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Kimber James Interview

Kimber James is absolutely beautiful! She was an absolute delight to talk to. And man does this girl like to shop, I bet she has the best stuff in her closet. Kimber is one of the industry's top transsexual performers. This girl has a strong head on her shoulders to have accomplished all that she has in this industry. Especially with the obstacles that transsexuals have to deal with. I have a lot of respect for her. Plus she has a killer body to make any girl jealous!

It's a very exciting time for the starlet! This week her first DVD from her new production company comes out. She is also nominated at the 2010 AVN's for best transsexual performer of the year. Things are going pretty well for her. I hope to one day see her on the cover of a big mainstream porn magazine.

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Lucy Vonne: So how are you doing today? What’s new in the world of Kimber?

Kimber James: I am really good. Kind of a usual day for me, it’s all about maintenance I guess. I’m redoing my extensions today. Later this morning I’m getting my cheeks filled with restylane. So it’s kind of a me day.

Lucy Vonne: How often do you have these me days?

Kimber James: I kind of do maintenance a lot you know. Tanning and nails those things, nails are a lot of my time. There is something everyday.

Lucy Vonne: I know you recently went into this big buxom blond kind of ideal, what made you go from brunette to blond?

Kimber James: I always am changing things. My best friend Carmel Moore, everyone thought we looked a like and she’s blond and figured why not try it. And my hair color kind of changes with the mood that I’m in. I was in a relationship and I was really really happy and I went really light. But the moment it happened I didn’t really like it. I don’t like being blond at all I prefer to have darker hair.

Lucy Vonne: What’s your favorite look of yours that you’ve had?

Kimber James: I would have to say it’s when I have dark hair. But I was looking at pictures from when I first got into the industry yesterday and I was a whole different person. Part of me misses that girl; I think I miss that innocent and natural looking girl. You know I have always liked big boobs and have always wanted them. I don’t know it’s kind of a mix. I’ve never been really happy with it. There’s always something I wanted to change, usually the hair.

Lucy Vonne: So you recently crossed over into the mainstream porn business with Not Married With Children XXX, was that a lot of fun to do?

Kimber James: Yeah it was actually. I really really really loved doing it. It was really cool to do it. I was really sad when I didn’t get a best nom from AVN but it was really fun and I would love to do more stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any projects in the works that are similar to that at the moment?

Kimber James: No not really. I mean just started my own production company and my first DVD is going to be released on the 22nd. (December).

Lucy Vonne: And that’s Transsexual Superstars right?

Kimber James: Yes it is.

Lucy Vonne: How excited are you about getting that out there?

Kimber James: I’m really really excited.

Lucy Vonne: Is there a premise to the movie or just straight scenes, what’s it about?

Kimber James: This ones kind of a culmination of different scenes from my website. But there’s another DVD called Project Deception that’s going to be released maybe next month. That’s an actual story line one where I’m a spy and having sex with people to get information out of them.

Lucy Vonne: That sounds like fun. Did you have to run around and do spy moves and stuff?

Kimber James: Um the pile driver (laughs) it wasn’t too strenuous.

Lucy Vonne: Do you like the acting that comes a long with it?

Kimber James: Yeah I do. I like it more now then when I first started. I was very uncomfortable but now I try to have a lot more fun with it. My personality changed probably a little bit since I started it’s a lot more fun then it was. But it’s still a learning process. I’m kind of uncomfortable with dirty talk though.

Lucy Vonne: Right now you are probably one of the most popular and successful transsexuals out, there how does that make you feel?

Kimber James: I’m really really excited about it. I’ve done a ton. When I started in porn I always wanted to be accepted in mainstream porn and I’ve achieved that goal I think. But there are still a lot of things I want to do that I don’t know necessarily that I will. I would love to be on the cover of Penthouse or Hustler and that may never happen. And I was on the cover of the European AVN but I want to be on the cover of American AVN. I’ve had a pretty good spread in American AVN one month but I still want the cover. I would love to do a photo shoot with Twistys or Naughty America any of that. The reality of any of that happening is very little and I mean only time will tell. I always have a lot of fun when I achieve a goal. If I have my mind on something I go ahead and try it and if it doesn’t end up working the way I want it to it doesn’t but I least I tried to.

Lucy Vonne: Do you see yourself staying in this business for a long time or is there anything else you want to pursue?

Kimber James: I’m kind of thinking about that right now actually. I don’t know if I want to be in it more then another year. Probably another two years and then I want to retire.

Lucy Vonne: Any ideas what you want to do next?

Kimber James: I think fashion merchandising.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I hear you have kind of a shoe obsession.

Kimber James: Yes I do. I have a very large collection, probably spent most of my money on it.

Lucy Vonne: Who’s your favorite? What kind of shoes do you love?

Kimber James: Christian Louboutin.

Lucy Vonne: Have you ever done a shoe fetish video ever thought about doing that?

Kimber James: I have for my website. I love my shoes.

Lucy Vonne: How is the website going, I hear its going really well?

