Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flexi Felix Anal Beads

Who ever said sex toys can't be cute. You might not even think this little goodie is a sex toy unless someone told you it was. The Flexi Felix from Fun Factory is sure to delight any booty. They are cute anal beads with a beetle head on top. They are about 12" long and can be inserted 10" of that. There are 5 elliptical beads along it with the biggest bead being 1" wide. They gradually get smaller from there. The beetle head acts as the pull ring for your anal pleasure. They are made of body safe silicone which is great because you can boil it to clean it. Make sure you only use waterbased lube though so you don't hurt the toy.

They come in black, blue or pink. I got the pink ones, they are really adorable. Now anal beads are still something I'm getting used to and exploring if I like them so I wanted to get some really good ones for my testing out. The silicone is really soft and smooth which was important to me. So I lubed up the beads and got to work. Because they aren't stiff you have to individually put each bead in. They went in really easy and were actually pretty comfortable. After they were all in I was kind of like all right what's next. The point of anal beads is mainly to pull them out when you are having an orgasm. These are really great for when playing with a partner. Doing it by myself I felt a little silly but that's my job. I pulled them out and I could see the fun in them but they really didn't do much for me. Maybe if I was having an orgasm my feelings would have been different.

However if you are a major fan of anal beads then these are a must have for your sex toy collection. Plus they are super cute and no one will know what they are. Don't let your kids find them, they may think they are a new toy. That would be a fun conversation to have. "Oh no honey that's not a sea monster for bath time....."

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