Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The General

Brace yourself ladies and pervs for the next toy I'm about to present to you. The General from Tantus is no laughing matter. Only for the brave and daring, which is totally me and my vagina. My friend told me this was their favorite toy for the g spot which is the greatest place on earth. Basically the g spot is the Disney World of the vagina. I like to visit it as much as possible. I was a little scared at first when I brought the General home but I was up for the challenge.

The General is made of platinum silicone which is one of the best materials to make toys out of. Completely hypoallergenic and non porous so it won't harbor any bacteria. And if you really want to make sure it's clean you can throw it in the dishwasher or boil it for 3 minutes. Just make sure you only use waterbased lubricant and stay away from silicone lubricant. Silicone on silicone with deteriorate one another, trust me I have seen it in action. The General is 7 3/4" long and 2" in diameter. It basically looks like the arm of a toddler or maybe even a little thicker, which is not something you want to think about when using it but it is a good way to describe it.

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Like I mentioned before I was a little nervous to try this out. I have never used anything of this size before. I did warm myself up a little bit with a smaller dildo. When my vagina was good and ready I lubed up the General and went to work. I went very slow at first as not to scare my insides. But once I got into the swing of things I was loving this thing. It filled me up completely in a very good way. And boy did it hit my g spot and feel wonderful. Now my friend who told me this was one of her favorite toys said so because it is almost like getting fisted. I guess I'm ready to get fisted if I can handle that. Something to think about.

I wish I could have strapped it down so I could have ridden it much easier. But I was able to hold the base of it down and still get my ride on, it felt nice. I could really grind on it and get it deep in me. Plus when you lean back while riding it you can hit your g spot more. But if you are looking to use this in a harness make sure the ring is big enough. Most of the time cock rings go up to 2" and this being a 2" toy you need something with a little give or a larger ring. It's no fun to get home and realize you don't have the right parts and need to go back to the store.

So if you ready for something more then give the General a go. You will not be disappointed at all. I love this thing. I showed it to my mom and I believe her words were "Good God what is that thing, a dildo? Did you use that?" I giggle, "Yes Mom I did and it was great!" She gave me her mom look, I get that a lot lately. But that is besides the point. Go get the General, makes a great stocking/vagina stuffer.

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I love it when you talk about Joan. - your little neighbor friend, Caroline