Kimber James: It is, it’s going really well. It was a very big surprise but I was told it would do well. But I had to be kind of taught what numbers or what this meant what that meant in terms of how it was doing. I’m really excited and hopefully it’s going to keep going.

Lucy Vonne: Are there any aspects of it that you’re really proud of like messaging or blogs?

Kimber James: I think the way that it’s shot is my favorite. A lot of tranny porn is shot kind of; it looks kind of lower end. It’s not really professional looking. I think the look of my site, with the help of Nick Milo cause he does all the content, it’s become a much more glamorous more put together website. So that I’m very excited about.

Lucy Vonne: Now how do you decide whom you want to shoot with for content? Do you have any say in the matter, do you get to pick?

Kimber James: I have every bit of say to be quite honest but being that it’s tranny porn there’s not a lot that will work with me. So it’s not that easy. It’s actually really hard shooting because most of the guys don’t know what they’re doing and they’re stupid to deal with. It’s just very difficult. It’s hard to get good talent. I think the best one is Christian and I mean that’s really it, so it’s really difficult.

Lucy Vonne: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Kimber James: A real estate agent.

Lucy Vonne: Oh really what made you want to do that?

Kimber James: My parents moved a lot and they were always kind of dabbling with real estate investment. I just found it really fun to look at houses and I actually became very knowledgeable about it at a very young age. I just kind of studied it and I’ve thought about doing something similar to that effect.

Lucy Vonne: So not only do you have a shoe obsession I hear you have a Coffee Bean addiction.

Kimber James: I do! I have to have it like first thing when I wake up. I have to have it in the middle of the day around 3, like it’s bad. So bad the Coffee Bean twitters me. Like the company Coffee Bean twitters me they do kind of random things. Like the last time they did it was last week. And they said something, like I think I said “I really want Coffee Bean but it’s so cold I don’t want to get out of bed” and they twittered “but it’s worth it when you feel that warm coffee go down your throat.”

Lucy Vonne: In terms of retiring do you know what your big going away movie’s going to be?

Kimber James: No it’s not even, I’ve just kind of thought about it and I would like to do it. But there’s not time planned and who knows what will happen with in that time period. So it’s definitely not a definite.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any other projects in the works for your new production company?

Kimber James: I’m going to try and put out four DVDs a year and then just continue to work on my website and go from there. There’s talk about me having contract girls, maybe but I don’t know.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone in particular that you are looking at to work with for contract girls?

Kimber James: No not really.

Lucy Vonne: So what made you want to get into the porn industry?

Kimber James: Oh I don’t know. I kind of just fell into it. My friend was doing it and I saw they were having a lot of surgeries and I wanted more surgeries and it just kind of happened. Then I met Christian and we became friends and helped me along the way and directed me and the rest is history.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone in the industry that you go to for help or advice or really look up to?

Kimber James: Um not really, I talk to the guy who does the content for my site a lot he’s become a good friend. It’s hard to talk to anyone who’s not necessarily dealing with any of the problems or issues that I’ve dealt with. I mean I do have my friends like Angelina Valentine or Leah Leoni and we kind of talk about it but other then that I don’t really. I speak to them but I’m not really looking for any suggestions because like I said no one’s really dealing with the same situation I’m dealing with so it’s kind of difficult to get any advice from anyone.

Lucy Vonne: Do you look at yourself as a role model at all?

Kimber James: Not really.

Lucy Vonne: I’m sure you are for some people.

Kimber James: Um I may be. I think I would be more of a role model if I had a hit selling album or a hit television role or movie role. I think that would be something to look up to.

Lucy Vonne: So tell me about the Cybersiren for AVN.

Kimber James: Oh I was so excited I was jumping for joy. It was so amazing. It was really really cool. That was, I mean I was really proud of it.

Lucy Vonne: For those who don’t know what is the Cybersiren?

Kimber James: I don’t really know, it’s just an acknowledgment of AVN that you’re Cybersiren of the month. It’s just an acknowledgment from AVN. Especially when a lot of regular girls in porn don’t even get that acknowledgment. And to be a transsexual and to get that acknowledgment I think that that’s just, I think I actually cried a little bit. When things like that happen to me I get a little choked up.

Lucy Vonne: Do women in the business who are in the same situation as you ever come to you for advice when they are just starting out?

Kimber James: Regular women or transsexuals?

Lucy Vonne: Transsexuals.

Kimber James: I do get emails but quite honestly I tell them to stay away. It’s a rocky road and you have to be a strong person to get into it. If you’re a strong person then go ahead and do it. Email websites and see what you can get on. That’s what I say but my advice is to go another route.

Lucy Vonne: With the fashion merchandising what made you want to get into that?

Kimber James: Like the shoes thing. I’m just really into fashion and that’s the thing I know how to do the best is to shop. I know what I’m doing when it comes to that.

Lucy Vonne: Where are you favorite places to go shopping?

