charged boss who likes his blond assistants big and busty. Tommy Gunn plays some evil guy but I was only paying attention to him when he was naked. His body is rock hard. You could bounce a quarter off his pecs. I would like to bounce my vagina off his penis.

Sammie Rhodes is a scene-stealer as the lab assistant who get’s into Stormy’s vagina. Nina Hartley makes a cameo as the Queen of England who apparently has quite the bush going on. I wonder if that is really true about the queen.

Then of course there is Stormy. The one-woman powerhouse behind this whole production. I would like to give her a high five for what a great job she did. Plus her acting/comedy chops were pretty good. I wish I always looked that good after washing up on shore after a ship wreck. But I always enjoy her movies and this was no exception.

This was pretty much a regular movie that just happens to have sex in it. I never say that about porn movies, which is a really good thing. I will definitely be watching this movie again. I get I could trick my mom into watching it. Although she knows me so will probably know what I’m up to.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kylee Kross Is Back! Interview With My Favorite Come Back Girl!

I'm just going to put this out there, I have a girl crush on Kylee Kross. I met her right before NYE and she is a wicked cool girl. She was in town to film her come back scenes for her upcoming entrance back into the world of porn on Burning Angel. She is awesome and I'm so glad she is banging dudes on camera again. Lucky me she agreed to let me grill her on a few things about her life and porn. I love how open and honest she is. I have to go to Philly soon and visit her so we can cause some trouble!

Click read more to read my interview with this saucy siren and to view some naughty pics!

Lucy Vonne: How is it being back in the porn world?

Kylee Kross: It’s been great. I’m really excited to be back and fucking on film. I have to say I’ve missed it way too much. I’ve missed my Burning Angel family a lot. Words can’t really sum it up.

Lucy Vonne: You took a break from porn for a few years, what have you been up to?

Kylee Kross: I was married and in love. Silly right? Great man. Just we were not meant for each other. So I guess you could say a lot of retail management, baking, cooking and cleaning. hahaha

Lucy Vonne: Being one of the original Burning Angel girls how does it make you feel to see how much the company has grown?

Kylee Kross: I have to say it makes me feel great. Like I had something to do with it you know? When it started and I was one of the first girls, I don’t think any of us knew what we were doing. We just wanted to have fun and fuck and that turned into something irreplaceable. Now to see the site with so many beautiful girls and so many amazing members it makes me feel all harm inside. :)

Lucy Vonne: How did you end up in porn?

Kylee Kross: I tried out for Burning Angel when I was about 18-19 and they took me under their wing. I started doing photo sets and when BA decided to make their first movie they asked me to be in it and I was honored. The rest is history!!

Lucy Vonne: Are you good at riding your bike when drunk?

Kylee Kross: hahahah Absolutely not, as I’m sure you have heard. I am known for falling off my bike drunk. Ask any of my friends. I have bruises and broken nails to prove it.

Lucy Vonne: Are you doing anything else besides Burning Angel these days?

Kylee Kross: Other than shaking my shitter at Daydreams in Philly PA for those singles no way. BA TILL DEATH. You like that work name drop there? Come see me folks! Get a lap-dance!! Hah!

Lucy Vonne: What are your big come back scenes going to be?

Kylee Kross: Well I’m doing a 3 some with the infamous James Deen and the silly Brian Street Team. Some anal pounding, double dick sucking and pussy fucking. You know only the classy stuff for me.

Lucy Vonne: You are a big music fan, what are some of your favorite bands?

Kylee Kross: jeeeeeze ok.......... so many American Nightmare, Cursive, Elliot Smith, Polar Bear Club, Gas Light Anthem, Have Heart, Bane, Slap Shot, Cro-mags, Agnostic Front, Death Cab, Sigur Ros, The Menzingers, Taylor Swift, The Sidekicks, Gallows, Mum, Kid Dynamite, Old Crow Medicine Show, Bad Religion, Nofx, Alkaline Trio, The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams, Saves The Day, Sage Francis, Trick Taddy, Bone Thugs, fuck I could go on for hours seriously. This is just on rotation currently I love music. It makes me feel lifted; it’s definitely my medication for life and shittyness.

Lucy Vonne: What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have on your body?

Kylee Kross: I have like 5 upside down cross tattoos, drop dead on my knuckles and straight pimpin' on the back of my calves.

Lucy Vonne: What were you like as a child?

Kylee Kross: Out of my mind. I feel bad for my grandmother; she raised me. She will say I was a gem. But I got in my fair share of trouble. I recall being super bratty, upfront, real and demanding... not much has changed ha!

Lucy Vonne: Do you remember what your first encounter with porn was when you were younger?

