Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ask Lucy Vonne: Lelo Elise Or Jimmyjane Form 6

Dear Lucy Vonne,

Because of your new thingy, "Ask Lucy Vonne", I wanted to ask you which vibe you'd prefer: Elise by LELO, or Form 6 by JimmyJane? I`m getting a new vibe for my girlfriend, because her old one is outworn, but now I`m really doubting which one to choose, of the prementioned two vibes.

Hope you can answer my question ;)

Warm regards,

Dear Jeroen,

Both are really great toys from really great companies. Both would also get the job done. But if I had to choose between the two of them I would have to go with the Form 6. But make sure you get the generation 2 because it is much better then the first generation. If I was deciding between the Elise and the first generation I would go with the Elise. Now the first generation is less expensive then the second but not as good.

You can check out my review of the Form 6 here to get a real good understanding of it. Why do I think it is better then the Elise? Well if playing in the water is a big deal to you then the Form 6 is great. It is completely submergible which no other rechargeable toy on the market is, the Elise is not waterproof. While the Elise is a little more easy to operate the Form 6 is stronger. Both have two motors but you can change the functions of them separately on the Form 6.

But if waterproof means nothing to you, for some people it doesn't matter, I would go with another Lelo the Iris. It is the strongest out of all of them and the least expensive. It's one of my favorites. Whatever you pick I'm sure her vagina with enjoy! Happy shopping!

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Mr. Silversteel said...


Thank you so much for your reply to my question. I think I`m going for the Form 6 now (second gen), to give that to my girl for Christmas. I`ll head to the local adult store today (just called, they`ve got it in stock).

You`ve made one error, though. The link to your Form 6 review doesn't work (remove the ' after .html in the link and it works).

Again, thanks, and have a lovely (and hot!!!) Christmas ;)