Kimber James: San Francisco’s really good shopping. New York of course I do really well. There’s this mall, I grew up in Miami but there’s this mall in Fort Lauderdale that I have really good childhood memories of going to all the time and I have a lot of fun every time I go. It’s the Sawgrass mall. It’s just an outlet mall that is huge. It’s a really cool nice mall. They kind of just have different stores where you can find things that you normally wouldn’t find in other stores. I mean I don’t really spend a lot of money on clothes. I have a lot of clothes but they’re not higher end. But as far as purse and shoes those are all astronomical. Like those are the things that last forever and that’s how I justify it in my mind. You can always have the shoes and the purse. The shoes will always fit. You can get fat or get thinner but your shoes will always be the same size. My purses and shoes run a few grand but clothes I’m pretty basic, you know Abercrombie stuff like that.

Lucy Vonne: Are you getting ready for Christmas? Do you like holiday season?

Kimber James: I do I love it. I’m actually going to London to be with Carmel Moore and her family; I’m really close with them too. It should be fun but I haven’t had any time to go Christmas shopping so I need to start. Actually her mom called me today (last week) and was like your going to be here in a week and I’m like a week I’m not prepared at all. But we’ll see, I’m sure I’ll get everything done but I’m probably going to have to do a lot of shopping here.

Lucy Vonne: What do you want for Christmas?

Kimber James: I don’t really know. There’s not anything that I can think of. I mean probably shoes or purses I would be happy with but there’s not one thing. I don’t know I think I’m all right I don’t really need anything.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any new years resolutions for the year coming up?

Kimber James: I do not, hopefully that life will just run smoothly.

Lucy Vonne: If fans want to get in touch with you and talk to you and tell you how much they love you where can they find you?

Kimber James: The best way is to email me at Or if they want to post comments on my myspace they can do that. I don’t really check the messages on myspace so it’s best to email me at that address.

Lucy Vonne: And you said you’re on Twitter too?

Kimber James: Yes it’s

Lucy Vonne: Are you addicted to it like every one else is?

Kimber James: No I do it to increase traffic. There’s not really anything I have to say. It’s pretty much oh I’m shopping, oh I’m getting my nails done, oh I’m getting my roots done. I mean it’s kind of just to get traffic to my site. Twitter kind of scares me a bit because you will get these random text messages “I thought you were supposed to be here?” You know its kind of used as a tracking device. And like “did you see what she wrote on Twitter?” So Twitter’s just a little nuts for me. I had a little mishap yesterday actually one of those I thought you were supposed to be here. I’ve had my thoughts about deleting it but I wont, I’m just cautious.

Lucy Vonne: So before we go I just want to tell you that I think you are gorgeous and beautiful and have a lot of respect for you and think you are doing an awesome job.

Kimber James: Aw that’s very sweet, thank you.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vibrating Clitoral Sucker Pump

I really wasn't too sure what to expect when I got the Vibrating Clitoral Sucker Pump from the Adult Toy Shoppe in the mail. I have always heard pumps are fun and they make you more sensitive and plus this one vibrates. I never really had an interest in them but figured I should try it out to expand my knowledge. The more my vagina knows the more it can recommend. But my vagina did not like this pump.

It's much smaller then I expected, only 3.5" long. Fits nicely in the palm of your hand. But smaller is good because it's only a pump for the clit, not the whole vagina. It's a rubber jelly material that does have a smell to it. It comes with a blindfold to have a little more fun with. The main function of the pump is it brings more blood to the surface of the clit, which makes it larger and more sensitive. The sucking of the pump simulates oral sex.

This toy just did nothing for me at all. Just wasn't my thing and did not get me off. First the bullet is not very strong at all, it's a really light vibration. So unless you can get off on a really mild light vibe it will do nothing for you. The pump does cover the clit area and has good suckage, enough that you can even use it hands free. But the act of the sucking just wasn't enough for me. At times when it was sucking and I was moving it around it was nice but just couldn't get me off.

So needless to say I will not be using this toy again. But if you are the type of person who really likes the sucking part of pumps then you will probably like this.

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Ask Lucy Vonne: Lelo Elise Or Jimmyjane Form 6

Dear Lucy Vonne,

Because of your new thingy, "Ask Lucy Vonne", I wanted to ask you which vibe you'd prefer: Elise by LELO, or Form 6 by JimmyJane? I`m getting a new vibe for my girlfriend, because her old one is outworn, but now I`m really doubting which one to choose, of the prementioned two vibes.

Hope you can answer my question ;)

Warm regards,

Dear Jeroen,

Both are really great toys from really great companies. Both would also get the job done. But if I had to choose between the two of them I would have to go with the Form 6. But make sure you get the generation 2 because it is much better then the first generation. If I was deciding between the Elise and the first generation I would go with the Elise. Now the first generation is less expensive then the second but not as good.

You can check out my review of the Form 6 here to get a real good understanding of it. Why do I think it is better then the Elise? Well if playing in the water is a big deal to you then the Form 6 is great. It is completely submergible which no other rechargeable toy on the market is, the Elise is not waterproof. While the Elise is a little more easy to operate the Form 6 is stronger. Both have two motors but you can change the functions of them separately on the Form 6.