Kylee Kross: Yeah I do oddly enough. I believe I was 10 and my friend and I would watch channel 79 and 80 (the black box porn channel) and my parents didn't have it. So it was all fuzzy. Now and then you would catch some titties or some peen in-between riffles of fuzziness, so funny.

Lucy Vonne: Are you into girls off camera as well?

Kylee Kross: ehhhh I love woman they are beautiful. I’m down to fuck them but could never handle dating a replica of me or anyone of my female friends. It would most likely end in a death over a fight about who used the last tampon.

Lucy Vonne: I hear you tend to get into fights with strippers even fist fights. Tell me about your favorite one?

Kylee Kross: Omg... seriously I don’t think this will ever stop. Yes I’ve been in a few scuffles aka me beating a bitch down over something retarded at one of my clubs. Honestly I just don’t stand for shit. I grew up always having to stick up for my self because of my crazy family or just being different. And I’ve learned how to end the shit talking for good. Hit a bitch in the mouth piece. My favorite one has to be me and this huge fat white bitch who ate my slice of pizza while I was on stage. I politely came in the back room of Hott 22 and asked who ate my pizza, not something to fight over just curious who owned me 2 bones. Well she stood up and got in my face. Her name was Bessy, come on a fat girl named Bessy??? Really?? Anyways I speared her ass naked before she could say more than 5 words.

Lucy Vonne: Do people you went to high school with ever try to talk to you know who used to not just because you are in porn?

Kylee Kross: So many people "hated" me and had so much to say when I started, like really hateful things. I pretty much moved from Florida because of being harassed and attacked at shows, or at parties. Even some of my best friends at first were really hurtful and the worst part I just didn't understand why. Go on a few rad tours, make friends with some famous people, marry a dude in a big band and everyone magically comes back and I’m the raddest girl ever. But you know what I don’t even care. I’m just glad small-minded people finally realized it’s not a big deal. It’s just my job like being a plumber or doctor... I save lives and smell shit sometimes.

Lucy Vonne: What does 2010 look like for Kylee, and big projects?

Kylee Kross: hmmm I’ll never tell they just to wait and see. :)

Lucy Vonne: Who do you want to have sex with that you haven't yet?

Kylee Kross: hmmmmmm............ Dan Smith (tattooer) and Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) both at the same time would be great! Those are my huge crushes at the moment and for the past few years. Do you think this interview will make it happen?

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to all your adoring fans out there?

Kylee Kross: I really love all of you guys. It means a lot to have the support you give me. If you stop watching I’ll have to stop fucking so don’t please! muawh.
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Vegas Hangover

Well as you can see I haven't posted anything this week and for a somewhat good reason, at least I'm claiming it is. Last Wednesday I flew to Vegas for the AEE and AVN awards and got home Sunday. Since then I have been trying to get back into the swing of things and recovering. I basically had a hangover from Vegas. Which is understandable because I was up really late and then waking up early and having some drinks here and there. But it was a complete blast and I had so much fun.

I went out there with Popporn with pretty much one job at hand, to interview/harass all the male porn stars. Best job ever! I got a good bunch of men to play with. I even got most of them to make out with me, all in a hard days work. My favorite interview was, big surprise, Brian Street Team. He was one of the main reasons my trip was so awesome. I like him, he likes me and what do you know..... he is now my boyfriend. This is probably the happiest I have been in a long time. He is such a super sweet guy and completely gets me and I get him. I can't stop smiling!

I know you are thinking how will this work, we live on opposite ends of the United States? Well at the end of next month I will be moving my butt to the warm sunny area of LA. Yep I'm leaving NYC for a new beginning. I have always wanted to move out west and I'm finally up and doing it. Plus I have a hot and sexy boyfriend out there which is the icing on the cake or seamen on the face, which ever you prefer.

But back to Vegas. I also did interviews on the red carpet of the award show, which was so much fun! Went to a bunch of parties and met tons of people. Hopefully one of the wonderful people I met are going to offer me a job when I move out there. But I have so much to do before I move! Must sell all my furniture and save money. For those of you who are feeling generous there just so happens to be a donate button on the side of the page where you can give me money to help me move! No pressure but it would make me a happy girl!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Porn Stud of the Week: Wolf Hudson Chats With Lucy Vonne

Wolf Hudson is one of the most interesting guys in porn today. And I'm not just talking straight porn either. This man is a gay porn icon. They all love him and his pretty penis. And it's not just the men who love him, the ladies go crazy over his gorgeous looks! He recently began more of a career in the straight side of porn and I certainly think that was a great move! He is pretty much up for anything in the bedroom. Not only does he have quite the moves in the bed room but he kills on the dance floor. This man has many talents, one of which is turning the ladies on!

To read my interview with this sexy stud click read more.

Lucy Vonne: Why do they call you the king of kink?

