Thursday, October 1, 2009

True G.F.E. P.O.V. Review

Sometimes men want more then sex from hookers and they want to feel like they have a girlfriend. This is called the ever-famous girlfriend experience. Throw in the POV aspect and you really feel like you are there. Now I’m not looking for the GFE and the POV is not my thing because I can’t really see the guy. We all know how much I love then men in porn and want to see them. But I’m not the target audience. So if you want a realistic GFE then you will enjoy this film a lot. As they put it the GFE is “all the fun and none of the bullshit.”

First they pick up Destiny Day and see what they can get for $20. Well that gets you a topless hand job and that’s about it. But the rest of the girls give you much more for your dollar.

Katie Cummings is absolutely adorable as she sucks cock and gets banged. She is so sweet she even lets him give her a creampie. Another one I really liked was Summer Silver who was awesome. She gets banged from all angles and loves every minute of it.

Isis Taylor plays with herself before she plays with the penis. He pounds the shit out of her and she likes it. Melanie Jayne also enjoyed the cock. Although her nail polish was chipped and that kept distracting me when she was playing with her clit. Come on, be prepared. But they got a very good behind shot of her spreading her cheeks riding his cock.

Yurizan Bertran is every man’s dream in her slutty nurses outfit. She’s been hired to take good care of you and believe me she does. She plays with herself for you in the bathtub and the living room, quite the show. Diamond Foxxx also puts on a good show but she also plays with the penis. She gives a quick blowjob and touches herself to show you what she likes. He bangs her in a few positions.

So if you are looking for the perfect GFE then you might find it here, which depends on what you think a GF should do. But if what they should be doing is licking your cock and riding your penis then you are in for a treat.

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