But if waterproof means nothing to you, for some people it doesn't matter, I would go with another Lelo the Iris. It is the strongest out of all of them and the least expensive. It's one of my favorites. Whatever you pick I'm sure her vagina with enjoy! Happy shopping!

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Porn Stud of the Week: Danny Wylde chats with Lucy Vonne

I have been slacking a little bit finding you porn studs but I'm about to make it up to you right now. Danny Wylde is adorable and sexy and was so fun and interesting to talk to. He is not your typical male porn star, he breaks the mold. Not only has he appeared in straight movies but has dabbled in the gay ones. Nothing wrong with that. His views on sexual identity are refreshing and real. I really can't wait to see what he does in the future. Whether it happens in the porn world or not I see him doing big things.

Plus people he is HOT! Seriously so cute. I bet he is really fun to make out with and maybe then some. I always get a smile on my face when he pops up on screen. He was really sweet to talk to. Like I want to be friends with him in real life. Wanna do some masturbating of your own to him? You can find him in the following films; Bree's Big Camp Out, Horat, Good Morning Woody, On My Dirty Knees, Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex, Busty Loads and Bad Luck Betties.

Click read more to check out my interview with this delicious man!

Lucy Vonne: How’s life in the world of Danny Wylde?

Danny Wylde: How’s life in the world of Danny Wylde, um well it’s good. Should I talk about something specific? (laughs)

Lucy Vonne: (laughs) Well you said you were shooting today, what are you doing today?

Danny Wylde: Today I’m shooting for Bluebird, which is a relatively new company. I think they’ve been around awhile but just started shooting content this past six months. I’m working with someone named Michelle who I’ve never met before.

Lucy Vonne: What made you want to get into the porn industry?

Danny Wylde: Do you want a short story or a long story?

Lucy Vonne: Whichever one you would like.

Danny Wylde: Well I guess the first time, I was like 19 and moved out of my mom’s house for the first time to go to school in Santa Cruz which is a little south of San Francisco. And it’s really hard to get a job with out a college degree and I was working on my degree. So basically to pay for school I applied for this website in San Francisco call Men In Pain which is kind of like, have you heard of

Lucy Vonne: Yes.

Danny Wylde: And I was also studying feminist film theory around that time cause I’m a film major. We were talking about this film theorist named Laura Mulvey who said classical Hollywood cinema was from a male point of view and objectified the female. She talked about the sadistic ways and voyeurism and at that time I was pretty sure if that was one theory of mainstream film then pornography would be the epitome of that. So when I was looking through Craigslist for regular jobs, at that time they didn’t have an adult section so the adult stuff was kind of filtered through the random gigs section. I was writing a paper on that topic and thought it might be an interesting experience too if the roles were reversed and the man was in the submissive position. So I applied for it and didn’t think they would get back to me and if they did I wouldn’t know about it. But when I went to work for them they ended up being some of the most professional people I have ever met. They kept calling me back so I did more stuff. And then I met people who introduced me to people in L.A. and it went from there.

Lucy Vonne: Now speaking of school I noticed you went to four different colleges, how come so many?

Danny Wylde: Well two of them are community colleges. Well I quit high school when I was 15 or 16 and got my GED. I sort of made a pact with my mom that if I were to do that I would get a college degree and start at a community college. So at first I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I was just taking general ed stuff. Then in California they have community colleges for certain universities, so that’s why I moved to Santa Cruz because I wanted to go to UC Santa Cruz. The college I originally got into was that school but then I had to wait one semester before I could go there. But the deal was you had to stay in school. I don’t know, so I went to one semester at the Santa Cruz community college and then one year at UC Santa Cruz and that was when I started doing porn. I had met my ex girlfriend during that time who was the one who introduced me to a bunch of people that started my career in Los Angeles. At the same time I was flying to Los Angeles more often and UC Santa Cruz doesn’t have the best film production program in the first place. So I applied really late in the semester to the only places that were still accepting submissions but I didn’t actually get in that following year. But I moved to L.A. anyways. And I just, I wasn’t really working that often. It’s pretty hard to get in as a guy. But then I applied to USC and got in there and I’ve been working more and doing the school thing and I’m about to graduate in two weeks actually. (As of now Danny has graduated, congrats!)

Lucy Vonne: That’s awesome and you have a film degree right?

Danny Wylde: Yeah.

Lucy Vonne: What made you want to get into film?

Danny Wylde: Originally it was little arbitrary. I was really into music as a kid I thought that was going to be my emphasis. I was in a band, I played guitar in like a hardcore metal band all through high school. And then I kind of got into like photography as a hobby and I also really like to read and write short stories. Then when I was looking for majors I started studying music at first. Music theory is just kind of a bummer to go through so was looking for other majors and film encompassed all my other interests. You get to work with sound and a narrative and be in a studio. So I just kind of pursued that and got more and more interested in that.

Lucy Vonne: When you’re on set because of your background will they let you help out behind the scenes or just perform?