Wolf Hudson: Mostly due for my kinky nature in film. I don't have limits when it comes to doing stuff on film and I do EVERYTHING! A fan of mine came up to me and said how much he like my work and called me "The King of Kink", I like it and named by blog just that. It was one of those things that caught on and it a part of who I am now. Some think the title is also because I do a lot of BDSM porn, especially because I work a lot for and where I gained most of my notoriety. It’s kinda cool.

Lucy Vonne: I heard a story about you and milk enemas, can you elaborate on that?

Wolf Hudson: Director John Stagliano guest directed for's "Men In Pain". Its funny cause they asked me "Are comfortable with girls squirting on you?". I said yes. Then they asked, "Are you okay with girls squirting milk out their ass?" and I'm like "Ummm... sure!". I have never tried it, but I was intrigued. My scene partners were Dana DeArmond and Flower Tucci, who were both amazing girls. I had no idea what to expect and when it happened, I was both shocked and thrilled. I love experimenting with new things and the scene turned out HOT in my opinion. Turns out the clip was included in Evil Angels "Buttman's Oddyssey".

Lucy Vonne: Tell me about your dance background?

Wolf Hudson: I've always like the art of dance, but was too afraid to try it out. As the years passed by, my hunger for it accelerated to a boiling point. I finally joined a Hip-Hop dance troupe in High School and dancing came very natural to me. I was able to express myself like never before and felt it was my calling. In many ways, I was able to break out of my shell and show people what I'm about. I am more in tune with my body and even my sexuality because of it. I love entertaining people and the energy I get from them makes me want to dance better and I give that energy back to them. It’s an amazing feeling! I looked up to people like Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, James Brown. But my biggest influence was Michael Jackson.

Lucy Vonne: You began your career in gay porn but you identify as heterosexual. Why gay porn?

Wolf Hudson: Actually, I began my career in straight porn and it was a girl who advised me to enter gay porn because I could make so much more money. I had no interest at first, but I gave it thought and tried it out and she was right. I make triple or more money in gay than in straight, which to me is kinda bizarre. In my personal life I am exclusively attracted to woman, but my level of bisexuality is only towards film. I don't have a problem getting into that mind frame at all because I am very comfortable with myself. I never go into a gay shoot and promote my sexuality, because 1. It’s no one's business and 2. I am there to do a job and be professional. I classify myself as a "Sexualist". A lot of people have a problem understanding this and I get that, but the way I see it, if I'm not hurting anyone and I'm only entertaining, then what's the big deal?

Lucy Vonne: What made you want to start a career in straight porn?

Wolf Hudson: What's not to like? I get paid to have sex with beautiful woman. With porn in general, I first wanted to make money and be my own boss, then I wanted the fame and now I see myself really making a long term career out of this. I have two different audiences with gay and straight and I want to reach out to as many people as possible. I find that I am in my natural element in straight porn and I know the territory much more with girls.

Lucy Vonne: Has that transition been hard to make?

Wolf Hudson: Yes! It’s not the easiest thing to do whatsoever, but I believe in hard work and I work very hard at what I do. I've made the right connections and maintained my professionalism. There's a lot of politics in both sides of the industry and very difficult to break down the doors that make it difficult for a male performer to do both sides, but I try to stay positive and know that I am doing something that is right and hopefully I can open the doors for other male performers and not have the stigma behind them. I will keep fighting the good fight until the day I decide to retire... I don't take no for an answer. LOL

Lucy Vonne: How is the contract with Cock Boys going and what does that entail for you?

Wolf Hudson: I already made the decision to take a break from doing DVD work and moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to pursue other venues. I did my second shoot for them while in LA and they were all very impressed with my work ethic. I met up with Kyle Majors, the owner of CockyBoys, at the Cybersocket Awards and he flat out said, "I want to sign you now!". I told him I was not interested, but he would not take no for an answer. We talked for a bit and gave them my demand and one of them was that I had to be given liberty to do straight porn. In the end he made me a deal I could not refuse and got everything that I asked for and more. So far, it’s been one of the best decisions I've made. They are all very supportive of what I do and gave me a vote of confidence in bringing something new to the plate. I was surprised they signed me because I don't have classic good looks, I'm not the boy next door, but Kyle said he liked my edginess and raw sexual attitude. So far, it’s going very good and its only the beginning stages of our partnership. I was also signed on as the studios first director so I'm calling the shots with coming up with idea's and making the content a little edgier. I think it’s awesome! It was no secret that I wanted to go that route in my career. It’s great to see thing from the other side and put in my dirty thoughts in front of the camera. I get to shoot it in the way I like to watch sex and love the fact that I can work with the model and bring out a new type of energy to their side. It was a little tough at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. I have an amazing crew with me and they help me out so much. I feel its a collaborative effort and everyone has a voice to put in what they think will make the scene look hot. And that's what it’s all about, making hot scenes for people to enjoy and have fun with. I have so many ideas and plans for the future and with this new opportunity; I can finally strut my stuff and really push the envelope as much as I can.

