Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Can Ask Lucy Vonne Questions!

I have always wanted to have a question and answer section. One of the best things about what I do is being able to help people and give advice about certain issues they may have. Or really just answer any questions you have about anything sex. So listen up, I want to hear from you. Ask me questions about anything sexual or anything you have seen on my site. Maybe something I mentioned you don't get and you want to know more. Perhaps you want more info on my fabulous porn studs of the week. Even if you want to ask me something about myself, ask away! You can email all questions to and please put "Ask Lucy Vonne" in the subject line. All questions will be published and answered on the site. I will not use any of your personal information out of consideration for your privacy. I will always answer all questions with respect and will never judge you on the subject matter. SO GET ASKING!

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I've recently discovered Jean Val Jean too and have been looking for some of his videos on the Internet and have been able to download some clips.

You mentioned his oral sex skills on your page. Do you remember any movie titles in particular where he gives good oral?

Regards, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

I'm so glad you have discovered Jean Val Jean. He seriously is my all time favorite male porn star. He does have amazing oral skills that I dream about all the time. He always displays them in any of his scenes but my favorites of him are pretty much all from Digital Playground. Hush is my all time favorite movie and he is in two scenes in that movie, which is actually the movie I discovered him in. There is also Island Fever 4 and Teagan Sexual Freak 2. Those are pretty much my favorites. The good things about those movies is even though Jean Val Jean isn't in all the scenes all the other guys are super hot and keep your lady juices flowing. Good luck in your search.

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