Danny Wylde: I don’t usually. Sometimes I mention it and some people know that’s my background but really as talent id rather not get involved in that. I have worked for Eon Mckai at Vivid Alt a little bit. Especially during my year off from school, at that point I wasn’t that knowledgeable. I didn’t know too much about production because they didn’t have a lot of production classes at UC Santa Cruz. During that time they actually taught me a lot about set etiquette and lighting and just how to do stuff with a super low budget because porn really doesn’t use money to be made except they pay their actors a lot more.

Lucy Vonne: Do you want to use your film skills and do porn production or do you want to get into more mainstream work?

Danny Wylde: At this point I’m not really interested in shooting porn. I’m really interested in representing my ideas on sexual ideology. I wont say I won’t do porn if the option comes ups with something interesting. I don’t know what’s in the future but I’m definitely not pursuing that at this point.

Lucy Vonne: Now when you say you want to represent your sexual ideology what do you mean by that? Like do you think you see things differently then other people or….?

Danny Wylde: Well I basically view, I don’t know if this is something to say on this website but I identify as being queer at least. Basically my sexual lifestyle is not in the heterosexual mold. I mean originally when I started doing porn in the S&M field, I have done some gay stuff in the past. But I kind of not talked about that in my mainstream career because it’s not really appropriate. I don’t know, there are a lot of really homophobic people in the straight industry. My quitting it more had a lot to do with the lack of protection and the lack of testing several years ago. From what I’ve heard that’s changed a lot. But just also I don’t really believe in strictly monogamous relationships. There’s a lot of stuff wrapped up in my queer identity and also just represent people from different backgrounds who don’t identity with the straight hetero normative sexual identity or practice. Such as sex workers and so forth, just representing different communities. I tried to do that recently in my student films. Not all of them but there’s definitely are some little creative things that I’ve put in there.

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I was going to ask about that because I saw on your Myspace you identify as bi. So how long have you felt that way is it something you’ve always known?

Danny Wylde: Yeah I mean I think since being in middle school I started to feel that way. And to be honest most of my earlier experiences were with men before I started doing porn, which shortly before that point I started having sexual experiences with women. And I don’t know now whether it’s a matter of conditioning from having done so much hetero pornography, but I was also in a relationship for 3 years with a woman, I feel more sexually turned on by women at this point. But I think that I’m still more interested in portraying queer sex in my work if that makes sense.

Lucy Vonne: That makes complete sense. Do you have any memorable on set experiences?

Danny Wylde: Yeah um I think there’s certain people who have made just working a lot of fun. Like for example there’s this director Tristan Taormino who I think is one of my favorite people to work for as far as a director. Part of directing porn is I think you need to create a really safe environment for your performers to do what they do. And you want to catch any real chemistry between them I thinks that’s really important. She usually does and she asks performers who they want to work with. Which helps a lot because most of the time you end up on set with whomever and it’s like nice to meet you and then you’re having sex. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes is completely quite the opposite. I think it’s nice expecting to work with someone you’ve wanted to and she also creates a great environment. So for example I did a scene with Sasha Grey that was really fun for her rough sex movie. Which was like a switch scene that I have never done before. Which is basically, it wasn’t S&M or anything but in the rough sex world we went back and forth between the submissive and dominant roles. I also like working for Madison Young, she’s a lot of fun. She does some really interesting movies. I guess I didn’t really answer your question. (laughs)

Lucy Vonne: (laughs) That’s ok. So I’ve actually read a few interviews with girls who have said you’re one of their favorites to work with or they really want to work with you. How’s that make you feel that you’re a wanted guy to work with?

Danny Wylde: Aw I didn’t really know, actually I knew one person who said that but that’s good. That makes me feel really good. Honestly that’s kind of like an ego boost in some way. Yeah I’m not even one of the top male talent or one of the guys they put the spotlight on so that definitely makes me feel good.

Lucy Vonne: Well there is a yahoo group dedicated to you.

Danny Wylde: (laughs) Is that true?

Lucy Vonne: Yeah I found it last night. It’s just like the Danny Wylde yahoo group and they all talk about you.

Danny Wylde: Wow.

Lucy Vonne: You have like a little fan base following.

Danny Wylde: Interesting.

Lucy Vonne: Do your friends ever get you to try to introduce them to the girls on set or try to go with you to set?

Danny Wylde: My closet friends not really. I kind of like have acquaintances like my neighbor who cuts hair and is always wanting me to recommend girls to come in and get their hair done that has not happened yet. But people are pretty respectful of that. My close friends probably understand that’s not going to happen. I mean if we are hanging out and sometimes with people who do porn but that’s a different situation.

Lucy Vonne: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Danny Wylde: I’m pretty basic, I like cowgirl where I can see the girls face, which is really important to me. So even though doggie is a lot of fun they’re not looking at you and it’s harder to connect in that moment. Basically anything where I get to see her face.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special skills that you like to whip out during a scene or what not?

Danny Wylde: Special skills, um not necessarily. I mean it all depends on the person or what’s happening and what we are doing. I mean that’s part of the fun of porn, you get to work with a different person everyday and try new things. I mean from porn some things I have picked up I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Like for example the way to make a girl squirt pretty much no matter what with the fingering motion and hitting their g spot I use in real life.