Lucy Vonne: What book are you reading right now and why did you pick it up?

Wolf Hudson: I haven't read a good book in over a year, but that will change cause I love to read. One of my favorite books is one my older brother gave me called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". I highly recommend anyone picking up a copy. But I need to get my butt back into a bookstore and check to material.

Lucy Vonne: What do you have for tattoo work and is there meaning behind any of them?

Wolf Hudson: I currently have 3 tattoos. 2 of them are dragons and for them, dragons are powerful, smart and highly independent. They are also outsiders and misunderstood and I can identify with that. I've always been different all my life and I feel dragons best represent my sensibilities. I also have a "Wolf". I got that for obvious reasons, but I really dig the attitude and family mentality they represent.... wolves stick together. I stick by my peoples 100% and support and don't judge my friends and family. All my tattoo have a little bit of me and I'm not done with the art work, but I have to make sure its what I want and not just something that looks good.

Lucy Vonne: What is a typical day like for you?

Wolf Hudson: Honestly, it’s either shooting or working from home. The rest of the time I am a homebody. I do go to the gym and go out with friends, but over the years I've become more comfortable being a homebody. I've done so much throughout my youth that I don't feel the need to constantly push myself into doing so much everyday. I rarely go out to clubs or bars because I don't drink. Drinking is not apart of my life anymore and I've always associated clubbing with drinking. But when my friends call to hang out, I can't say no. I just live my life and its pretty good right now, I can't complain. I've living the life most kids my age don't get the chance to experience.

Lucy Vonne: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid and why?

Wolf Hudson: OMG Ninja Turtles all the way and Looney Tunes for sure. Those are classics. I have more toons that I like, but those stand out when I was growing up.

Lucy Vonne: Doing what you do, do you find it hard to date?

Wolf Hudson: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It really all depends on the situation. If I just want to fuck, then it’s not that hard, but if I'm looking for something more, then it becomes tricky to handle. I actually just came out of a VERY bad relationship and it had to do with being in the biz. I wish it had ended better, but it is what it is. I've actually tried not dating within porn, but I find that dating regular civilians to be a challenge. People in porn are more open minded and understanding and I'm more open these days to dating a porn star. I know dating someone in porn is hard, but it doesn't make us less human cause we do it. We are all looking for the same thing just like everyone else.

Lucy Vonne: How do girls react to your job?

Wolf Hudson: As soon as I'm asked what I do for a living I am honest and tell them. Most of the time they are TOTALLY turned on by what I do. Thy start asking questions about what I do and how I do it. I'm upfront about what I do and let them know that I won't be sad if they don't want anything to do with me, but if something happens, I want them to be completely honest about their feelings. It hurts when you're involved with someone and later on they start giving you grief about doing porn. I have to say that I've gotten laid so much more because I do porn. Maybe they want to experience how an adult performer fucks, I don't know.

Lucy Vonne: What upcoming projects do you have that you are really excited about?

Wolf Hudson: I have 2 movie and that I am really excited about. One of them is Vivid-Alt's "Rise Doll Rise". It’s the sequel to Eon McKai's "The Doll Underground" and my scene partner was the beautiful Andy San Dimas. MY GOD the woman is HOT! I wanted to work with her for a while and I think we made and explosive scene. The other film is Bruce LaBruce's "L.A. Zombie" with Fran├žois Sagat. It’s a zombie thriller and its out of this world. It’s my first feature film and one of the dirtiest films I've ever shot. There is a trailer on youtube and the website is already up,

Lucy Vonne: You are very up to date on all the social networking sites. Do you find them helpful in your career and keeping in touch with fans?

Wolf Hudson: ABSOLUTELY! I started doing porn on the internet and I knew early in my career that it was the direction I needed to take. Its now obvious that internet porn is doing really good. I love that I can connect with my fans via social networks and keep them up to date with what I do. Twitter is my coffee; I HAVE to have it everyday and I can get very personal with my thoughts. Networking has been key and getting to know people in the industry in ways I couldn't have imagined. For instance, I am a huge fan of Belladonna, but she didn't know who I was. Through Twitter, mutual fans of ours would link us and say how much they would love to see us do a scene together. Some view me as the "Male-Belladonna" cause we both experiment on film and mind fuck people. She saw this and contacted me. She invited me to her radio show and she said how intrigued she was about me and wants to do a scene together. That's one of the best things about social sites; it connects you with so many people and brings great opportunities.

Lucy Vonne: What would you like to say to all your adoring fans out there?

