Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's A Good Holiday Gift?

ME HALF NAKED IN A CALENDAR! Ok yes I still have clothes on but it is a small pair of panties with a wet wife beater on that's cut so you can see my bra. Don't believe me, look below.

I'm hot right? Well so are all the other ladies in the calendar which makes it an awesome holiday buy. You know you need one. I happen to be the month of June. Summer months are always more fun and I felt I fit nicely there.

The theme of the calendar was sexual freedom and we were supposed to represent that in our photo. When it comes down to it sexual freedom to me is doing whatever the hell you want and being proud and not ashamed as you are doing it. I am God damn proud of where I have gotten myself and what I do with my life. I don't care what people say about me or if they judge me or won't talk to me because of what I do. Sucks for them because I'm pretty awesome person. Yes I'm still a person. Just because sex is my job does not make me any less of one. I'm just a litter more perverted then most. It's ok, my mom knows.

So basically by being who I am and living my life a certain way is my sexual freedom. And you can see that in my picture. I'm wearing a vibrator which is something that is very normal for me. I'm surrounded with porn and toys, pretty much how I spend my day. I would also like to mention my all time favorite porn is in the photo. Can you guess which one it is? But most of all I am happy, giant smile on my face. Sex makes me happy, my life makes me happy. I like being the one not afraid to talk about sex and turns things dirty. Let's face it, I will always be a pervert. But one you can still take home to meet your mom.

No need to click read more, BUY THE CALENDAR!

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JVJ-obsessed ;) said...

All time favourite porn? That's gotta be Hush with THE Sex God, right? ;p I lurve that, too!!!