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Kimber James Interview

Kimber James is absolutely beautiful! She was an absolute delight to talk to. And man does this girl like to shop, I bet she has the best stuff in her closet. Kimber is one of the industry's top transsexual performers. This girl has a strong head on her shoulders to have accomplished all that she has in this industry. Especially with the obstacles that transsexuals have to deal with. I have a lot of respect for her. Plus she has a killer body to make any girl jealous!

It's a very exciting time for the starlet! This week her first DVD from her new production company comes out. She is also nominated at the 2010 AVN's for best transsexual performer of the year. Things are going pretty well for her. I hope to one day see her on the cover of a big mainstream porn magazine.

To read Lucy Vonne's interview with Kimber click read more.

Lucy Vonne: So how are you doing today? What’s new in the world of Kimber?

Kimber James: I am really good. Kind of a usual day for me, it’s all about maintenance I guess. I’m redoing my extensions today. Later this morning I’m getting my cheeks filled with restylane. So it’s kind of a me day.

Lucy Vonne: How often do you have these me days?

Kimber James: I kind of do maintenance a lot you know. Tanning and nails those things, nails are a lot of my time. There is something everyday.

Lucy Vonne: I know you recently went into this big buxom blond kind of ideal, what made you go from brunette to blond?

Kimber James: I always am changing things. My best friend Carmel Moore, everyone thought we looked a like and she’s blond and figured why not try it. And my hair color kind of changes with the mood that I’m in. I was in a relationship and I was really really happy and I went really light. But the moment it happened I didn’t really like it. I don’t like being blond at all I prefer to have darker hair.

Lucy Vonne: What’s your favorite look of yours that you’ve had?

Kimber James: I would have to say it’s when I have dark hair. But I was looking at pictures from when I first got into the industry yesterday and I was a whole different person. Part of me misses that girl; I think I miss that innocent and natural looking girl. You know I have always liked big boobs and have always wanted them. I don’t know it’s kind of a mix. I’ve never been really happy with it. There’s always something I wanted to change, usually the hair.

Lucy Vonne: So you recently crossed over into the mainstream porn business with Not Married With Children XXX, was that a lot of fun to do?

Kimber James: Yeah it was actually. I really really really loved doing it. It was really cool to do it. I was really sad when I didn’t get a best nom from AVN but it was really fun and I would love to do more stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any projects in the works that are similar to that at the moment?

Kimber James: No not really. I mean just started my own production company and my first DVD is going to be released on the 22nd. (December).

Lucy Vonne: And that’s Transsexual Superstars right?

Kimber James: Yes it is.

Lucy Vonne: How excited are you about getting that out there?

Kimber James: I’m really really excited.

Lucy Vonne: Is there a premise to the movie or just straight scenes, what’s it about?

Kimber James: This ones kind of a culmination of different scenes from my website. But there’s another DVD called Project Deception that’s going to be released maybe next month. That’s an actual story line one where I’m a spy and having sex with people to get information out of them.

Lucy Vonne: That sounds like fun. Did you have to run around and do spy moves and stuff?

Kimber James: Um the pile driver (laughs) it wasn’t too strenuous.

Lucy Vonne: Do you like the acting that comes a long with it?

Kimber James: Yeah I do. I like it more now then when I first started. I was very uncomfortable but now I try to have a lot more fun with it. My personality changed probably a little bit since I started it’s a lot more fun then it was. But it’s still a learning process. I’m kind of uncomfortable with dirty talk though.

Lucy Vonne: Right now you are probably one of the most popular and successful transsexuals out, there how does that make you feel?

Kimber James: I’m really really excited about it. I’ve done a ton. When I started in porn I always wanted to be accepted in mainstream porn and I’ve achieved that goal I think. But there are still a lot of things I want to do that I don’t know necessarily that I will. I would love to be on the cover of Penthouse or Hustler and that may never happen. And I was on the cover of the European AVN but I want to be on the cover of American AVN. I’ve had a pretty good spread in American AVN one month but I still want the cover. I would love to do a photo shoot with Twistys or Naughty America any of that. The reality of any of that happening is very little and I mean only time will tell. I always have a lot of fun when I achieve a goal. If I have my mind on something I go ahead and try it and if it doesn’t end up working the way I want it to it doesn’t but I least I tried to.