Wolf Hudson: I love you all and thank you for all you're unconditional support. I love making hot films for you guys and hope to continue turning you on any chance I get. I really wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my fans!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ask Lucy Vonne: Nylon Fetish

Dear Lucy Vonne:
I am not sure if its a sex question, or not, but here goes: I am an avid leg man, that being said, I very much....and I mean VERY much love stockings, nylons etc etc....I am a huge fan of burlesque model/entertainer Dita VonTeese if that gives any type of insight. I was hoping you, as a woman, could shed some light on the reason why women choose to NOT wear nylons? I find them very sexy and when my partners in the past have chosen to wear them when were intimate, its been a great turn on. However, recently some of my occasional meetings with women have been very disturbing, they have went above and beyond in the bedroom and wore sexy lingerie but no stockings....and yes, they all know my penchant for them. I was told one time by a girl that she didn't like putting them on because it "takes too much time, and they always end up on the floor or ruined anyway." I think thats a bit shameful, and also a bit selfish. I go out of my way to treat each and every one of the ladies as if she were the most special woman in the world when I'm with them, and no, I dont mean and quick burger at a fast food joint and a cheap movie at the dollar shows, I think that would be horrible of me. Anyway, if you would just shed a bit of light on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated.

You are wonderful!
Luv ya

Dear Jim,
You are right in that a lot of women don't wear nylons in the bedroom and I happen to be one of them. Unless of course someone asked me to and then of course I would. It's more of an old fashioned style that you don't see too many people wearing today. The only time I have seen people with them on is like you said burlesque or when someone goes all out dressing up in the bedroom. There is no real reason why women don't wear them that I know of. Just might not be their thing.

But if a girl really doesn't like them I wouldn't pressure her into wearing them. Yes they do look good but sometimes can be uncomfortable. I know for a fact that if I was wearing a nice pair and there was a chance they could get ruined I would not want that to happen. It's not really a popular fetish that a lot of people get turned on by which is why you probably don't come across too many people who also like it. But if it was me personally I would want to please and turn on the person I was with would do things like that for him. Maybe you just aren't finding the right lady who is willing to go all out. Perhaps next time you can gift the lady a pair that are ok to get beat up a little and just emphasize how much you do enjoy them. I have no doubt in my mind you will find someone who is willing to act this out with you.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Porn Star Filled NYE!

So what did you all do on NYE? I hope you had a fun time. I had a pretty crazy insane night. I went to the NC-17 party at Lit that was hosted by Joanna Angel of Burning Angel. Who I hung out with a few times last week and she is super sweet. My date for the party was none other then the hottie and AVN Best Male Newcomer nominee Brian Street Team. I have had a huge crush on him ever since I first interviewed him for Porn Stud of the Week a while back. Finally met him in person this week and I am completely smitten. And I quote myself from my interview with him, "He seems like the kind of guy that would be hilarious and so much fun to hang out with and then take you home and bang the hell out of you." My predictions were correct.

So the party was insane and might have gotten a little out of control When I drink a lot I tend to flash the camera, which might have happened. Oh and there is photographic evidence of the madness of the night on Driven by Boredom. Just to warn you though these pictures are not safe for work. Also if you do not want to see me flashing the camera (mom and dad) do not look at them. But to top it all off I was informed today the party got written up on Fleshbot (also NSFW) and who's picture did they decide to use.... Out of all the porn stars there they picked my topless photo which of course has Brian Street Team in it. I actually think it's hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

So now I'm off to Vegas for the AVNs which is sure to be even more madness. I'll try not to flash as many people this time.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interview with Courtney Cummz

Courtney Cummz was so full of life when I talked to her. She put me in a better mood just by being so chipper and sweet. This little lady is all over the place these days doing signings and dancing. This week she will be at the AVN Awards and expo greeting her masses of adoring fans. I was lucky to get a few minutes of her time to chat about life, cooking and cartoons!

To read my interview the sexy siren click read more

Lucy Vonne: So how are you today, how’s life going?

Courtney Cummz: Life is wonderful. I’m just battling this sickness. I was on the road for a week and a half and I think I got sick along the way. So I’m just trying to take enough vitamin C to knock it out of my system.

Lucy Vonne: You were recently in New York to promote the t-shirts with the company T.I.T.S. how’d that go?

Courtney Cummz: Oh it was fabulous. T.I.T.S. is a really good company. It was a different market instead of just being the adult DVD world you know the strip club world it was more mainstream, which was really cool. So there were people coming out that I wasn’t sure if they were 18 or not and I was like are you sure I’m allowed to take pictures with them. And they said yeah you’re not selling porn you’re just signing autographs and taking a picture so it was a lot of fun. It was the first time I’ve ever signed in New York City.