Lucy Vonne: That’s a very good skill to have.

Danny Wylde: Yeah it’s fun I like when that happens. I don’t like when people just pee on me though.

Lucy Vonne: Has that happened before?

Danny Wylde: Yeah, do you want a weird story?

Lucy Vonne: Yes I do.

Danny Wylde: I used to work a lot with older women because I’m one of the younger guys in the industry, especially a few years ago. And companies wanted me to do milf all the time. Some girl I forget her name but I probably shouldn’t say her name she’s older I would say, and it was a squirting film and she would just pee on me. I wasn’t even inside her or I had pulled out. She would make the cumming face, which didn’t make any sense for what was going on and she would just pee. I kept looking at the director and he was shaking his head the whole time. You just close your eyes and picture another place. I don’t know it was a very awkward experience and I ended up having to drive her home. Well I didn’t have to but she asked.

Lucy Vonne: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Danny Wylde: When I was really little I think I actually wanted to be an actor when I was in second or third grade or something like that, which I guess I did fulfill to some degree.

Lucy Vonne: You did fulfill it. Are you going to the AVNs this year?

Danny Wylde: That’s a good question I don’t know. I’m not nominated for anything and I don’t have anything to promote at this point especially within that industry. If I do it will just be because one of my friends is going or something. But generally with the expos and stuff if it’s L.A. I’ll go for like one day. But even if I know a lot of people there especially like the girls or whatever I don’t want to stand in line to see my friends or bother a bunch of patrons trying to take pictures. I think people go there for a specific reason and I’m probably not that reason and I don’t really want to interfere.

Lucy Vonne: What do you want to say to all your female fans out there, we already know you have a group and a following?

Danny Wylde: Well I never considered this or having fans but thank you. Keep watching. I don’t know. Do you guys want to see anything special, what do you want fans?

Lucy Vonne: If they do want to tell you what they want where should they find you?

Danny Wylde: I’m on Twitter. I’m also on Myspace but to be honest I don’t check it that often.

Lucy Vonne: I’m going to send all the female fans that way. I’m actually going to post that on that yahoo group and see how many people freak out and go find you.

Danny Wylde: Are you sure they’re female fans on the yahoo group? Most of my emails on Myspce are from the male gender.

Lucy Vonne: Oh really?

Danny Wylde: Yeah there are a lot of old dudes. Or I’ll get a message from a woman that when I look at the profile it’s like one picture and there’s no information filled out and it’s like I’m pretty sure it’s a fake profile but or not.

Lucy Vonne: You never know.

Danny Wylde: That’s true. I mean I’ll talk to you on Twitter. I’m not a mean guy and if you message me with questions I will respond.

Lucy Vonne: Thank you very much for talking to me today.

Danny Wylde: No problem, I appreciate you taking the time to interview me it was fun.

Lucy Vonne: No problem. I like to highlight the men of porn because no one really does.

Danny Wylde: That’s true. Well I appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

Lucy Vonne: You’re welcome and good luck with everything in the future.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ask Lucy Vonne: Bi-Sexual Double Standard

Dear Lucy Vonne,
What's up with the bi-sexual double standard? If a girl is bi-sexual I feel like there's waaaay less backlash than if a guy is bi-sexual. Shit, bi-sexual girls are most guys' wet dream! When I let it out that I like fucking guys almost as much as fucking girls, I get responses ranging from "Ew!" (girls) or "Dude, it's cool if you're gay, really" (straight guys) and derisive laughter and eye rolls (gay guys). Thoughts?


Dear Casey,
I completely know where you are coming from and your frustration. I have had this debate with a lot of people in the past. Usually it depends on who I am talking to that determines what they have to say about the subject. There is definitely a double standard out there for most people.

I personally don't really see the big deal with it. Some people like to just say they are just sexual instead or going the bi route. There is nothing wrong with a guy who likes to get it on with both men and women. I think when people aren't open very sexually they can't wrap their heads around the concept. It has been somewhat of a taboo for a long time. However slowly I think it is starting to come around. I know a lot of communities out there welcome it and find nothing wrong with it. It also could be that there is always so much talk about how two girls fooling around turns guys on but there is never any talk about the reverse. It's never really been mentioned that it's ok for a girl to get turned on by it.

Overall just keep standing up for who you are. There is nothing wrong with your actions. You will always come across people who don't agree with you. Hopefully one day there won't be this negative stigma around it. What do you all think about it?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

T.I.T.S. & Courtney Cummz NYC In-Store at Michael K

This past Saturday I teamed up with my favorite guys from Smutlife and ventured to the T.I.T.S. event at the Michael K store in Soho NYC. Courtney Cummz was there signing and making men drool. At one point this kid who had to be no older then 8 came into the store and had the biggest grin on his face and couldn't stop looking at her. It was hilarious. Was a lot of fun! Check out the interview below.

Oh and I did get a T.I.T.S. shirt. It's a pink tank top and the front says, "show us your" and on the back is the T.I.T.S. logo. I wore it to the gym, it was awesome!

