Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Tickling Pleaser

I wish I could masturbate all day long. That would work out well if I could sit at home all day and never leave the house. But I have to eventually get out and about. And it might look odd if I'm walking around with a big vibrator against my pants or I might get arrested. However I would love to be able to say I was arrested for masturbating. But then I would probably have to register as a sex offender, never mind that would not end well.

But what will make it end well for me and my vagina is my new little toy from Shane's World called the tickle pleaser. A small little wireless vibrating bullet with cute little dragon fly on the front of it. The bullet and the dragon fly are connected with two magnets. The wonder of this is you can stick it on your clothes where ever your hearts desire and let the vibrating began. The dragon fly is made of a rubber jelly and the bullet is plastic. Both very easy to clean. Plus like I said it's magnetic so you can put it where ever you want on your clothes.

When it arrived I decided I should put it on right away and try it out, did I mention I was at work for this. Heck this wouldn't be the first time I put toy on at work. I was wearing a dress and tights that day so I put it on my tights. I had fun flashing the people I worked with my new toy, my gay boyfriends there love me. Anyways it was a rather delightful little toy. It has a good strong vibe to it. They say it's really quiet which isn't true because it was giving off some noise. But with the music playing overhead you couldn't really hear it. Depending on what you were wearing when you want to play with it you could walk around with it all day in your panties and no one would know. Unless you stupidly put the dragon fly on the outside of the pants then people might know what you are up to. I should walk around like that one day. I couldn't wear anything tight with it because it's a little bulky and would stick out. Then people would think I have a giant vagina.

While it had a nice vibe to really get the feeling I had to push it into me. So if someone caught me they might think I needed to go to the bathroom. Or I just leaned into something so it pushed the bullet into me. I thought it was funny to go up to my coworkers and lean on them so they could feel the vibration. If I worked anywhere else I would probably have been fired for sexual harassment by now.

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