Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 8th Day Review

Adam and Eve went all out for their fall blockbuster “The 8th Day.” Starring contract girl Kayden Kross and an all-star cast this movie is full of hot sex and lots of deserts. Kayden awakes from slumber to find the world she once knew completely changed. Now she must survive against the new breed of people out there while having lots of sex, which does help. Along her way she meets many friends and enemies who all like to have sex, what are the odds. She even meets a prince that had his penis burned off. Also kudos to Monster from the Star Factory for his delightful cameo, nice acting skills.

Best scene in the movie is the first sex scene with Kaydren and the delicious hunks of men Tommy Gunn and Aaron Wilcoxxx. If I awoke from a slumber and found them outside my room naked and hard I would think I was in heaven. Kayden gets really aggressive with them and is totally sex hungry. But who wouldn’t be with those two naked in front of you, I would jump them in a second. They bang in all sorts of positions and Kayden shakes from all the excitement and pleasure. But then they turn evil, why do the hot ones have to be evil?

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There is a lot of voyeurism with a few scenes. Kayden stumbles upon Jandi Lin and Derrick Pierce getting naughty and stays quiet so she can watch. Kylie Ireland is telling Derrick to spank Jandi who loves it. My lady boner was still going strong at this point because Derrick is so amazingly sexy I want to bite him. Smart thinking Kylie then tells Derrick to bring his cock over to her so she can have fun with it. Hot scene with steamy sex and man meat. Another scene has the Prince character watching Kayden with Evan Stone and a cute brunette. Evan tea bags Kayden while she giggles with enjoyment from getting eaten out. Evan appears in one more scene with his giant cock, which is always fun to watch.

Tyler Knight gets it on a few times. First he has a nice little scene with a cute blonde. Next up is an orgy at a dinner party. Now that’s my kind of dinner party. Especially since Jerry was one of the guys there and he makes me drool. Amber Rayne who befriends Kayden was also involved in the dinner party orgy. She also gets it on with two guards. They totally overload her with cock including anal and eventually getting some double penetration fun in.

The one scene that did make me laugh was the one with Bree Olson, Tori Black and another brunette. Only because they keep making these screeching noises and sounds while dancing around in celebration of something. They also make the noises sound completely different then what the girls really do sound like. Sometimes the got really high pitched which make me giggle. However high-pitched noises aside it was a hot girl on girl scene. I love how they just happen to have a wooden dildo out in the middle of the desert to play with.

This movie has a good selection of hot male studs for you to drool over. A pretty good plot and acting with the gorgeous Kayden and other hot ladies makes this movie one of fall’s best. Definitely one for your porn collection. Also packed with tons of DVD extras that will bring you hours of entertainment.


Glenn said...

The first scene from the 8th Day with Kayden and three men is a good one, but not the best in my opionion. Best scene of the movie is Kayden and Amber in the bathtub, hands down.

TrannyStash™ said...

i cant even believe how stupid and terrible this movie looks. The trailer is horrid, the concept is a ripoff throwback and even the stars look like they got drug through a war before they shot the scenes. Seriously, the trailer makes me think its a parody of itself. Maybe the people over at adam and eve need to just stick with fuck flicks adn stop trying to be digital playground.

Anonymous said...

yeap, nice movie!