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Ask Lucy Vonne: Duration of Sex

well.. Lucy its a genreal question. I want to know about duration of a normal sex session as I am planning to have sex with my date and I am very nervous. See should I buy some pills to increase my libido or will it be alright without them too?


Dear Sir,
First take a deep breath. Sex for the first time with someone is usually always something to be a little nervous about. But I'm sure your date is feeling the same thing. Even I get nervous before sex with a new person, it's only human. Just laugh and have fun. Just don't rush into this and let it happen when it feels right.

A lot of guys worry about if they are going to last long enough. I have been with a range of guys who have all lasted different amounts of time. That's just how they were. I'm going to say at least 15-20 minutes is something to aim for and is a good medium. I personally could go A LOT longer but that's just me, I'm not the typical girl. But other times I only want to go for 5 minutes. Really just depends on the person and how much they can handle.

I don't personally know what your libido is so I don't know if it needs to be increased. If you are feeling insecure about it that's ok, lots of guys look for alternatives. But there are definitely pills out there that are helpful. One that I know is a great one is Stiff Nights. My friend Brandon B from The Inqueery thinks it's a great product. Good luck!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's A Good Holiday Gift?

ME HALF NAKED IN A CALENDAR! Ok yes I still have clothes on but it is a small pair of panties with a wet wife beater on that's cut so you can see my bra. Don't believe me, look below.

I'm hot right? Well so are all the other ladies in the calendar which makes it an awesome holiday buy. You know you need one. I happen to be the month of June. Summer months are always more fun and I felt I fit nicely there.

The theme of the calendar was sexual freedom and we were supposed to represent that in our photo. When it comes down to it sexual freedom to me is doing whatever the hell you want and being proud and not ashamed as you are doing it. I am God damn proud of where I have gotten myself and what I do with my life. I don't care what people say about me or if they judge me or won't talk to me because of what I do. Sucks for them because I'm pretty awesome person. Yes I'm still a person. Just because sex is my job does not make me any less of one. I'm just a litter more perverted then most. It's ok, my mom knows.

So basically by being who I am and living my life a certain way is my sexual freedom. And you can see that in my picture. I'm wearing a vibrator which is something that is very normal for me. I'm surrounded with porn and toys, pretty much how I spend my day. I would also like to mention my all time favorite porn is in the photo. Can you guess which one it is? But most of all I am happy, giant smile on my face. Sex makes me happy, my life makes me happy. I like being the one not afraid to talk about sex and turns things dirty. Let's face it, I will always be a pervert. But one you can still take home to meet your mom.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ask Lucy Vonne: Over Sexed or Just Very Sexual

Dear Lucy Vonne,

Lucy, Hi, I have a very long question/comment, possible dilemma that maybe yo can help me with. I'm a 38 year old male, in good shape, good looking, and still have all my hair :) I lost my virginity at 13 to another much more sexually experienced 13 year old girl. I played doctor with more then three different girls on my block growing up and got caught "experimenting" with another girl when we were 9.

My first exposure to porn was at a very young age maybe around 6/7, I can still smell the fragrance of the 1978 Playboy magazine and hear the sound of the draw when I opened it. I didn't know why but it gave me great pleasure. My first porn I ever saw was the X rated version of Caligula when my father rented it, I was 11 and I seem to recall me and my three brothers all watched it together.

My longest relationship, one year a few months removed was 3 1/2 years and remaining faithful was the most difficult thing I ever did. Everyone of my relationships I ended because I couldn't be monogamous. Matter of fact I don't ever think I can just come home to the same person day in and day out. I'm currently seeing three women, I have a very active sex life and rarely have a problem making women cum, it's more important for me that they do before I cum. I watch a lot of porn, sex is always on my mind, I masturbate at least every day and still am never satisfied with just one woman.

I've thought about being involved in porn countless times, I still look at least 10 years younger and have been told plenty of times that I'm an amazing fuck. I've thought maybe I watch too much porn, but put it down for a week and still didn't help. I've had a former therapist of mine tell me that sticking my dick in a vagina was like my oxygen and that I felt I needed to do this to live. I have had sex with hundreds of women, I really can't count, and want to have sexy with countless more, I don't feel myself and my sex drive slowing down anytime soon. My father says that his father could still get it up in his late 80's. My dad's favorite actor of all time was John Garfield, one reason because he died the same way my father wants to go out, on top of a women with his cock inside her pussy!

So my question for you then is, am I oversexed? How many times a week, a month, or a day does a normal guy jerk off? I don't want to suppress my sex drive but would like to be able to concentrate on other things attimes other then having my mouth around some hot chick's clit all of the time.
Any help?


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Dear Michael,
There are a few things I can lend you my knowledge on. First there is really nothing wrong with not being satisfied with one person. Monogamy isn't for everyone these days. A lot of people live the polygamist lifestyle and have many healthy relationships. But it is very important to make sure all parties are aware of what is going on. Therefore no one gets hurt in the end. You may find many women who feel the same way you do and are ok with the lifestyle.

