Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ask Lucy Vonne: Bi-Sexual Double Standard

Dear Lucy Vonne,
What's up with the bi-sexual double standard? If a girl is bi-sexual I feel like there's waaaay less backlash than if a guy is bi-sexual. Shit, bi-sexual girls are most guys' wet dream! When I let it out that I like fucking guys almost as much as fucking girls, I get responses ranging from "Ew!" (girls) or "Dude, it's cool if you're gay, really" (straight guys) and derisive laughter and eye rolls (gay guys). Thoughts?


Dear Casey,
I completely know where you are coming from and your frustration. I have had this debate with a lot of people in the past. Usually it depends on who I am talking to that determines what they have to say about the subject. There is definitely a double standard out there for most people.

I personally don't really see the big deal with it. Some people like to just say they are just sexual instead or going the bi route. There is nothing wrong with a guy who likes to get it on with both men and women. I think when people aren't open very sexually they can't wrap their heads around the concept. It has been somewhat of a taboo for a long time. However slowly I think it is starting to come around. I know a lot of communities out there welcome it and find nothing wrong with it. It also could be that there is always so much talk about how two girls fooling around turns guys on but there is never any talk about the reverse. It's never really been mentioned that it's ok for a girl to get turned on by it.

Overall just keep standing up for who you are. There is nothing wrong with your actions. You will always come across people who don't agree with you. Hopefully one day there won't be this negative stigma around it. What do you all think about it?

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