Lucy Vonne: Did you do anything fun in New York? Have you been there before?

Courtney Cummz: Oh God yeah I’ve been to New York a lot. What did I do this time; I went to the Nutcracker which was really fun. I did a signing, before I went to New York I actually did a signing in New Hampshire at a little adult DVD shop. And after that I went to Florida and I did a swingers party. You know because I’m traveling all over the US and I’m shooting amateur style porn for swinger’s party and black on black and interracial for our company Black Ice and of course for Zero Tolerance, which is really cool. Which is also a brand new avenue for me as a director because I’m used to working with basically porn stars not wanna be porn stars, you know what I’m saying.

Lucy Vonne: You are doing a new line for the swingers DVDs and you are just looking for average people who just want to get on camera. Have you had a lot of luck with just finding people?

Courtney Cummz: Oh absolutely. I put it on my Myspace, my Twitter and my Facebook before it got deleted and I’ve met a lot of cool people. In fact this one guy I met off of Myspace he came four times in the scene.

Lucy Vonne: Oh wow.

Courtney Cummz: Yeah and he was this Asian guy. I always like to have a variety of people in my films so all nationalities because to me I love everybody. But I was looking through the pictures and I saw this guy and I was like you know what I want to use him. I don’t care about the size of his dick and I wont judge a book by his cover and I want to try him. And he had a little soul in him, like he had cornrows in his head and was a little gangster you know and I thought he looks like fun so I hired him. He came to set and he was so nervous and his face was turning red because he’s been a fan of mine for years. And yeah he did an awesome job. After he was finished working with everyone else I let him fuck me last and he came again and I was like wow this guy is like a total pro!

Lucy Vonne: What’s your favorite part about directing?

Courtney Cummz: My favorite part about directing would be I guess, would be the talent respects me. I’m also a performer and know what they are going through mentally and physically no matter what. It could be you know because I’ve been in the business for so long I just get it. Also the girls and guys just feel so much more comfortable with me you know because I’m not yelling at them saying, “You gotta to do this lets go, lets go!” It’s like, “Do you need a water, do you need anything?” Because some things for me, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. So I always try to make the talent feel comfortable and beautiful and sexy. I just respect them that’s all and in return I think I receive the same. Directing is a lot of fun; a lot of fun and the whole thing is to enjoy what you are doing. Yeah you might be in a little porn star mode too but I know it feels good I want you to cum I want you to cum for me.

Lucy Vonne: When you were in college you ended up working in a nudist resort, how did you get into working there?

Courtney Cummz: As a matter of fact I was eating a bagel and having a coffee at this coffee shop in Tampa, which is now closed and I was disappointed when I was there this last week, but yeah I was eating a bagel and drinking coffee and was looking through this magazine and thought yeah I’m going to try that. Cause I had quit my job at Applebees prior and I needed and new job and thought that I can do. And I’m so optimistic and open-minded anyways so I went there and I met this manager and he was a total asshole but I liked him because he was an asshole. I made him laugh and he hired me on the spot and then I started working there. It was awesome. At first I didn’t know what to think about it and I wouldn’t take off my top. I was like all right this is a little different and how do I get used to like their lifestyle. Then after I realized these people are just nudists, they want to be naked and live naked and enjoy life I mean I can get that. Then after I was there a little longer I realized wow these people actually swing too, what’s swinging? Got more involved with that and it just of escalated.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever go back and visit there?

Courtney Cummz: Oh yeah I was just there last week actually. I go there every 2 or 3 months. It’s called Caliente Nudist Resorts. I love them and they always take really good care of me. They have swinging parties like once a month on the 15th. I think like every month in the middle, like the second or third week. And it’s just a lot of fun and they have different costumes. The thing is with swinging and nudists even though they live nude when it’s time to party they dress up. Like porn stars, like strippers with their big high heels on with lots of sequins and color and its just so much fun. They are aggressive man. If they see fresh meat they are going to grab you, I love it.

Lucy Vonne: Your site was just nominated for site of the year from Xbiz, that’s got to be exciting.

Courtney Cummz: Yeah it’s really cool. You know the thing is with the websites in this business a lot of it is depending on the company you have your website on will determine the amount of traffic you will receive. A lot of my traffic is free traffic, which is from just typing and we can see that because we don’t really purchase a lot of traffic to come my way. What I mean, it’s basically just from me and all the promotions that I do and like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all the social networking sites. That’s how I get 75 percent of my traffic the other 25 percent is just from webmasters or whatever. I thought that was really cool because if you look on the Alexa rankings my site is not ranked as high as a lot of those other girls because their web company provides them a lot of traffic. So that’s kind of cool for me but I think with the website it’s a matter of who’s the most interactive with in their website. You know I get emails that say you have the most content on your website, you’re the only person who emails back and forth on their website other people just never email me back. I thought it was really cool.