I don't know the average amount of times a man jerks off. I'm sure it is different for ever man as it is with women. It ranges from never to multiple times a day. Hell I masturbate everyday, sometimes a few times a day. But even I can get over sexed and can/need to go a few days with out it and I'm not sure you can. There is nothing wrong with some self loving though.

Here's what bothers me though. When you mention you want to concentrate on other things at times other then sex. This makes it sound you cannot control your thoughts about it. When sex starts to interfere with your daily life and thoughts and you can't control it then there usually is a problem. When it starts to hurt you and/or your loved ones in more ways then one that's not good. There is nothing wrong with watching lots of porn having lots of safe sex. But with your situation I think there might be a little too much going on. I think you do have a sex addiction if you cannot go with out it. Try going a day or two with out doing anything sexual. If it is a real struggle to get through there is an issue there you need help with. Let me know how it goes. But as long as your sex drive is healthy to your lifestyle then keep doing what you are doing.

I would keep talking to a therapist about this and how you handle your thoughts and urges. Yes I do think someone can get over sexed and have too much of it. But like I said before it's really only a bad thing when it interferes with ones life and in a bad and damaging way. So just look out for your health and the feelings of others in terms of your actions. Don't be afraid to ask for help, no one is perfect.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The General

Brace yourself ladies and pervs for the next toy I'm about to present to you. The General from Tantus is no laughing matter. Only for the brave and daring, which is totally me and my vagina. My friend told me this was their favorite toy for the g spot which is the greatest place on earth. Basically the g spot is the Disney World of the vagina. I like to visit it as much as possible. I was a little scared at first when I brought the General home but I was up for the challenge.

The General is made of platinum silicone which is one of the best materials to make toys out of. Completely hypoallergenic and non porous so it won't harbor any bacteria. And if you really want to make sure it's clean you can throw it in the dishwasher or boil it for 3 minutes. Just make sure you only use waterbased lubricant and stay away from silicone lubricant. Silicone on silicone with deteriorate one another, trust me I have seen it in action. The General is 7 3/4" long and 2" in diameter. It basically looks like the arm of a toddler or maybe even a little thicker, which is not something you want to think about when using it but it is a good way to describe it.

Click read more to see what my vagina thought of the General

Like I mentioned before I was a little nervous to try this out. I have never used anything of this size before. I did warm myself up a little bit with a smaller dildo. When my vagina was good and ready I lubed up the General and went to work. I went very slow at first as not to scare my insides. But once I got into the swing of things I was loving this thing. It filled me up completely in a very good way. And boy did it hit my g spot and feel wonderful. Now my friend who told me this was one of her favorite toys said so because it is almost like getting fisted. I guess I'm ready to get fisted if I can handle that. Something to think about.

I wish I could have strapped it down so I could have ridden it much easier. But I was able to hold the base of it down and still get my ride on, it felt nice. I could really grind on it and get it deep in me. Plus when you lean back while riding it you can hit your g spot more. But if you are looking to use this in a harness make sure the ring is big enough. Most of the time cock rings go up to 2" and this being a 2" toy you need something with a little give or a larger ring. It's no fun to get home and realize you don't have the right parts and need to go back to the store.

So if you ready for something more then give the General a go. You will not be disappointed at all. I love this thing. I showed it to my mom and I believe her words were "Good God what is that thing, a dildo? Did you use that?" I giggle, "Yes Mom I did and it was great!" She gave me her mom look, I get that a lot lately. But that is besides the point. Go get the General, makes a great stocking/vagina stuffer.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Can Ask Lucy Vonne Questions!

I have always wanted to have a question and answer section. One of the best things about what I do is being able to help people and give advice about certain issues they may have. Or really just answer any questions you have about anything sex. So listen up, I want to hear from you. Ask me questions about anything sexual or anything you have seen on my site. Maybe something I mentioned you don't get and you want to know more. Perhaps you want more info on my fabulous porn studs of the week. Even if you want to ask me something about myself, ask away! You can email all questions to and please put "Ask Lucy Vonne" in the subject line. All questions will be published and answered on the site. I will not use any of your personal information out of consideration for your privacy. I will always answer all questions with respect and will never judge you on the subject matter. SO GET ASKING!

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I've recently discovered Jean Val Jean too and have been looking for some of his videos on the Internet and have been able to download some clips.

You mentioned his oral sex skills on your page. Do you remember any movie titles in particular where he gives good oral?

Regards, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

I'm so glad you have discovered Jean Val Jean. He seriously is my all time favorite male porn star. He does have amazing oral skills that I dream about all the time. He always displays them in any of his scenes but my favorites of him are pretty much all from Digital Playground. Hush is my all time favorite movie and he is in two scenes in that movie, which is actually the movie I discovered him in. There is also Island Fever 4 and Teagan Sexual Freak 2. Those are pretty much my favorites. The good things about those movies is even though Jean Val Jean isn't in all the scenes all the other guys are super hot and keep your lady juices flowing. Good luck in your search.