Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jean Val Jean Is On Television!

Jean Val Jean is the object of my affection. I would do porn if I got to bang him on camera, I would even let him do what ever he wanted to me. Unfortunately for me he is no longer doing porn as I have mentioned in the past. He is back to his birth name Emmanuel Delcour and is pursuing mainstream acting. He had a few movies and television parts under his belt recently so he was doing alright. (I'll tell you what should be under his belt, me on his penis) But just the other day I found out his is on a new reality show for Bravo called Chef Academy. So Jean Val Jean (I will never call him Emmanuel) has a gorgeous ripped body, a beautiful hung penis and he can cook!

Well I have yet to watch the show, I'm naughty I know. They have only had 2 episodes so I'm really not that far behind. But you bet your sweet ass that I will be watching every minute of that show and extra videos they have of him. I don't even care what the show is about, I just want to watch him. The show is about cooking and making things and Jean Val Jean. Of course in his bio they don't mention anything about porn, however they do mention he has eclectic talents. What might those be Jean Val Jean? Making girls cum in a matter of seconds and turning on millions of women and mainly me with just a flash of that grin of yours.

Well on last night's episode he was outed as being a porn star. He kept saying no comment in his lovely accent but let me tell you ladies, he is the best male porn star ever! Seriously he is my favorite of all time and no one will ever take his place. He is the porn stud of my life! I could watch him all day long. And listen to him talk, I love his accent. Can we talk about his penis because it is an amazing penis. I want a statue of it in my room. Well I want two, one that is just to look at and one that I can use.

Don't be ashamed of your porn past Jean Val Jean, you had a great one. I have turned so many women on to you, you're welcome ladies. I will keep you updated on the show and what happens to my love. If you want to know more about him and what movies to find him in click on the Jean Val Jean label to the side. Hush from Digital Playground is my all time favorite porn and has him in two scenes in it. I recommend that one. I'm so turned on just talking about Jean Val Jean, time to masturbate.

No need to click read more, just masturbate!

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