Lucy Vonne: Do you see yourself staying in this business for a long time or is there anything else you want to pursue?

Kimber James: I’m kind of thinking about that right now actually. I don’t know if I want to be in it more then another year. Probably another two years and then I want to retire.

Lucy Vonne: Any ideas what you want to do next?

Kimber James: I think fashion merchandising.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I hear you have kind of a shoe obsession.

Kimber James: Yes I do. I have a very large collection, probably spent most of my money on it.

Lucy Vonne: Who’s your favorite? What kind of shoes do you love?

Kimber James: Christian Louboutin.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever done a shoe fetish video ever thought about doing that?

Kimber James: I have for my website. I love my shoes.

Lucy Vonne: How is the website going, I hear its going really well?

Kimber James: It is, it’s going really well. It was a very big surprise but I was told it would do well. But I had to be kind of taught what numbers or what this meant what that meant in terms of how it was doing. I’m really excited and hopefully it’s going to keep going.

Lucy Vonne: Are there any aspects of it that you’re really proud of like messaging or blogs?

Kimber James: I think the way that it’s shot is my favorite. A lot of tranny porn is shot kind of; it looks kind of lower end. It’s not really professional looking. I think the look of my site, with the help of Nick Milo cause he does all the content, it’s become a much more glamorous more put together website. So that I’m very excited about.

Lucy Vonne: Now how do you decide whom you want to shoot with for content? Do you have any say in the matter, do you get to pick?

Kimber James: I have every bit of say to be quite honest but being that it’s tranny porn there’s not a lot that will work with me. So it’s not that easy. It’s actually really hard shooting because most of the guys don’t know what they’re doing and they’re stupid to deal with. It’s just very difficult. It’s hard to get good talent. I think the best one is Christian and I mean that’s really it, so it’s really difficult.

Lucy Vonne: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Kimber James: A real estate agent.

Lucy Vonne: Oh really what made you want to do that?

Kimber James: My parents moved a lot and they were always kind of dabbling with real estate investment. I just found it really fun to look at houses and I actually became very knowledgeable about it at a very young age. I just kind of studied it and I’ve thought about doing something similar to that effect.

Lucy Vonne: So not only do you have a shoe obsession I hear you have a Coffee Bean addiction.

Kimber James: I do! I have to have it like first thing when I wake up. I have to have it in the middle of the day around 3, like it’s bad. So bad the Coffee Bean twitters me. Like the company Coffee Bean twitters me they do kind of random things. Like the last time they did it was last week. And they said something, like I think I said “I really want Coffee Bean but it’s so cold I don’t want to get out of bed” and they twittered “but it’s worth it when you feel that warm coffee go down your throat.”

Lucy Vonne: In terms of retiring do you know what your big going away movie’s going to be?

Kimber James: No it’s not even, I’ve just kind of thought about it and I would like to do it. But there’s not time planned and who knows what will happen with in that time period. So it’s definitely not a definite.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any other projects in the works for your new production company?

Kimber James: I’m going to try and put out four DVDs a year and then just continue to work on my website and go from there. There’s talk about me having contract girls, maybe but I don’t know.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone in particular that you are looking at to work with for contract girls?

Kimber James: No not really.

Lucy Vonne: So what made you want to get into the porn industry?

Kimber James: Oh I don’t know. I kind of just fell into it. My friend was doing it and I saw they were having a lot of surgeries and I wanted more surgeries and it just kind of happened. Then I met Christian and we became friends and helped me along the way and directed me and the rest is history.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone in the industry that you go to for help or advice or really look up to?

Kimber James: Um not really, I talk to the guy who does the content for my site a lot he’s become a good friend. It’s hard to talk to anyone who’s not necessarily dealing with any of the problems or issues that I’ve dealt with. I mean I do have my friends like Angelina Valentine or Leah Leoni and we kind of talk about it but other then that I don’t really. I speak to them but I’m not really looking for any suggestions because like I said no one’s really dealing with the same situation I’m dealing with so it’s kind of difficult to get any advice from anyone.

Lucy Vonne: Do you look at yourself as a role model at all?

Kimber James: Not really.

Lucy Vonne: I’m sure you are for some people.

