Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rhinestone Glamour Cuffs

I like sparkly things. I like being dominated and the feeling of cold metal against my skin sometimes. Put those things together and you get my new toy/accessory. I picked myself up a pair of rhinestone glamour cuffs the other day because they are just so much fun. Now I have never used handcuffs in bed before so this should be an interesting experience. But I'm all about trying new things to make it more fun. I just need to find a boy willing to let me use them on him. Or maybe I will let him lock me up and have his way with me. MMMM I like the sound of that.

They are your basic metal handcuffs that are good for hours of fun. The rhinestone are set in there not just glued so they won't randomly fall out. They come with two keys but also have a safety on them incase you misplace the keys or get locked up and left to your own devices. You can just simply let yourself out if that happens. They are very easy to put on yourself and get out of, I practiced. But not only can you use them for naughty fun in the bedroom but they also make a very good accessory. You can hang them off your belt loops if you want. Even wear them as a bracelet, which I did do the other day. It's always fun catching people's looks when they seem them on me. I just tell them I like to be prepared.

Right now they are hanging on my wall next to my paddle and flogger. I thought it was a nice touch in my room, gives off a certain vibe. I showed them to my mom when she came to visit and she just gave me her usual look when I show her stuff like that. She did like them though. I told her I would get her a pair for Christmas.

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