Monday, October 5, 2009

G Twist Vibe

This is my first toy ever from the company Fun Factory. Which is surprising because they are such a great company with really good quality toys. Especially the vibrator the G Twist. This toy is made for G spot stimulation and we all know how much I love that kind of stimulation. The toys is made of silicone which is hypoallergenic, flexible, durable, easy to clean and odorless. Because it's silicone you only want to use waterbased lubes with it. It's water resistant so you can have some fun in the shower if you please. It's super quiet, has many speeds and gets pretty powerful.

The shaft is a good 6" long and 1.5" thick. It has ridges along the whole thing which I loved! It felt awesome for penetration. There was something about the ridges that just really did it for me. It has a flared piece on the bottom of the shaft that is supposed to be for clitoral stimulation. There is no way that part was going to reach up and hit my clit or anyones for that matter. Unless their clit is right next to the vaginal opening it's not happening.

As for the G spot stimulation this did not do the trick for me. Yes it did curve up and hit it and felt nice but since the shaft is so flexible it bends before I can put direct pressure on the G spot. So while I could hit it I couldn't get off on it. But that didn't really matter because just the regular penetration felt really great.

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