Lucy Vonne: How often do you try and get on there and interact with fans?

Courtney Cummz: Every day.

Lucy Vonne: Do you ever get any crazy or strange messages?

Courtney Cummz: Yeah but that’s what I like about it. If they were just “Hey how are you, you are so beautiful,” it would be boring. I like it when they say “You know what I saw you shove a cucumber in your pussy so I tried in my butt,” or whatever you know. Like the guy tried it in his butt and it was funny and I liked it.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever had any crazy fan encounters like at conventions or anything?

Courtney Cummz: I’ve had several yes. A lot of people comment to me that I’m like a drug and they get addicted to me. Yeah I have, so I was doing this show for The Unit for CBS, it was on for mainstream. This guy was there and this was the first one I’ve ever experienced and he would just follow me and he just followed me like half way home. Like this guy’s crazy. He was telling me he was a photographer and I’m like, “Oh that’s cool,” he was an extra on the set that day. I was like, “Oh that’s cool that’s great.” I was just trying to be inspiring and positive and just telling him that’s good you know, “You should start your own business,” and things like that. He wants me to go to his apartment so he could take pictures of me, like creepy you know what I mean. He basically just followed me to my car and started yelling at me. Calling me a hooker and a whore. I’m like tell me something I’ve never heard before. Then he continued to follow me and I’m like oh my God this is crazy. So obviously I didn’t go directly home. I went to another place, hung out and then went home and that’s one of them. Others have sent me Osama Bin Ladin papers. These fans send me all sorts of different Build a Bear shit like all this crazy stuff. Then when you receive Osama Bin Ladin papers what are you going to do with that? I mean I just returned it, I returned to sender and he didn’t like that very much. He emailed my boss and told my boss that he wanted to return every single one of the DVDs he’s purchased of me. I’m like seriously dude you’re the one like calling my boss. This was calling Zero Tolerance talking to the receptionist for like an hour every day looking for me wanting to talk to me. Like really obsessed you know.

Lucy Vonne: Why would he even send you something like that?

Courtney Cummz: I don’t know, that’s what I was saying. Like most of the time everyone is really cool. Everyone’s nice and laid back and all about having fun and then there is 1% that’s fucking insane.

Lucy Vonne: I’m sure you are preparing for that with the AVNs coming up, are you going this year?

Courtney Cummz: Oh yes I am. I will actually be signing for T.I.T.S. for two days, 3-6 PM on Friday and Saturday. Hot Movies, which is the video on demand company I do a lot of signings for them, I will be signing I think it’s noon to 2 PM on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I’m signing for Sugar For Me booth, they are a really cool website. I don’t know if you’ve ever checked it out before.

Lucy Vonne: And you’ve been nominated again this year haven’t you?

Courtney Cummz: Yes mame for directing and performing, in the same movie I directed so its cool. I like the fan votes more then the AVNs but it’s cool.

Lucy Vonne: Are you a good cook?

Courtney Cummz: Yes I know my way around the kitchen mama!

Lucy Vonne: What’s your favorite thing to make?

Courtney Cummz: Turkey, I love to make turkey or a stuffed chicken like a whole chicken. I really like cooking those things. It’s so easy and I use awesome seasoning I get from Vallarta, which is a Latin market here in LA. You stick it inside the skin like you baste it with the baster and fill it up with the seasoning and then it just melts in your mouth, it’s delicious.

Lucy Vonne: That sounds really good.

Courtney Cummz: Mmm hmm where do you live?

Lucy Vonne: I live in New York.

Courtney Cummz: So you probably have Goya products.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah we do.

Courtney Cummz: Oh it’s the bomb you have to get it. It’s called marinade for pork or chicken or whatever, its delicious you will love it!

Lucy Vonne: Do you remember your first encounter with porn when you were little?

Courtney Cummz: Yes well actually I remember two when I was younger. We used to have those big satellite dishes you know what I’m talking about. I remember watching soft-core porn like its nothing. I’m sitting on the couch eating my popcorn watching a movie and my mom comes in and says, “What are you watching!?” I’m like, “What it’s just HBO mom.” It was like soft core Playboy or whatever. The other time my cousin and I used to go through my uncles playboy magazines because he used to have like stacks and stacks of them and we used to always look at them, it was really cool.

Lucy Vonne: If you weren’t doing porn what would you be doing?

Courtney Cummz: If I weren’t doing porn what would I be doing, um I couldn’t even tell you what I would be doing. Well right now I’m back in school. I go to school for psychology cause I want to be a psychotherapist or psychologist depending on how long. But yeah I don’t know, I would probably be married and have a kid by now. Unfortunately doing porn it’s hard to keep a relationship.

