Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sex Toy Explosion

I have been a really bad blogger the past few weeks, but I have good reason. First I was and still am dealing with a death in the family. Second I was getting ready to move and did move over the weekend. I'm still adjusting to everything and it's much harder on me then I thought it would be. My new room is MUCH smaller then my old and I'm having a small freak out on what I'm going to do with all my stuff. But my funny story I have to tell was my fun in packing.

I did a lot of downsizing when packing and got rid of a lot of stuff. Companies all the time send me things to review and sometimes the toys I don't like and they are crappy. So I threw out a bunch of toys and boxes and took down all the trash. Now sometime people like to go through the trash and see what they can find. On this particular night someone decided to pick the one bag that probably shouldn't have been torn open.

I came outside the next morning and my jaw dropped. All over the sidewalk were the toys and toy boxes that I had thrown away the night before. I had no idea what to think but I did think it was really funny. I really wanted to take a picture but it was raining and I was running late so I couldn't. However when I came back it was all cleaned up and I wondered if they would know it was mine because I might have thrown something away with my name on it.

Well my super saw me and thanked me for the nice mess I left for him on the sidewalk that morning. He did see something with my name on it and knew it was all my stuff. He laughed and thought it was funny and knew it wasn't my fault. Then the people in the cafe next door asked if we had saw all the stuff on the sidewalk. I owned up to it and said it was mine and they thought it was hilarious. I even told my grandmother about it and she also thought it was funny. I really wish I had taken a picture because when I think back to that moment I saw all the stuff it was really funny.

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