Friday, October 23, 2009

Under The Bed Restraints

If I ever got a hold of Jean Val Jean I would put him in my new toy to keep him in my room for the rest of my life. However I see him finding a way out because they aren't escape proof. Must think of a new plan. But for now I have my under the bed restraints from Sportsheets to hold me over and practice with. A fun little system to tie up your loved ones and do naughty things to them. Perfect for those of you who don't have headboards on your bed which is usually the place you would tie someone to. I do not have a headboard so these are perfect for me. Now who wants to get tied up and played with?

They are really easy to put on. They go right underneath your mattress and fit any size. There is one 60" strap that connects the two ends that just slides under for simple use. Really easy even I can do it. Attached to the center strap are 4 60" straps each with a cuff at the end. The cuffs are really comfortable and lined with a super soft material. No matter how much my wrist pulled and moved around in them I was still comfortable. The cuffs/straps can come around the sides of the bed or from the top and bottom, so many options.

I could put myself in them and take myself out. So there is no way someone would be able to keep me there all day long. I dare you to try. If you are hot I will gladly stay in them all day long and you can do whatever you want to me. Just make sure I get a snack at one point so I can keep my energy up. Another great thing is I can leave these restraints on all the time so I am always ready to tie someone up. They are pretty tough, I was pulling on them and they didn't move and didn't loosen at all. You can use all four or maybe just the ankles or the wrists, what ever your penis/vagina's desire.

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Anonymous said...

this is the best toy i've ever purchased. kind of a pain in the ass if you're trying to get it under the mattress by yourself, but well worth it.