Kimber James: Um I may be. I think I would be more of a role model if I had a hit selling album or a hit television role or movie role. I think that would be something to look up to.

Lucy Vonne: So tell me about the Cybersiren for AVN.

Kimber James: Oh I was so excited I was jumping for joy. It was so amazing. It was really really cool. That was, I mean I was really proud of it.

Lucy Vonne: For those who don’t know what is the Cybersiren?

Kimber James: I don’t really know, it’s just an acknowledgment of AVN that you’re Cybersiren of the month. It’s just an acknowledgment from AVN. Especially when a lot of regular girls in porn don’t even get that acknowledgment. And to be a transsexual and to get that acknowledgment I think that that’s just, I think I actually cried a little bit. When things like that happen to me I get a little choked up.

Lucy Vonne: Do women in the business who are in the same situation as you ever come to you for advice when they are just starting out?

Kimber James: Regular women or transsexuals?

Lucy Vonne: Transsexuals.

Kimber James: I do get emails but quite honestly I tell them to stay away. It’s a rocky road and you have to be a strong person to get into it. If you’re a strong person then go ahead and do it. Email websites and see what you can get on. That’s what I say but my advice is to go another route.

Lucy Vonne: With the fashion merchandising what made you want to get into that?

Kimber James: Like the shoes thing. I’m just really into fashion and that’s the thing I know how to do the best is to shop. I know what I’m doing when it comes to that.

Lucy Vonne: Where are you favorite places to go shopping?

Kimber James: San Francisco’s really good shopping. New York of course I do really well. There’s this mall, I grew up in Miami but there’s this mall in Fort Lauderdale that I have really good childhood memories of going to all the time and I have a lot of fun every time I go. It’s the Sawgrass mall. It’s just an outlet mall that is huge. It’s a really cool nice mall. They kind of just have different stores where you can find things that you normally wouldn’t find in other stores. I mean I don’t really spend a lot of money on clothes. I have a lot of clothes but they’re not higher end. But as far as purse and shoes those are all astronomical. Like those are the things that last forever and that’s how I justify it in my mind. You can always have the shoes and the purse. The shoes will always fit. You can get fat or get thinner but your shoes will always be the same size. My purses and shoes run a few grand but clothes I’m pretty basic, you know Abercrombie stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Are you getting ready for Christmas? Do you like holiday season?

Kimber James: I do I love it. I’m actually going to London to be with Carmel Moore and her family; I’m really close with them too. It should be fun but I haven’t had any time to go Christmas shopping so I need to start. Actually her mom called me today (last week) and was like your going to be here in a week and I’m like a week I’m not prepared at all. But we’ll see, I’m sure I’ll get everything done but I’m probably going to have to do a lot of shopping here.

Lucy Vonne: What do you want for Christmas?

Kimber James: I don’t really know. There’s not anything that I can think of. I mean probably shoes or purses I would be happy with but there’s not one thing. I don’t know I think I’m all right I don’t really need anything.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any new years resolutions for the year coming up?

Kimber James: I do not, hopefully that life will just run smoothly.

Lucy Vonne: If fans want to get in touch with you and talk to you and tell you how much they love you where can they find you?

Kimber James: The best way is to email me at Or if they want to post comments on my myspace they can do that. I don’t really check the messages on myspace so it’s best to email me at that address.

Lucy Vonne: And you said you’re on Twitter too?

Kimber James: Yes it’s

Lucy Vonne: Are you addicted to it like every one else is?

Kimber James: No I do it to increase traffic. There’s not really anything I have to say. It’s pretty much oh I’m shopping, oh I’m getting my nails done, oh I’m getting my roots done. I mean it’s kind of just to get traffic to my site. Twitter kind of scares me a bit because you will get these random text messages “I thought you were supposed to be here?” You know its kind of used as a tracking device. And like “did you see what she wrote on Twitter?” So Twitter’s just a little nuts for me. I had a little mishap yesterday actually one of those I thought you were supposed to be here. I’ve had my thoughts about deleting it but I wont, I’m just cautious.

Lucy Vonne: So before we go I just want to tell you that I think you are gorgeous and beautiful and have a lot of respect for you and think you are doing an awesome job.

Kimber James: Aw that’s very sweet, thank you.

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