Lucy Vonne: What made you want to get into psychology?

Courtney Cummz: Well basically the sex part of it because of my fans. I see so many of them that are just great guys but they are insecure with their sexuality. I know this one guy who will watch porn but he doesn’t masturbate because he feels guilty for cumming with out his woman. His woman broke his heart or whatever and they broke up. So here’s this guy that can totally masturbate on his own but he feels guilty about it. Like he was cheating on his ex. I’m like but you’re not with her anymore. It’s just like all these crazy things that really do affect people. They are single and good looking and masturbate but can’t find that perfect person to be in a relationship with. So even though porn is looked at as a negative it’s nice to see how we help people. How we help so many different people like over weight people. Then we meet so many people with different issues like gas and over weight and skin disorders or handicap. It’s just crazy how many different types of people that we meet. So I just want to help them.

Lucy Vonne: So it’s hard dating and being a porn star at the same time?

Courtney Cummz: Oh yes definitely. I’m a strong woman. Men need a submissive well most men need a submissive woman and when it comes to my business I’m very very aggressive and I think that intimidates men.

Lucy Vonne: What is their usual reaction when you tell them you are a porn star and who you are?

Courtney Cummz: Well they want to know my name and then they want to find me and then they want to jack off to me and then they watch me and they become obsessed with Courtney Cummz and don’t want to know who I really am. After that I’m just like man where did we go wrong because we just met and you liked me and now you look at me differently. Like this sex symbol; like a sex object. I mean I want to fuck but you also got to get to know me for me, you know what I mean it’s hard.

Lucy Vonne: What was your favorite cartoon when you were little and why?

Courtney Cummz: Oh Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Care Bears, My Little Pony. I just love those damn little Smurfs man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I really used to like the turtles cereal. I don’t know I just really like cartoons, they are all happy. I actually just watched a cartoon the other day that was called happy trees or something like that but it’s all cute but then they like kill each other. It’s totally not what you would expect.

Lucy Vonne: What upcoming projects do you have that you are really excited about?

Courtney Cummz: I’m directing a new movie for Diabolic and like I said I’m also directing the amateur stuff and swinger stuff. We are going to be on tour a lot shooting stuff like the amateur sequences. That’s basically my excitement right now because I’m introducing so many new people to this industry. I’m glad they can experience it first with me because like I said I respect the individual and I try to lead them in the right direction. So if they do want to get into porn and this is something they want to build a career out of I’d rather mentor them then having a pimp mentor them. So yeah shooting, more dancing and my website of course.

Lucy Vonne: How often do you masturbate?

Courtney Cummz: I guess like twice a day depending on if I’m off or not. If I’m off I just sit in bed (laughs) and I go to town with it until the Hitachi burns me.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I’ve heard that happening before.

Courtney Cummz: Cause if you use it too much. Yeah it’s the bomb though.

Lucy Vonne: You know you can get attachments for it to make it internal too.

Courtney Cummz: I know I tried it the other day. It’s called the gonzo or something. It’s not that great. I mean I like it to cover the actually Hitachi part like the top head because what ever product it’s made out of it get so hot. But when you put the gonzo cover over it you don’t get burned and that really works. I don’t think it does that much for me on the inside because it’s just the vibration of it you know and I like when it moves. It doesn’t really move on the inside like the rabbit.

Lucy Vonne: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen on set?

Courtney Cummz: What the funniest thing, oh I was doing a scene with Carmen Luvana in Hawaii for Eden and Carmen inhaled my piercing, the ball. She’s eating my pussy and she fucking inhaled it. That has to be probably the craziest thing.

Lucy Vonne: It didn’t close up or anything, did someone have a extra ball you could put in there?

Courtney Cummz: Well she coughed it back up. Like she inhaled it and then just coughed it back up and it just flew out.

Lucy Vonne: What’s the best and worst thing about working in porn?

Courtney Cummz: The best thing is it teaches you to be a strong individual. I think it teaches you, you learn about business at a young age. You know most people at 35 don’t even know the business I know at whatever my age is now (laughs) you know what I’m saying. I think you learn a lot about business at a very young age. I think it’s good that you make a lot of money at a young age but I think you need to surround yourself with positive mentors to help you go in the right direction. Otherwise you could get into drugs or alcohol or whatever the case may be. I think there should be different girls who could help the new girls learn how to invest their money I really think that’s necessary. I think that there should be drug tests. Not for pot but drug tests for like meth and all the other things. Because these girls are so beautiful and they start smoking meth and I mean it’s horrible. Then they are just smoking crack and it’s like one thing after another. So I think drug tests should be mandatory, but on the other hand they get high as a scapegoat. Because it definitely takes a strong person. This business will eat you alive or it will help you become a super star, you choose.