Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ask Lucy Vonne: Duration of Sex

well.. Lucy its a genreal question. I want to know about duration of a normal sex session as I am planning to have sex with my date and I am very nervous. See should I buy some pills to increase my libido or will it be alright without them too?


Dear Sir,
First take a deep breath. Sex for the first time with someone is usually always something to be a little nervous about. But I'm sure your date is feeling the same thing. Even I get nervous before sex with a new person, it's only human. Just laugh and have fun. Just don't rush into this and let it happen when it feels right.

A lot of guys worry about if they are going to last long enough. I have been with a range of guys who have all lasted different amounts of time. That's just how they were. I'm going to say at least 15-20 minutes is something to aim for and is a good medium. I personally could go A LOT longer but that's just me, I'm not the typical girl. But other times I only want to go for 5 minutes. Really just depends on the person and how much they can handle.

I don't personally know what your libido is so I don't know if it needs to be increased. If you are feeling insecure about it that's ok, lots of guys look for alternatives. But there are definitely pills out there that are helpful. One that I know is a great one is Stiff Nights. My friend Brandon B from The Inqueery thinks it's a great product. Good luck!

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