Friday, September 4, 2009

Tantus B Bomb Plug

Booty Booty Booty, one of my favorite songs. However booty play wasn't always one of favorite things to do but as I have been exploring toys and such I have begun to enjoy playing back there. One of my new fun booty toys is the B Bomb plug from Tantus. It is very similar to another plug I have from them called the Zing. The one big difference is as opposed to the Zing which has small ridges along the plug the B Bomb is completely smooth. Which can be easier on a first time booty or someone who isn't too sure how they feel about the sensation yet.

Tantus toys are great since they are made out of platinum silicone. Which is phthalate free and hypo allergenic. Great for your body because it's non porous and can be completely sanitized by boiling for a few minutes. You will only want to use water based lube with this toy because it is silicone. Unless you have a high grade silicone lube, but I would still stick to water based to be on the safe side. Reasoning is because silicone on silicone will deteriorate one another.

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Plugs are fun and helpful for a few reasonings. First they get you ready for anal sex. Put it in for awhile and get your muscles relaxed and stretched out. Believe me it does help and makes anal sex easier. Plugs can also be used for some DP action. This plug makes that more enjoyable by having the hole in the bottom. This is mainly for the bullet to make it vibrate but you can take the bullet out and put your finger in the hole. While in doggy you can push down on the plug which puts more pressure on the man's penis and gives you more stimulation.

I really like this plug. It's just the right size, not too big or small. I even walked around the house with it in for a bit to see how that felt. It went in really easily. Took a minute or two to get used to but once I got over that it was rather nice. I wonder if I can find a guy who will let me use it on him...... How about first I just find a guy.

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DominaDoll said...

Great review Lucy! I like how you mention about someone who is not too sure about the sensation yet. I think many first-timers feel that way. Definitely anal play takes getting used to and that came across really well in your review. Makes me curious to try it again... (almost anal virgin :)